Hou Jun, Qiu Xinggong, Guang Shen and others led an army to build fortifications in Luoyang, the Qing Palace, to block the connection between the two places, while he personally handsome the army to kill the Qing Palace.
Sui Jun dispatched Wang Hang and soon got the news. He immediately took people to climb the wall and stared at the outside of the city like a dark cloud. The Sui army saw that the Sui army was neat and slowly walking. A carriage in Zhongjun was carrying the largest crimson flag, which was the flag of Yang You.
Wang Hang immediately realized that this was Yang You’s personal expedition. At the thought of Yang You’s Wang Hang, I couldn’t wait to kill him. All kinds of painful experiences in Yanshicheng came to my mind. He once swore that he must return the suffering he had suffered to Yang You.
Sui Jun Qing Palace stopped hundreds of steps away and quickly set up a podium. Yang You Deng’s podium stared at the Qing Palace in front of him and could not help sighing lightly. He needed to look up to see the Qing Palace clearly, and he could see how high it was.
Du Ruhui gently sighed, "This terrain of the Qing Palace is really dangerous. If you can seize this place, you can look down on Luoyang and attack the western counties of Luoyang at the same time."
Yang You said for a moment, "Yes, I have to take the Qing Palace first and then wipe out Luoyang to stop the pseudo-Tang Dynasty from coming to Luoyang for reinforcements."
The two men talked, and Sui Jun’s generals and leaders had formed a war zone, and the flag was flying, and the swords and guns were as cold as ants. Sui Jun made Wang Hang take a breath in a gasp. Although he knew that the geography of the Qing Palace was unique and easy to defend and difficult to attack, he could not help but tremble.
But soon, Wang Hang became convinced that Mangshan was dangerous, and a large number of archers were needed to guard the Sui people. If they came to shoot the Sui people with bows and arrows, even dragons could not afford to turn over the waves.
Yang You looked at Wang Hang with a telescope in his hand, and his changing face was not just a smile. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Somebody bring Wang Renze."
"hey!" Dugu Qianshan replied that Wang Renze would be brought to the podium soon.
"Spare my life!" Wang Renze "burst" as soon as he came. He knelt in front of Yang You and begged for mercy repeatedly. Since he was captured by Yang You, although he was not abused, he still made him feel scared and scared. He was beheaded by Yang You that day.
Yang You narrowed his eyes and looked at him. He couldn’t help laughing. "Wang Renze will give you a chance if you want to live."
"ah!" Wang Renze’s heart was filled with joy. Unexpectedly, the naive Sui Dynasty gave him a chance to live. He hurried to climb a few steps and said, "Wang Renze’s great kindness is unforgettable."
"It’s conditional to thank me so soon," said Yang You, raising his whip and pointing to the front. "Do you know this place?"
Wang Renze looked up and looked at it carefully. "This is the Qing Palace."
"Yes, this is the Qing Palace. Now Wang Hang, station troops and fight against the Qing Palace. Wang Renze wants you to surrender to him." Yang You light way
Wang Renze was first one leng and then a happy heart, but his face didn’t show it, but he made a hard look. "I have made up my mind that if I go to the Qing Palace, I’m afraid my life will be lost."
Yang You glanced at him with a light smile and a dissatisfied tunnel. "Wang Renze, if you don’t surrender to Wang Hangzhen, you will immediately castrate you and send you to the palace to be a eunuch."
Wang Renze briefly hesitated a bullet, saying, "Since I value my humble servant, even if it is destroyed, I will surrender Wang Hang." Said Wang Renze, getting up and striding off the platform, a strong man with a rustling wind and a cold water will never return.
Yang You shook his head gently, and the deputy armed Peihang Yanyan Luo Shixin followed Wang Renze closely with the shield soldiers.
Wang Renze wry smile a this just white Yang You let him surrender is not to let him a person when contemplating always want to find a way to escape into the qing palace.
A line of human shields and soldiers walked towards the Qing Palace. Wang Hang raised his arm to make the archers ready to shoot at any time, giving this group of short-sighted Sui Jun a lesson. Zheng Jun’s archers were ordered to bow and arrow in succession. Suddenly Wang Deren suddenly opened his mouth around Wang Hang, pointing to the front and stammered.
"Jing Wang, isn’t that Tang Wang?"
Wang Hang looked at it carefully, only to find that there was a person with a very familiar face in the Sui army crowd. As the distance approached, Wang Hang increasingly affirmed that that person was Tang Wang Renze. What was Tang Wang doing here? What did Wang Hangshen suddenly think of with a shock?
Wang Hang deliberately learned about Yang You’s experience and knew that he had helped Li Zhiyun deal with Tang gaozu, which made Tang gaozu once in a dilemma. Now Yang You is doing the same thing again.
Otherwise, Wang Renze stopped fifty paces away soon. Wang Renze glanced at the front. He also saw Wang Hang. Wang Renze glanced around and saw Pei Hang Yanyan and Luo Shixin. He was eyeing up and sighed. I’m afraid even Xiang Yu can’t escape from the two Iliad.
Luo Shixin narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Renze. "Wang Renze, if you dare to play tricks, I will immediately let you be beheaded."
