"Xiao wenshan!"

Suddenly, I came to swim in the green air and shouted that Xiao Wen didn’t come to look back, so I jumped to one side and then listened to Mi Rui Xiao’s rapid approach to the edge of the field of vision and a green light flashed! When you look at it again, you will […]

"True or false …"

"Of course it’s true, but that guy is really difficult to talk to. His mother told me two sentences for a long time in front of him. The first two words were’ Feng Ning’, and the last one was’ good’, which was a promise to my request." "Haha, if you had said that earlier, I […]

It is the avenue that gives them a special ability to avoid being disturbed when they are in deep secondary closure, which is the most direct mode of closing the mountain.

Then, the hand-held seal will sink into a wonderful state and fall into a deep sleep in poor years. …… With the flood of many great powers gradually falling into an undercurrent and turbulent state, many great powers have lost their hearts, which is the last battle at the end of this robbery. This last […]

However, the distance between Qingyang Palace and Dacheng Sword School, which are located in the 12 peaks of Nanling, is a little far away, and it will take a few days to reach it.

Yang Xiu and others first went to Dunyiliu to set up a shop, and the location was next to the "Xianshi Association". The name of the shop is "daoist magic", and there are three floors selling all kinds of character seals and Lei puppets. Because of the unique types, there are not many magical sects […]