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Although it only appeared in a short moment, it was immediately suppressed by the ubiquitous Zhoushan Power and disappeared directly into the shape, leaving only a huge black cave in the same place.

This result is really shocking, but it is very close to Zhoushan Mountain! What is Zhoushan? That’s the embodiment of the avenue-how powerful is Pangu transformed by Pangu’s backbone? After all, we can guess its power; However, it is very intuitive to have a measurement standard just by looking at this vast world. You know, […]

Now that one remoulder has been solved and two remoulders remain, it will be well solved. Once again, the two remoulders were easily destroyed by monk Zhang.

Don’t we need to break in to see Liu Guodong, two people continue to walk in front of the monk Zhang said with dissatisfaction? Hey, hey, big brother, I think we’re going to see Liu Guodong now, but we’ve killed the bosses by ghosts. Judging from the previous remoulders, it’s impossible to do this just […]

It wasn’t long before Song Yun picked up No.13, and the news reached Zhao Xing’s ears. When he heard that Song Yun picked up No.13, Zhao Xing’s first feeling was that Song Yun was dying, but he knew what No.13 was, but even if he wasn’t sure to finish it, Song Yun was a martial artist.

Since you want to die, it’s my hands and feet. In Zhao Xing’s view, Song Yun will definitely die this time and has no chance to come to Zhao Xing. He has also prepared many means. Now it seems that he can put aside the Chapter 145 Emperor Lingyun Tower. Chapter one hundred and forty-five […]

See Mr. Wang Mechanical.

Dugu Yannan led the robots behind him to salute respectfully. Dugu Yannan, you have confirmed their whereabouts, but you know that this matter is too important to be an accident. Mechanical Wang daren rest assured that if I am not fully sure, I will definitely not dare to report Dugu Yannan’s heavy mouth. Now that […]

However, this recruit a thunder Yuan Zun center, and the local stars in Fiona Fang immediately turned into a yellow fragment. The scope of destruction made Yuan Ye have to retreat again.

shout Finally, I got rid of the exhaustive attack. The elders of Thunder Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and the corners of my mouth turned out to be bruised. The clothes of Thunder Yuan were smashed into pieces by Starpower, and they were generally embarrassed to wear beggars. It’s incredible for those spectators to […]

Lin Xiaoyou, you are now my Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, but I am going to come to see this drama. Although I can’t intervene in the life-and-death struggle, if an outsider makes trouble, I will not allow the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce to answer the smile and say,

While talking, Xia Wanjin’s eyes are also carefully swept in the forest, especially when he feels that if the forest animal sends out subtle force fluctuations, his eyes can’t help but shake gently. It seems that I really told Dong Su that now Lin Dong has successfully entered Yuan Dan’s territory. Xia Wanjin’s eyes flashed […]

In a blink of an eye, four years has been the past, and Yuan Ye has also slowly opened his eyes. Soon, a sense of extreme fulfillment has also come with his own consciousness.

Tao Zun’s nine-turn intermediate four-year cultivation has broken through a small realm, but it is also a matter of self-effort. Now it is by no means a problem to reach the peak of nine-turn. Even now, Yuan Ye’s actual combat strength is even greater than the average person’s breakthrough of two or even three small […]