Pei Xingyan smiled and said, "Don’t be scared if Shi Xin Tang Wang is timid. If he is scared, he won’t say anything. Is that so good?"
About dozens of Sui Jun heard two generals poking fun at all ha ha laugh.
Wang Renze’s face turned red and he was alive. He had no respect for his dignity. Everyone laughed. Luo Shixin pushed Wang Renze and said, "Tang Wang, go and persuade him to surrender!"
Everyone laughed again, and Wang Ren slowly walked out and shouted, "I’m the king of the Tang Dynasty, and I’m one of our own. Please put your bows and arrows first and have something to say!"
Wang Xing looked at his brother’s clumsy performance and felt embarrassed. Anyway, Wang Ren is a member of the Wang family. If you want to kill him, you can’t get through this hurdle, and once you kill him, Zheng Jun’s heart will be shaken. Even his brother dares to kill such a general. Is such a monarch worth serving?
In this battle, Zheng Jun has repeatedly lost a lot of land, and his morale has been low. If Wang Renze talks about surrender, his morale will be even lower and the situation will be even more dangerous.
Think of this king’s bullet. "Nonsense, he is a fake king of Tang! It’s Yang You’s child’s trick to disturb the morale of the army. Someone will kill this person for me quickly! "
Chapter 946 Kill the captive and shake the enemy.
Wang Hang has made up his mind to kill Wang Renze and never keep him, otherwise it will disturb the morale of the army. V) But just now, Wang Renze’s words were less than 100. Zheng Jun heard clearly. If it is not good to kill his brother, it is also desperate at this time.
Wang Deren smell speech is one leng, he quickly walked beside Wang Hang and whispered, "Report, that’s the king of Tang. If you know that he died here, I’m afraid …" Wang Deren didn’t say anything but the meaning was already very obvious.
Wang Hang briefly said that among the Wang kings, Wang Honglie, who died, was the most popular. If so many people here shot him, it would be difficult to tell the story. Wang Hang was one leng kung fu, and Wang Renze shouted again.
It’s meaningless to ask Zheng Bing to open the door and surrender. Besides, isn’t it a beautiful thing for everyone to come to the Sui Dynasty and now return to the Sui Dynasty? Wang Renze yelled at the soldiers of Zheng Jun in the Qing Dynasty and looked at each other. Did the king of Tang surrender? And even to surrender?
From time to time, soldiers took their eyes to see Wang Hang, and Wang Yi’s face became very livid.
Yang You’s podium couldn’t help but squint and reach a finger in front. "Du Aiqing, do you think this king guild will shoot Wang Renze?"
"I am sure he will do this!" Du Ruhui smoothed her beard and looked very relaxed. These people are anti-thieves, and they should not be soft with anti-thieves.
At this time, Wang Renze shouted harder and harder because he knew that if he didn’t work hard, he would have no chance to live. He could pin his hopes on Wang Hangnian’s brotherhood, hoping that Wang Hangnian wouldn’t start work. The pupil of Wang Hangshao’s building shrank violently and his eyes shot out with murder.
Can’t he tell which is more important, national honor or personal disgrace? Can’t he sacrifice himself to become a big politician in front of state affairs? The more Wang Xing thinks about it, the more angry he is. He has made a decision. "Somebody kill that man for me!"
Wang Deren couldn’t help but take a step back and want to say something, but when he saw Wang Xing’s eyes crimson and murderous, he couldn’t help but be afraid. He believed that if he didn’t carry out King Jing’s orders, he would be the first to die. Wang Deren quickly walked up to an archer and said, "That man was a fake Tang King and killed him!"
A marksman ordered a bow to pull an arrow at Wang Ren, which was an arrow.
Zheng Jun’s move didn’t deceive Pei Hangyan’s eyes, and a sharp arrow came out. Pei Hangyan had already made a move. He quickly grabbed a shield to block Wang Renze’s face.
"bang!" There was a loud noise at this time, but the distance was very close, but more than fifty paces. The archer shot the arrow feather with great strength and hit the shield. Jin Ming shocked Wang Renze’s eardrum, and Pei Hangyan sneered at Wang Renze, who was in shock. "Hello, Tang Wang, brother Jing Wang is going to kill you!"
Wang Renze heard the words and touched his chest. Looking at the falling arrow, he couldn’t help gnashing his teeth. He suddenly looked up and saw Wang Hangzheng coldly looking at his eyes with a deep hatred, as if he had regretted not killing himself just now. Wang Renze’s anger suddenly stirred up like a flame. He began to curse at the Qing Palace.
Wang Renze’s eloquence is excellent, and it’s very ugly to scold. Many Zheng soldiers couldn’t help but look at Wang Hang with blushes. Wang Hang became angry from embarrassment. He stretched out his hand and grabbed a bow and arrow to shoot at Wang Renze, but he couldn’t shoot. The arrow feather flew obliquely for more than 20 steps and then fell to the ground, which attracted Sui soldiers to laugh.
Wang Ren took the opportunity to insult Wang Hang again, blushing and waving his hands and shouting, "Kill him for me!"