Angelica dahurica unhurriedly said, "Sir, although the old lady doesn’t live in this house, she is still the old lady’s mother. I can’t * * * wait on my mother to do my filial piety. Aunt Sue and the fifth young master will do it instead of you. This is what the old lady means. Of course, Aunt Sue is willing to do it for the old lady."
"Nonsense, what’s filial piety? Don’t fool the master with these high-sounding words. That’s what Lu Xiaoning means. She just wants to make the master betray others." Liu Youren roared.
Angelica dahurica sneered. "My lady guessed that my master would say that. My lady said whatever my master said. The handmaiden stayed because there were some things to be handed over to my master in the name of the old lady."
Said the angelica dahurica, pointing to a pile of books on the table, saying, "These are the books of people in the government, who are separated from the old lady and the young lady, and which are left to sign, whether they are dead or alive."
"And these are the books in the house. Miss Tse borrowed 5,200 silver to enter the account. Later, the drugstore got 7,200 yuan, so she returned the first 5,200 yuan, and the remaining 2,200 yuan was broken. Some of them were paid at the end of last month, and the remaining 212 yuan was left to you. They didn’t take a penny. You put it away."
Liu Youren turned over the books and saw the balance figure of two hundred and twelve. His arm swept away angrily and swept the books and lists on the table to the ground.
Lu Xiaoning, you really did a great job. You dug up this house and lost a shell to him.
Chapter 47 grieve the best
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Angelica dahurica glanced at the corners of her mouth and wiped a few unobservable sneers. This will make you angry, and then you will have to suffer. Be careful that your anger is too strong to grieve.
Angelica dahurica blessed a ceremony. "The old lady told the handmaiden that the handmaiden had told the master that she would leave now."
"Live" Liu Youren drink a way
Angelica dahurica asked, "Sir, what’s the order? Handmaiden now but don’t belong to lujia handmaiden "
It means you want me to work. It’s impossible. I’m not your man.
Liu Youren’s mouth is pumping. What kind of slave is the Bishop? This angelica dahurica is as hateful as Lu Xiaoning.
"You tell Lu Xiaoning to let her find a way to get rid of all those who signed the contract," Liu Youren ordered fiercely.
Angelica dahurica smiled and said, "The people in the master’s house are not the big ladies, but the old lady and Aunt Sue, and it’s also your seal. Master, please find a way yourself. The big ladies can’t help you."
I just want to keep these people here. Why don’t you take them all away?
"What? Did the master seal the letter? Who allowed you? " Lu Youren shocked the world. Is there such a thing?
"To this kind of thing is the lady’s seal, but isn’t the lady suffering from magic disease? She can’t seal a letter, good Lord, "explained Angelica dahurica slowly.
"You know that Madam is not crazy at all. You did it on purpose." Liu Youren said angrily.
What is the intention of Angelica dahurica?
Didn’t you mean to die, Miss Big Mother, to seize the property left by Miss Big Mother? Deliberately trying to get rid of the big lady? Whoever brews bitter fruit will swallow it himself.
"Madam pretend to be crazy, how do we know? Miss Big is also suspicious. There is no evidence. It is not easy to think that this method has never been tried today. "Angelica dahurica speaks like water."
"Sir, please take care of your handmaiden and leave." Angelica dahurica blessed her again and never looked back to leave.
Lu Youren was trembling with anger for a long time and couldn’t speak. I can’t believe that everything has been traced. Lu Xiaoning has been laying out all the time. Even if she is kicked out of the house, she can still control the whole Lujia, and he is like a prisoner trapped in this luxurious mansion.
Liu Youren slumped down in his chair and looked at the mess. Suddenly he wanted to cry.
He lost his mother, wife, and children … He came to place his heart and soul on the huge industry, but he owed the bank 300,000 printed money and a group of servants who couldn’t get rid of it, which was unbearable.
Lu Xiaoning is too insidious, too vicious and hateful. He failed to see through her true face before he fell into such a mess today.
In Didi Cuige, Liu Fanghua came out crying and scolding from time to time. Liu Fangai didn’t go in, but she sat in a daze by beauty.
She watched her grandmother and Lu Xiaoning and others leave their homes. She tried to keep them, but she couldn’t keep them. Ji doubted her heart. Yes, she had ulterior motives, because she knew that this family was now left by Lu Xiaoning. What should she do with her second sister and her father? How to live? What will they be waiting for? Home can be on the street? From assistant minister to street beggar?
She wanted to find her father, but she didn’t know where her father had gone to find her second sister. But she cried and scolded her. She could think of all the vicious words to curse Lu Xiaoning. She was worried that she and Huangfu Shaolong would be affected by family problems. Second sister had taken care of herself.
Lu Fang-ai felt that she might have listened to too many Buddhist words in Shuiyue Temple, and listened to too many stories about good and evil. She became timid and worried that she would suffer from the fire in hell after her death. If she had been in the past, she might have helped her second sister and said that Lu Xiaoning was damn it. What happened to pushing her water? It’s a pity that she couldn’t drown her class.
But today, when she heard that the ink painting confirmed what the second sister had done, she not only felt incredible, but also felt that the second sister was terrible, her mother was terrible and herself. Didn’t she also frame Lu Xiaoning and want to give her medicine? Chengsi must hate her, right?
