“**?” Willow dazed for one.
When she looks more and more strange, she is white and pink. At the moment when she was bitten by * *, she suddenly became a little pale, and then she turned blue. Now she is as red as blood as if she were suffocating! The moonlight looks terrible!
I couldn’t help shivering.
She stared at me with big eyes and hissed, "Who is * *? Where is she! "
I let it slip, and now I don’t want to talk anymore.
But at this moment, a burp-like "er" suddenly appeared on my head.
I can’t help lying on my back at the sight of * *. My eyes are shining with faint light, and my mouth seems to be yawning and disdainful of willows.
Willow called it by name and then caused its dissatisfaction.
"Green ghost lizard!"
Yang Liu exclaimed, "This is something that can only be raised by a wooden house! There will never be, never! The wooden family must be nearby! Just nearby! "
Willow twisted her head in panic and looked around, her face getting redder and redder, her breathing getting heavier and heavier, her appearance getting worse and worse, and her body seemed to be unstable.
She tried to kill me just now. I hate her very much, but now I can’t help feeling sorry for her. I didn’t expect a little lizard to bite her and make her look like this. I said, "Don’t look for the wooden family. It’s not near here. This lizard is called me."
"How could you have a green lizard! You are not a wooden family! " Willow is still don’t believe it.
"Sister Muxian gave it to me," I said. "She said that if I meet you, if you still want my life, this lizard will deal with you …"
"So it’s you!"
Yang Liu rushed over. I was so scared that I quickly got up and hid to one side. "I’ll let * * bite you if you come over again!"
* * immediately called a response to me is also a threat warning to willow.
"Bite me again? Ha ha ha! " Willow laughed. "Chen Guichen, you are so soft-hearted to other women but so cruel to me! You also said you wouldn’t kill me. What’s the difference between you and killing me! "
I froze, "I-I didn’t mean to kill you."
"My capability is going to waste my capability …" Willow slouches at muttered, "What’s the difference between this and killing me? You you … "
She looked at me with two eyes, and her eyes looked at me with horror. I couldn’t help but take two steps back, because her eyes were also red at this moment!
Like two eyes dripping blood!
"Hey hey ….." Willow laughed like crazy. "Are you afraid? Are you afraid of me? It’s all your doing! "
Willow screamed and jumped at me!
"Oh * *!"
I saw the speed of the willows was still extremely fast and fierce, and I couldn’t wait to peel my skin and eat my meat. I was frightened out of my wits and shouted * * as I ran desperately
It is strange that * * didn’t move.
Still lying on the roof, mouth one by one, like breathing.
“**! Come on! "
I ran around the car and slapped the roof * * but I still didn’t move but twisted my head and gave me a nai look.
"Hey hey …" Willow grimaced. "You let it bite me and then bite me! It’s toxic to me and I’m toxic to it! I can’t stand it and it can’t stand me! "
I’m a little confused when I hear this. Is that good?
Yang Liu screamed, "Chen Guichen, I will kill you!"
A green shadow rose from the ground and flashed in front of me. I haven’t reacted yet. The willow has been held down by me. I struggled hard and both of them rolled to the ground.
Willow’s eyes are confused, and she doesn’t know what to say.
A pair of hands clasped my shoulders like iron hoops, pulling me closer and closer, and gradually our faces came together.
She breathed out her breath and sprayed it in my face. This breath was cold and hot.
"Yuan Yang body yuan Yang body …"
I suddenly heard Yang Liu say these four words over and over in her mouth, and then groped my face, back and chest.
I’m surprised and afraid that this Ni has completely lost her mind now! Insanity and insanity!
I struggled hard, but suddenly my head ached, and the buzzing in my head turned out to be a punch from the willow chaos!
I was angry, too. I kicked at random, and when the willow turned over, I was overwhelmed and punched on my forehead. At this moment, I felt that the sky was full of little stars, twinkling star …
My hand involuntarily loosened the willow, but I tore my clothes and sobbed in my mouth, "Yuan Yang body yang body yang body yang body yang …"
I tried my best to lift her off, slap her around, and I was numb.
I dare not move again. I will be killed by her sooner or later if I go like this again.
Her eyes were wandering, her hands were shaking, and my clothes were torn to pieces, and even the gods fell out, but she ignored me and leaned over and bit my face!
It’s not kissing, it’s biting!
Then bite my lips, my neck, my shoulders, my arms and my chest …
Chapter seventy-six Do you say clothes
In this way, the willow bit me hard all the way, and I gasped and sprayed me cold and hot. I was sore, itchy and numb, but I felt a little strange and wanted to shout out, but I tried my best to endure it.
It has to be said that people are really a very cheap animal sometimes.
I carefully pulled the gods to my face and tried to get the same dropped mobile phone, which nerve touched Yangliu. She slapped me again. It was like I was in the clouds and fell flat …
But after hitting the willow, she didn’t bite. It seems that she vented a lot, but she pulled her clothes. I was amazed and said, "Don’t do this!"
Before I completely fainted, I saw willow handfuls tearing up her skirt, a piece of bright and clean white skin, and the moonlight seemed to have a pair of hands pulling my clothes. I seemed to hear * * "Goo" and then I didn’t know anything, and I couldn’t see anything.
Then came a strange dream.
This dream is a strange dream that I have never had before
It’s like I’m a leaf floating around with the wind, and then I fly higher and higher until I pass through the clouds, and then suddenly I become a flower …
After that, the flowers slowly fade and fall into the clouds, which is very gentle but also very tired.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but suddenly a cold wind blew all over me, and I shivered and woke up.
Then I was stunned to see myself lying naked!
Is really naked * *!
A low, short sound came, and I quickly turned my head to look at it, or * * it screamed on the roof and saw me, and then it turned around as if it didn’t want to see me again.
This dead thing!
Angry and ashamed, I sat up and hurried to touch the gods, but it was okay.
The willow was gone, and I looked around. It was still dark, and the moon was still very empty. A gust of wind blew me cold all over.
The ground was covered with rags, with me and without me. That was a willow skirt.
What the hell did she do?
I just out for a while, god suddenly heard a cell phone ringing in the car.
It’s Zheng Rongrong’s mobile phone!
Zheng Rongrong is still dizzy in the car!
She hasn’t come home for such a long time, and she probably didn’t say hello to her family. It must be a family call!
I got up quickly to answer the phone, but my legs were unexpectedly soft, as if they were sore and numb after a long run.
I can’t take care of so many knocking on the car door to get my mobile phone, but I froze again when the car door opened. Zheng Rongrong didn’t dress like me!
People were also moved to the back seat and lay still.