"Xiao wenshan!"

Suddenly, I came to swim in the green air and shouted that Xiao Wen didn’t come to look back, so I jumped to one side and then listened to Mi Rui Xiao’s rapid approach to the edge of the field of vision and a green light flashed! When you look at it again, you will […]

Although it only appeared in a short moment, it was immediately suppressed by the ubiquitous Zhoushan Power and disappeared directly into the shape, leaving only a huge black cave in the same place.

This result is really shocking, but it is very close to Zhoushan Mountain! What is Zhoushan? That’s the embodiment of the avenue-how powerful is Pangu transformed by Pangu’s backbone? After all, we can guess its power; However, it is very intuitive to have a measurement standard just by looking at this vast world. You know, […]

When the rules change, the absolute giants can only do things when they reach the level of immortality, and the magical powers understand the rules of the universe, thus reversing the time and changing the emptiness.

This avatar no longer belongs to the avatar, but is a kind of heaven. Buzz, buzz, buzz. The huge king of heaven and earth touched the magic circle and stopped. I’m afraid it’s impossible to stop such a huge collision force even if it’s cultivated into an epic, but this magic array has been achieved […]