As soon as Lu Xiaoning sat in Zo In Sung, he put aside his tea lamp and said, "When I just came in, I saw a fish pond of Yin and Yang. Maybe this house still has feng shui stress? I am quite interested in Feng Shui. I wonder if my brother is proficient in this? "
Ji is not modest. "You are asking the right person. In my early years, I traveled around with my father, but I met a strange man who learned some fur. It is said that fur is much better than the fortune-telling of Tianqiao. Brother Yin Cheng is also a good eye. Why don’t I show you around this hospital and tell you well?"
Zo In Sung said that this age is definitely a wonderful person. When you smell the string songs, you will know your kindness immediately. "What are you waiting for?" Report Xiao Ning, you are chatting with my brother to go to the park. "
Lu Xiaoning took a silent look at her cousin. After four years in Huai ‘an, why didn’t she see that her cousin still has the potential to be a magic stick? It is also true that two people can make excuses to cooperate with such a tacit understanding.
"It’s dark. What’s so beautiful?" Liu Xiaoning said bitterly.
"You don’t understand this. Walking in the breeze on the moon, Xu Lai’s fragrance floats, and there is a feeling of elegance. You talk about you and we visit us," Zo In Sung Shi Shiran said
Two people go hand in hand.
Rico saw that the Duke of Zhao and the young master had left the sidewalk, "Miss handmaiden, go and get some melons and fruits."
Also made an excuse to slip away.
Lu Xiaoning and Huangfu Shaoye know in their hearts that going to the garden to see Feng Shui is an excuse, and there will be no more melons and fruits. They are determined to leave them alone.
Two people nai and shy at HuangFuShaoYe got up and walked beside Liu Xiaoning and sat next to her and said, "Actually, I also want to go shopping with you and was robbed by Zo In Sung."
Sitting in the drawing room seriously talking is not as artistic as chatting the month before last.
Lu Xiaoning said, "Today, many people from Liu Fu’s side have followed me. I guess they are all familiar with the environment at the moment. If someone bumps into my grandmother, she may as well ask me questions. It is more comfortable to talk here."
Lu Xiaoning always felt that something was wrong after speaking. I felt that it was nothing, but she seemed to have a guilty conscience.
Moment hand was holding the HuangFuShaoYe more than half a body to her side and said, "why don’t I go and meet your grandmother? I am very grateful to your grandmother for being with you. "
Lu Xiaoning busy way "don’t her old man’s house was stimulated enough today, you’d better not stimulate her"
Huangfu Shaoye listens to good advice and "listens to you"
Lu Xiaoning sobbed, "Why do you always hold me and I don’t run?"
Huangfushaoye pinched her hand and said, "Your hand is cold."
It’s comfortable to hold it in summer, but he’s not sure if girls’ hands are so cold. He hasn’t held another woman’s hand either. He hasn’t compared it. Ask Gu Shifeng later to see if he held his little fiancee’s hand.
Lu Xiaoning gave him a look. Did he use her hand as ice? She also thinks that her hands are particularly cold today, which may be because of her slag dad’s anger or her period. If it is the latter, it is not a good phenomenon. People with cold body and palace are not easy to get pregnant, so they should take care of their pulse later.
Now? Lu Xiaoning blinded his eyes again. His hands were dry and gentle, and he held them very comfortably. The length of his hands was particularly good-looking, and his fingers were slender and well-proportioned. One point was fat, one point was thin and beautiful.
He held it and asked, "Did you eat longevity noodles today?"
"I ate my aunt and made it for me personally." Huangfu Shaoye was glad to see that she didn’t want to pull her hand back.
"princess royal also entered the palace?"
"Well, I entered the palace early in the morning," replied Huangfu Shaoye. Even though he lived in princess royal for three years, his aunt’s teaching has always been accompanied by his growth. His aunt came to support him, otherwise the ceremony would not be so smooth.
"Did you eat?" Huangfu Shaoye asked.
"After eating cardamom early in the morning, I made longevity noodles and ate them again later," Lu Xiaoning said.
Huangfu Shaoye was relieved, but fortunately Xiao Ning’s disciplined family was in pain. If they all pointed at Assistant Minister Lu, the old bastard could not vomit to death alive.
"I heard that you are in charge of the five military forces division of Dali Temple …"
"Naturally, I think I will be busier after the substitution," said Huangfu Shaoye.
Lu Xiaoning thought it was a sad thing that she was also very busy, or she was waiting for him to visit her when she was idle all day, but most ancient women lived like this.
"But even if I am busy, I will take time to meet you." Huangfu Shaoye said that it was difficult to control myself from thinking about her today when she was in a weak crown ceremony. He was still distracted and worried about whether what she was going to do today was smooth. I also fantasized that one day I could hold her hand and appear in front of the Manchu civil and military officials. The scene almost went wrong.
"But you sometimes I may not sometimes." Lu Xiaoning told him the fact that the Nine Needles Competition is getting closer and closer. I heard that there will be several competitions before contestants and doctors from other countries will come to Jinling one after another in September. The Nine Needles Competition is the last highlight, and the total Nine Needles Competition has entered the countdown. She must be very busy.
