However, the distance between Qingyang Palace and Dacheng Sword School, which are located in the 12 peaks of Nanling, is a little far away, and it will take a few days to reach it.

Yang Xiu and others first went to Dunyiliu to set up a shop, and the location was next to the "Xianshi Association". The name of the shop is "daoist magic", and there are three floors selling all kinds of character seals and Lei puppets. Because of the unique types, there are not many magical sects […]

Now that one remoulder has been solved and two remoulders remain, it will be well solved. Once again, the two remoulders were easily destroyed by monk Zhang.

Don’t we need to break in to see Liu Guodong, two people continue to walk in front of the monk Zhang said with dissatisfaction? Hey, hey, big brother, I think we’re going to see Liu Guodong now, but we’ve killed the bosses by ghosts. Judging from the previous remoulders, it’s impossible to do this just […]

This time, the Demon Sect has made great efforts to form this powerful strength because of The Hunger, a great devil with exquisite world and cold evil. Similarly, they all hope to take this opportunity to wipe out the Buddhism and Taoism Sect in one fell swoop.

Even Yuan Zong, who is getting mixed up day by day, should be killed together. On the whole, this trip is the best time for them to wait for Buddhism and Taoism to mix with Yuan Zong. It’s hard to think that cold evil is such a devil who is used to intrigue. All evil […]