Mrs. Chen sighed and Xiao Ning told her that "I want you to have your consideration. If you need Chen Jia’s help, you can tell your aunt or Siyao."
Lu Xiaoning nodded repeatedly. "I won’t be polite to my aunt if I really need it. In Jinling City, my aunt loves me the most except my grandmother."
Mrs. Chen loves to laugh at this. "You just remember that Yao Niang still has to go to the Lins. You and Xiao Ning can talk a few more words and go home by yourself."
"Good Niang" Chen Siyao is eager
The two men sent Mrs. Chen away, and Chen Siyao said with a smile, "I came to the palace to see you on purpose today. Xiao Yanping really wants to know if you like his gift?"
Lu Xiaoning said, "He has to send me a picture every year after I like it."
"Don’t say a picture. You can ask him to write you as many pictures every day." Chen Siyao laughed and said that the little calligraphy must be getting better and better.
"I don’t want to write badly," Liu Xiaoning joked.
At this time, Lu Xiaoning was pregnant with something to inspire Chen Yanping. Unexpectedly, after more than ten years, Chen Yanping really became a generation of famous legalists.
"I can just tell him Xiao Ning, what about my brother’s gift? Are you satisfied? " Chen Siyao smile is very ambiguous.
Lu Xiaoning said frankly, "Of course it’s also very good."
Chen Yanyu was praised as the first talent in the week. It’s not just that the article is well done. It’s hard to get money for his paintings, so you can’t buy them in the market. There are only a handful of people who are lucky enough to get a gift from him. I didn’t expect her to have this honor, but she couldn’t afford it in the paintings.
"Ah, what is my brother’s painting? I asked him, and he didn’t tell me, so it was stingy to prevent me from peeking at him and sealing it with wax. "Chen Siyao complained."
Lu Xiaoning smiled and said, "It’s just a landscape and pastoral. Your brother is teasing you. The more you want to see him, the less you let him."
Heart said fortunately, I didn’t let Siyao see it, or Siyao would fix it up more vigorously.
"Really?" Chen Siyao looked askance at Liu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning had to say, "What’s so good about this?"
It is. It’s just a special person.
"Well, let’s just believe you once. The second thing is to send you this." Chen Siyao took out an invitation from his sleeve pocket and put it in Lu Xiaoning’s hand. A big red invitation was impressively a wedding invitation from Lin Reyu and Huangfu Shaolong.
"I went to see if it rained yesterday. Her invitation was to be sent to your house with a birthday present. I didn’t expect someone to neglect the invitation. She wanted to send someone to send it again. I just took it over." Chen Siyao seemed to be casual
Lu Xiaoning found that Chen Siyao has a characteristic. Once she speaks insincerely or is guilty of trying to cover it up, her eyes will float around, just like this moment.
Lu Xiaoning looked at her hand and bronzed the wedding invitation, regardless of whether it was that Siyao helped her beg or that Lin Re-yu was going to give it to her, she would not attend the wedding reception, because she was at the forefront now, so it was better to keep a low profile as far as possible, so that her appearance at the wedding reception caused a lot of discussion.
"Yao this invitation …"
Lu Xiaoning hesitated to tell Siyao that her eyes were not suitable for the wedding reception, but the invitation in her hand was taken away.
Lu Xiaoning looked up and saw that it was Huangfu Shaozhuo and Huangfu Shaoxuan.
Just now, she thought things too seriously and didn’t notice them approaching.
"This is my wedding invitation. Why didn’t you send the list before Liu Xiaoning’s name? Do you want to play for the world and sneak into Chen Cang? " Huangfu Shaolong’s face hung with disdain and sneered, and he tore up the invitation.
Lu Xiaoning looked at the torn wedding invitation and said that it was good, so it was not difficult for her to explain it to Siyao and Lin Reyu.
"Little long what are you doing? How did Xiao Ning offend you? " When Huangfu Shaoxuan saw Huangfu Shaolong treat Lu Xiaoning like this, he suddenly became unhappy. You don’t want to invite people to the wedding banquet, and you don’t have to tear the wedding invitation face to face. Do you have any manners?
"HuangFuShaoLong are you sick? If it rains for Xiao Ning, why do you tear it? Don’t you have to nod your head before the Lins invite guests? What are you doing? What are you? Is it worth the effort? If it weren’t for the rain, I wouldn’t bother to drink your wedding banquet. "Chen Siyao was also angry.
Chapter 41 Borrowing money
Chen Siyao jumped out to question him. He was expected by Huangfu Shaolong, but Huangfu Shaoxuan helped Lu Xiaoning to glare at him, which surprised Huangfu Shaolong.