Huangfu Shaoye nodded and squeezed her hand and said, "I wish you had been busy. I will come to see you."
It’s also a big deal for him to understand that the more he does this, the more he shakes in front of her from time to time. Huangfu Shaoye feels a little worthless and a little resentful. He hasn’t been attached to anyone since his father, mother and princess died, but he wants to be attached to her now, even if he doesn’t talk or do anything, it’s very comfortable to hold her hand.
No wonder people say that "a day is like seeing Sanqiu". Those who say that "if two feelings last for a long time, they will be in the morning and evening" must have bad feelings. Naturally, they like a person very much and look forward to being together for a long time. Life is too short. It’s more like catching up with each other in the future.
Lu Xiaoning immediately thought that he had a hobby of climbing windows in the middle of the night. "I’m in the hospital next to the old lady’s residence now. If you want to be careful."
HuangFuShaoYe fundus smile gradually rich "you invited me naturally want to come"
Lu Xiaoning face a shan, which is her invitation? Wake up, okay?
Chapter 475 Which is lighter or heavier
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Huangfushaoye called Yueliu after returning to Wangfu from Jijia, so he gave a call to Yueliu and went.
Zo In Sung said, "Are you trying to keep Huangfu Shaolong busy?"
HuangFuShaoYe way "don’t go to put pressure on young adults? It is better to save Zhao by besieging Wei. "
Adult Yang is an old fox, otherwise he can sit in the position of Jinling prefect for five years. Today, Ji Jia can invite Yang’s adult to Lujia, which shows the strength of Ji Jia. Yang’s adult is not worried about moving Huangfu Shaolong’s move, but now it seems to be an appropriate time.
Zo In Sung laughed. "It’s a good idea. In accordance with the present situation of Lujia, there will be Huangfu Shaolong who will help. It would be fun if Huangfu Shaolong really invited the king of Qin to come forward."
Can’t you wait to see Qin Wangfu make a fool of himself?
HuangFuShaoYe way "and you put one hundred heart I Wang Shucai wouldn’t be so stupid, he is too busy to deal with me now also almost which have the mood to ignore such a trivial matter"
Unless uncle Wang’s brain is pumping
Huangfu Shaolong didn’t return to Wangfu until it was dark. Once in Wangfu, he heard that his father was in a hurry to find him. Huangfu Shaolong happened to have something to find his father and hurried to the outer room.
The lights in the outer room are on, and the aides in the government are arguing fiercely and confused, so that Huangfu Shaolong can’t hear clearly what they say.
The guards went in and the sound came to an abrupt end, and the aides filed out one by one, and their faces were not very good. Even the salute to him in this world seemed a little absent-minded. Is it a big deal that Huangfu Shaolong couldn’t help beating his drums?
"Report please go in" bodyguard way
Huangfu Shaolong quickly bowed his head to inquire after his father.
"Where did you come back at this time?" There was displeasure in the majesty of the king of Qin.
HuangFuShaoLong lift lift eyelid glanced at the eye surface as heavy as water father weak way "son minister … son minister has been busy at the dock"
"Give you another chance" Qin Wang’s tone is more severe and his eyes are more cold and sharp.
Put away Huangfu Shaolong’s fluky psychology. It is said that my father is in a hurry to find him. He must have ordered someone to go to the dock to find him. The lie was exposed. Huangfu Shaolong had to bite the bullet and tell the truth. "My father, my son … I went to the government."
"What are you doing in the office?" The king of Qin was surprised.
HuangFuShaoLong a provocative clothes to his father knelt down "father, you must help my son Yang Yunli that bastard didn’t put the za Qin Wangfu in the eye. My son just asked him to put an urgent offender, but he refused to promise and said that even if my father went in person, it would be the same."
In fact, Yang Yunli, the bastard, has been arguing with him about it.
The king of Qin squinted and asked with a skeptical expression, "Yang Yunli dares to say this? Who is it that needs you to catch it yourself? "
Huangfu Shaolong stammered, "It’s … it’s Youhua’s mother"
The king of Qin’s face immediately became like a rainstorm, and Huangfu Shaolong eagerly explained, "The fact that my father is not young and my mother is that Lu Xiaoning teamed up with her ancestors to frame her young mother. They just hate that her young mother robbed her mother’s famous position, and that Yang Yunli must have been bought by the Ji family."
The king of Qin couldn’t help but point angrily and warned, "You’re on fire. You still have to take care of Lujia’s broken thing. Liu Fanghua is a Sang Men star. You’d better give me a dead heart and don’t take care of Lujia’s family again."
"But if my father and son ignore youth, her mother will be really finished." Huangfu Shaolong said urgently.
"You’d better be happy first. Is Qin Wangfu going to be finished? How long can you be in this world?" The king of Qin bitterly gnashed his teeth.
Huangfu Shaozhuo was dumbfounded. "Did my father say this?"