After thinking about it, Lu Fang wrote a letter to Chengsi when she returned to Lancuige. She owed Chengsi an apology and a sincere apology. She didn’t write Chengsi to read, so it’s better not to distract him.
Lu Xiaoning and others have settled down in their new home. It’s almost time for dinner. Ji came over and asked the old lady to follow him to the drawing room. Uncle Ji and Third Master are both respectful and polite. Please ask the old lady to take the seat. You’re welcome. Here, she is older and older.
After the old lady was seated, Uncle Ji said, "Today, our family is also very naive, but don’t worry, old lady, you are your Liu Youren, and Liu Youren has a debt. Our brothers still admire you for your understanding and profound righteousness."
Especially the old lady didn’t hesitate to come with Xiao Ning, so Ji Jia will be grateful to the old lady for coming out with Xiao Ning, so outsiders say the truth is that Xiao Ning’s name has been safeguarded here, and nothing is more eloquent than the old lady’s support.
"Yes, the old lady lives here with peace of mind. This is her home," said Ji Sanye.
The old lady has mixed feelings in her heart. It’s hard to say that she can’t blame the Ji family for what they did to Lujia today. It’s really Lujia. I’m sorry for Qin Ru. I’m sorry for Ji Jia. She’s not good at asking for help first. Please ask Ji Jia to show leniency and let go of benevolence. She won’t admit her mistake. If she has a face to ask for help?
"His big uncle and his third uncle are grateful that you don’t think my wife bothers me," the old lady said with a low profile.
She knows very well that she is not qualified to seniority now.
"Where where the old lady YanChong we JiGu Xiao Ning a niece JiGu from to don’t hurt her, you are Xiao Ning grandmother as we love Xiao Ning, we are a family, the family don’t make polite remarks, you just treat us as your son, don’t be polite to us" JiGu uncle said.
Lu Xiaoning was so moved by Big Uncle and Third Uncle that she could put herself in a low dust position.
Liu Ma busy dozen circle field "is that everyone is one of our own, the two uncles are also welcome. My old lady’s heart is as clear as a mirror."
Ji Sanye laughed. "That’s good. Let’s eat. The old lady’s meal today is all Xiao Ning’s dishes. Xiao Ning said that you like to eat these, so you don’t know if the kitchen at home is not to your liking. If it is not to your liking, change it."
The old lady looked at a sumptuous meal. Although she had no appetite to eat, the Ji family’s heart still made her feel comfortable and comfortable.
Chapter 471 Who will be the housekeeper
The old lady’s side is hot and hot, and the Ji family’s enthusiasm and Xiao Sun’s cute smiling faces dilute the old lady’s sadness at leaving home, while Lu Youren here in Lujia is still asking who is in charge of the housework.
Aunt Sue won’t leave. Aunt Sue can take care of this pile of rotten stalls, but Aunt Sue has gone to Ji’s house with her. How can he go to important people? Open assistant minister Lu ran away from the side room and had to beg others to come back and tell him that he still had face?
So Liu Youren can let Liu Fanghua be the housekeeper, but Liu Fanghua refuses to take care of it.
"Father and daughter have become sinners now, so how can they manage?" Liu Fanghua’s eyes are swollen. Now she is so worried that I believe that Jinling will know that her mother has done a good deed. Maybe her murder of Lu Xiaoning will also be publicized. Can Qin Wangfu still have her then? Don’t say that being a concubine can’t even be a sweeping girl in the door!
She has sent Siqin to Lan Yi Fang to give Shao Long a message. I hope Shao Long can come and discuss a countermeasure together today.
Liu Youren looked at the eyes, the eyes were swollen like walnuts, and he sighed heavily and turned his eyes to Fang Ai.
"Then take care of it. You are fourteen years old and you should learn to be a housekeeper."
Liu Fang winced, "No daughter, no daughter."
Before that, she had gone to know about it, and she didn’t know how to manage the home with 212 silver left.
"Isn’t anyone born to learn to manage?" Lu Youren was depressed. "You don’t care. Do you want your father to take care of it?"
Where is a big man housekeeper? Besides, he’s too busy to cope with lawsuits and does things these days. How can he be a housekeeper?
"Let your second sister help you. You can manage your family first. If you can’t manage it well, your father won’t blame you." Liu Youren tried to alleviate Fang Ai’s concerns.
"But my father has no money on his books. How can my daughter manage it?" Is there a hundred reluctance in Liu Fang’s heart?
Liu Youren wanted to think, went to the back room and took out 3,200 silver tickets and handed them to Liu Fangai. "Here are 3,000 provinces. Except for the necessary sales, everything will be reduced. It is said that it can last for three or four months."
Liu Fang couldn’t push the silver ticket. If she had got 3.2 thousand silver before, she would have been very happy. Now she thinks this silver ticket is a hot potato.
Lu Youren felt hungry after the housekeeper’s affairs were carried out. He asked Zhu Wang, "Is dinner ready?"
Zhu Wang faltered and said, "There is no movement in the kitchen."
"Still not quick to rush" Liu Youren annoyed these diaonu he sent them sooner or later.