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Sure enough!

Li Xuandao has made a breakthrough, but the semi-sacred land is half a step away from the saint’s territory. "My god, Li Xuandao … it’s terrible for you to upgrade like this?" MuBingCheng whole body collapse can’t help it. In three days, he was promoted from the sixth floor of Tongxuan to the semi-sacred land. […]

When Dandan Awu’s little medicine seedlings quietly reached the edge of the battlefield, they found that it was the moment when the Huangli black cloth was surrounded and the annihilation war was about to start.

The yellow calendar and black cloth can be regarded as strangers, but this guy seems to have made friends with sister Yuhe, so does he need a hand? Hiding underground, Danny Awu used his brains to quickly judge whether to fight or not. Anyway, it is necessary to test his combat ability. In front of […]

It’s a pity that Yuan Heng is very white. Don’t say that it is necessary to combine the thunder gas to create the stars. It’s hard to take it out in a single array. It’s okay to be in this place where the stars and gods are everywhere. That’s a shame.

"alas! “ "Fortunately, this celestial star light is also a light source, which should be changed into a ray array, right? “ On second thought, the idea appeared in my heart. I feel great. calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant mind turned to poverty, and the meaning flashed in my heart, and I had an initial formation. […]