The yellow calendar and black cloth can be regarded as strangers, but this guy seems to have made friends with sister Yuhe, so does he need a hand?
Hiding underground, Danny Awu used his brains to quickly judge whether to fight or not. Anyway, it is necessary to test his combat ability. In front of him, the Friar Corps has just tried its own range to attack spells for 200.
Sneaking into the grove of Huangli Heibu, Dandan Awu said to Huangli Heibu, "Brother Heibu, I’m here to help you!"
The Gregorian calendar black cloth got a fright and looked around. I didn’t see Danny Aowu’s shadow. It was very strange in my heart.
Dandan Aowu said in an underground voice, "Brother Heibu, please let your brothers curl up a little and compress it more tightly, or don’t blame me for accidental injury later. Don’t look at me in all directions. Your feet are underground."
Underground? Huang Li Heibu said, How did you go underground? God’s knowledge went underground, and his heart was shocked. Boy, Awu, this kind of hiding technique is absolutely high-end. Even no one can find her shadow in every war zone.
Yuhe let herself take care of her. It seems that Yuhe is worried about herself. Now she is a clay idol crossing the river, but she can still hide in eternity.
Heart quickly turned a few thoughts in the past, "Little Awu, you’d better go first. Don’t spin around here for a while. After the war, Tibet was not stable, and the aftermath of the war was full of digging …"
Dandan Awu said again before he could finish, "Come on, Brother Heibu, hurry up and let everyone gather together. The other side is going to fight. I’m going to zoom in!"
Huang Li Heibu said that it seems that you can scare people by fixing the enlargement trick, but he still greeted a "brothers, come closer and don’t be too scattered. I’ll give them some color to see see."
The people in the team have dispersed, and many people beat themselves up, but now he is shouting that this effect is still very good, and the monks around him have gathered quickly, and there are still more than 60 people so far.
Everyone just steadied the yellow calendar and found out that little awu really moved.
The body has disappeared from the ground and reappeared with a blue light in front of his team.
Many monks made a defensive gesture in surprise and whispered, "Don’t panic one of their own."
At this time, Danny Awu has erupted his own attack and a charming reprimand in his mouth. "tight encirclement, see where you are going to escape …"
The yellow calendar black cloth saw little Awu’s small hand lifting and three Aoki vines winding to form a thin layer but large enough wooden net to cover the front.
Seeing those three sheets with fist-sized gaps, sparse wooden rattan weaving net, yellow calendar and black cloth face showing dumbfounding expression, Sister Awu is so funny. Do you want to trap people with such a crude wooden net?
This seems a bit of a joke
The monks of the three phalanxes opposite are slowly approaching. After all, everyone is not too weak. The actual distance between the three phalanxes is still far, and the three phalanxes are also divided into special personnel, which is not too close.
It is precisely because of the scattered monks that the Aoki cage in Dandan Aou can become very sparse and cover a wider and wider distance as far as possible.
Of course, Aoki’s cage in this battle is mainly to contain, not to trap those monks to death. It is Dandan Awu’s real big move to make them unable to move easily and escape easily
When the three phalanx monks saw someone coming out to attack, they were really startled and stopped in order.
When you see the sparse net clearly, your face will show a strange smile. Can this spell still trap everyone?
Some monks are too lazy to pay attention to the seemingly unstoppable net, and some impatient monks throw spells out to sweep the net and yell, "What the hell also wants to trap Grandpa …"
This spell is funny!
However, the result is not funny at all. More than 50 spells hit their thin vines respectively, and the huge light shines brightly. What makes people dumbfounded is that the thin net actually fell from the sky to everyone’s head without much feeling.
The first move of the firefight is to make the monks of both sides stay together.
This is really an unexpected result. The wry smile on the black face of the Gregorian calendar turned into consternation. It seems a bit strange that three large nets vines seem to be more tenacious than the other side’s magic weapon. What can’t be broken by one or two? Those scattered nets are scattered at first sight.