But the invitations are already torn. How can I drop them? He just won’t let Lu Xiaoning come to his wedding. Otherwise, how can he be worthy of Fanghua? Lu Xiaoning has hurt Youhua so badly that he can resist not beating her up, which is very graceful.
Huangfu Shaolong gave Chen Siyao a grumpily oblique look, "Who cares if you love coming or not?"
Chen Siyao was so angry that he wanted to scratch him with a big face and retorted, "Who wants you to be rare? I’m in trouble for ten generations …"
Chen Siyao was going to scold him but was stopped by Lu Xiaoning.
"Si Yao, stop it."
It’s not nice for two people to quarrel here and go out. Although Huangfu Shaolong can’t take Chen Siyao, he dare not, but Huangfu Shaolong will definitely put the bill down to Lin Re’s rainy head.
Lu Xiaoning neither salty nor light way "HuangFuShaoLong I didn’t intend to drink your wedding banquet for free? I’m short of money. "
Suspection.i less xuan immediately asked, "xiao ning is not to be able to cash flow in the drugstore? Or did you leave home without anything? Where do you live now? What is missing and how much is missing? I’ll send it to you later. "
Suspection.i less xuan so attentive let Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help getting goose bumps is Chen Siyao also can’t help but dumbfounded.
Any suspection.i less long frown way "less xuan what do you mean? You know she and I don’t deal with you and … "
Huangfu Shaoxuan said, "You are you, I am me. Don’t confuse you with me."
HuangFuShaoXuan said as he walked beside Lu Xiaoning.
This can make Huangfu Shaolong angry. Last night, they drank until almost dawn. They all said that no matter what the family meant, they should at least unite the front. As a result, Huangfu Shaoxuan immediately drew a line with him.
"Little xuan don’t I don’t know what you’re playing wishful thinking, don’t you just look at her hand that huge wealth? You believe her when she cries poor? Less here what passion "suspection.i long anger from the heart to speak regardless.
Huangfu Shaoxuan became angry from embarrassment and even said, "Huangfu Shaolong, don’t be my cousin, I won’t beat you. You’ve been drunk with ecstasy by Liu Fanghua when others are as brainless as you? Don’t distinguish right from wrong? I’ll leave my words here today. If you dare to treat Lu Xiaoning again, I’ll tell you you’re welcome. "
Suspection.i less long airway "who is she? Did she give you ecstasy soup? You have to protect her like this. "
"You tube? You mind your concubine and tell her to be less demon or even clean her up together. "
The two men quarreled with each other, and their faces were red.
Lu Xiaoning is drunk, too. It seems that she is a suspection.i, a little Xuan, and someone seems to hurry. "I have something to do in that little Xuan Royal Hospital. I’ll go first."
Say hurriedly pulled silly Chen Siyao ran away.
Behind him came Huangfu Shaoxuan’s voice "Xiao Ning, I will wait for your class …"
Lu Xiaoning lamented in his heart. Who wants you to wait?
Two people ran out of the distance Chen Siyao caressed his chest and gasped, "Xiao Ning Huangfu Shaoxuan is really interested in you?"
Lu Xiaoning gave a depressed "farewell, who knows what he’s up to"
This kind of love is still not good.
"Well, he’s definitely up to something. You’d better be careful and stay away from him." Chen Siyao solemnly said that it’s best to pay attention to the fact that all these crazy bees, waves and butterflies have disappeared, and no one should rob her eldest brother.
Lu Xiaoning had to say, "Come on, you go home first. I have a class."
"The tenth wedding banquet?"
"Just tell Ruoyu that I can’t go in trouble these days. Don’t tell her that Huangfu Shaolong tore up the invitation and the horse is going to have a wedding banquet. Don’t let this incident rock the boat again." Lu Xiaoning said.
Chen Siyao said wistfully, "I’m really worried about Ruoyu now. Huangfu Shaolong’s virtue is that Ruoyu will definitely not get along with him."
"If you don’t get along, you have to persuade her more, but don’t add to her frustration."
"You should pay more attention to yourself when you know it, or you must tell me if that sentence is difficult."
"There won’t be a problem." Lu Xiaoning smiled at Ji’s family. Since this day has been waiting for many years, it must be a shoo-in. However, today’s suggestion and participation in the slag dad led to the suspension of slag dad. Is it my uncle’s handwriting or Shaoye’s doing it? Lu Xiaoning thought about going back and asking my uncle today.
In the afternoon, Lu Xiaoning was absent-minded in training, and he was afraid that Huangfu Shaoxuan really came to see her.
As a result, no one came to Lu Xiaoning to say that he was relieved. It seems that Huangfu Shaoxuan is just talking.