Chiba doesn’t want the red beans to become like that.
Moreover, if the host is in a state of incantation for a long time, it will run away and eventually lose itself. This kind of operation is given by orochimaru through incantation, and the copy of incantation is still subject to orochimaru.
The curse on the sky makes the evil-solving method combined with the orochimaru cell magic. chakra can resurrect or summon orochimaru’s doppelganger
Chiba enters the immortal mode, and the chakra is also available; Orochimaru cells were also collected from orochimaru cells because Chiba and others fought Xiao against Red Sand Scorpion and orochimaru.
All that’s left is the seal of evil.
Chiba looked at the red bean body as if it were a giant python, and the red bean body kept swimming. Because Chiba made the magic chakra and orochimaru cells echo the mantra, the red bean body python-like foreign body became more restless and showed signs of breaking through the red bean body.
Red beans trembled, and a little red color overflowed from the corners of their mouths. Obviously, red beans suffered from the pain of remembering.
Before it’s too late, Chiba will not feel bad and comfort, and quickly print and drink "Xiexie Fa Yin!"
A huge white python slowly appeared from the red bean body, and with the thickness of the bucket, a human object in the python’s mouth was constantly struggling to get out.
Milky mucus accompany that constantly swimming human object.
Chiba’s eyes are dignified, and the water stop and skunk are also heavy, and they are relaxed and calm at ordinary times.
"orochimaru in the Mantra Room injects the chakra product of red bean body magic, which is equivalent to orochimaru’s will to separate from the body. That is to say, this is orochimaru’s double appearance!"
Chiba daiichi
With Chiba drinking orochimaru, he gradually walked out of the mouth of the white python and finally stood up.
Orochimaru looked up and smiled darkly.
"It turns out that you kids are up to something!"
Chiba took a deep look at orochimaru and shouted "Stop water!"
Stop the water and immediately respond "Good!"
"illusion, don’t be a god!"
Orochimaru’s pale face and smile haven’t dispersed. The snake’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain. What else did you want to say? Suddenly, the idea turned to be very kind and smiled. "Chiba, we will be companions!"
Chiba’s face is unchanged and her voice is harsh. "No, I am your master and class!"
Orochimaru still walked over and his face was gloomy. He nodded and said, "Everything is up to you, Chiba."
Looked at chiba heaved a sigh of relief wiped his forehead cold sweat in my heart.
Finally succeeded.
Chiba wants to lift the curse of Red Bean since she was in contact with Red Bean, not only to solve the pain of Red Bean, but also to get orochimaru away from peeping.
Orochimaru once said that he can see the outside world through the body of red beans, which is equivalent to orochimaru’s doppelganger. Anyone who is peeped by a white python every day while making out with his daughter-in-law will not be happy.
Mantra orochimaru split chakra and will is equivalent to orochimaru’s two places at once.
But unlike the shadow avatar, this is an entity that can live and die, and being attacked will not lift the spell avatar unless it is killed.
And orochimaru wants to remove the spell, and he also needs to absorb each other face to face in order to remove this operation, just like orochimaru absorbs his chakra and cells.
Of course, if the spell is absorbed by orochimaru, it will have the same effect
If you have to compare it to Voldemort in Harry Potter.
Now, orochimaru’s spell is also in the middle of the water to stop the gods
Like the original, stopping water is also a kaleidoscope of awakening eyes. One of sharingan’s unique ninjas is the other gods
Another god, Uchiha Shisui, has mastered the extreme illusion, which is suspected to be the "strongest illusion", unconsciously manipulating others at will and permanently and completely changing people’s thoughts and will.
Now orochimaru has been enchanted by other gods, and the illusion is that Chiba asked for water to stop, and orochimaru obeyed Chiba.
The other gods are so powerful that it takes more than ten years to cool down each time. Unless there is a thousand-handed column, chakra can make this skill again in a short time.
Chiba is also considering for a long time. Uchiha Fugaku and orochimaru all need other gods to let them behave.
In the end, Chiba chose orochimaru. First, the construction dragon organization needed to obey Chiba. orochimaru was the only candidate. In the original, orochimaru successfully founded Yinren Village.
Secondly, the only two people in orochimaru’s Huoying world believe that the theory of scientific man is an experimental column cell or that it is the best choice to study the forbidden techniques such as metempsychosis and ghost sealing.
Moreover, Chiba also chose the best two assistants for orochimaru. One of them is Dou, whose talent for learning has been proved by later generations, and Dou is also very suitable for orochimaru’s appetite.
The other is the former captain of Konoha Medical Team in Yakushi Nonou, Yakushi Nonou, who has profound experience in medical and biological research, and can help orochimaru to monitor and guide orochimaru and Dou to avoid leaving Chiba’s control.
After orochimaru has studied the column cells, he can also stop the water so that it can make the other gods again for a short time
This water stop was also agreed by Chiba.
The ferret looked at all this with a surprised face, and his eyes were wide open, and he felt that he was ruined by three views. The ferret knew that Chiba was going to summon orochimaru and that Chiba had a way to solve orochimaru.
But he never imagined that Chiba said that the solution was to conjure orochimaru and let orochimaru recognize him.
"This is your kaleidoscope sharingan endure? !” Like a curious baby, the ferret stared at the water-stopping eyes.
Water stop nodded with a smile.
Chiba helped Red Bean to dress her. Red Bean experienced so much pain, which was different from childbirth pain and fainted.
"After orochimaru, it will be our companions. Of course, don’t confuse this spell." Chiba was very happy to see the success of her plan and couldn’t help but make a joke.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Remove the curse
"Okay, I’m in!"
Skunk nodded and agreed to Chiba’s invitation.
Of course, the ferret was not impulsive. Chiba invited the ferret to join the ferret a few days ago and thought about it for several days before giving a reply today.
In the Kyubi no Youko incident, Uchibo people controlled Kyubi no Youko and attacked Konoha, resulting in heavy casualties. The weasel was very disgusted with the destruction of the village. Since then, Uchibo people have also been suspected by Konoha high-level officials, and they have been transferred to the corner of Konoha to stay away from the village center under the pretext of reconstruction.
Another thing made ferrets more determined to join the Chiba Dragon Group.
Try to make the skunk despise Tuanzang. Actually, his father, Uchiha Fugaku, formed an alliance. The skunk didn’t tell Chiba that his father, the head of the Uchibo clan, had formed an alliance with Tuanzang, but the three generations of Huo Ying didn’t respond at all.
The skunk was disappointed to see Chiba, and he was determined that Chiba was the only one who could change the situation.
Uchibo will be destroyed sooner or later if he goes on like this.
Chiba’s dark eyes lit up and nodded excitedly. "It’s great to have you join the Dragon Group. Your strength has increased by one point."
"So what about hiding things?"
The skunk paused and asked
Chiba said with a frown, "It’s not easy to hide things. There are three generations of fire shadows that can’t pull down the hiding place and secretly can’t kill the old man, but the hiding place is not easy to deal with your father for a while, but you can have a chance to change it."
The skunk heard some confused doubts. "Really? !”
Chiba must nod.