Really? Sister Wu is so good? God swept away Dandan Awu’s yellow calendar black cloth and found that she was still just an adult!
Funny! How did this happen?
The expression of consternation in the face hasn’t disappeared yet, and then the horse freezes, and a limited shock expression emerges, and the face of black cloth in the Gregorian calendar.
In front of Danny Aowu, the blue light rolled with one hand holding the small medicine seedling, and murmured something, "Radius grid lightning strike …"
The blue light of the small medicine seedling flashed like a kind of wave spreading from the front, and then it was a scene that shocked the yellow calendar and black cloth
Three days, a huge net suddenly appeared. Lei Yun boomed and thundered. Thunder fell from the sky. The scope of this thunder was so wide. No matter who was in front of the yellow calendar and black cloth team, the front area was shrouded in thunder.
No matter who, no one thundered and bombarded like that.
The thunder roared and the snakes danced. Those who were shrouded in Aoki rattan medicine could not fly, and the roots could not escape. They fell into a thunder purgatory in the whining.
Just now, I was dismissive of Skynet. Many monks’ dismissive expressions on their faces have not dissipated. People have been overwhelmed by thunder and failed to persist for long. People have been chopped to the ground and beaten back to their original shape.
It’s not just being beaten back to its original shape, it’s even more frightening that many elixirs failed to keep their bodies strong in the thunder, and many elixirs were completely defeated and melted into fly ash.
Chapter DiErSiSi elder brother to hug thighs
More than 200 drug repairers were completely wiped out by the thunder, and no one escaped from 23 us. com the fastest. This is a shocking result.
Danny awu’s little face with his back to the yellow calendar and black cloth also showed a look of disbelief. His mouth was small and his eyes were dull, and he regretted that he was a little too hard. Even many medicines were used to repair bones!
The monks around the yellow calendar and black cloth are scared silly!
Brother, is this friend Fang Sheng? Incredibly scary? A big move dropped a piece of coke in front of the 200 monks’ team.
Even the ground seems to have been hit by thunder for several feet, revealing a burnt tan.
Just a few monks who are closer to the front feel cold sweat, and they are almost enveloped. Once they get a few guys, it may be completely over.
Light tea kung fu thunder dissipates and there is no living medicine in the battlefield ahead. The battlefield is as miserable as Shura hell.
Even on the sidelines, Naomi opened her mouth wide and her eyes wide with horror.
After half a ring, Naomi complained bitterly and muttered, "It’s not easy for my sister-in-law to have a monk in the medicine family, even my brother-in-law is quite expensive. It’s good for you to destroy so much for me!"
This is not going back to the original shape, but really melting the fly ash, and that’s two different things.
Back to the prototype brother to cultivate the heart to restore him to ten * * is to be able to wake up and step into the path of practice.
Those brothers who returned to the prototype changed back to their weight because of more insights. After the new practice, there are often other monks who do not have tough achievements and are often not very weak.
But now it’s good for my sister-in-law to throw a big trick at 200 medicine repairs, and fully 30% of the thorough fly ash can’t be found.
There are still 30% monks who are also on the verge of desperation, and they have to be treated by horses, otherwise they will be born to die.
The remaining 40% monks were beaten back to their original shape and staggered down to the battlefield waiting for Yaoshan treatment.
Boy, my sister-in-law is really terminating. If you go to two hundred monks, no one can get up.
The ground fell off a war zone nameplate for more than 200 faces, but none of the monks dared to pick it up. They all looked at the small monk in front of their team in horror.
Who dares to provoke such outrageous thunder spells hidden in a small plate?
Danny Awu didn’t expect that his small medicine seedling medium would send out a radius grid lightning stroke, which would be so terrible. At this time, he was shocked by the battlefield in front, and he was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know how he should deal with it.
It seems that this recruit is a bit too hard! It’s a little too tragic and humane. It’s not good at all, is it?
The most calm or heartless performance at the scene is Xiao Yao.
Branches stuck in his waist, and Danny Awu kept stirring up his body as if he were laughing and proud.