"She is your sister" Liu Youren angrily.
Lu Xiaoning did a great job. She had no sisterhood at all.
"Why didn’t she think I was her own sister when she pushed me into the water?" Lu Xiaoning speaks cold language.
"Xiao Ning, don’t talk," said Uncle Jijia.
Lu Xiaoning obediently replied "Yes".
Then I hung my eyes and stopped talking.
Uncle Ji Jia got up and walked slowly to Liu Youren’s side and said slowly, "Liu Youren, you have somehow read the sage’s book and learned that you should not do to others what you would like others to do to you, right?" Have you learned that you should distinguish between right and wrong? Forget it. Reasoning with you is different from casting pearls before swine. Now let’s go back to the previous question. Let’s go back to Lou’s. "
"What else do you want? Lou’s crazy enough to kill people, but what do you want? Ah? " Lu Youren roared that he was already in such a mess. His wife was the murderer, and his daughter was the murderer. He did his best in the right assistant minister’s house. Who could be more miserable and humiliated than him? Ji family is still so adamant, is it necessary to force him to death to be finished?
Uncle Ji’s family sneered, "I don’t want to let what I deserve get what I deserve, that’s all."
It’s still a big deal. You Liu Youren can’t bear it? If you can’t bear it, you have to bear it, and then you have to bear it.
"Somebody bring Doctor Hong," said Uncle Ji.
"You that will murder sister second daughter Liu Fanghua not repeatedly cried for evidence? Now the evidence is coming. "
Dr. Hong was dragged in by the Ji family, kicked in his knees and pressed to the ground.
"Dr. Hong, your former apprentice Zeng Xian accused you of Lou’s joint murder of Ji’s safflower, rehmannia and angelica in Ji’s medicine. Can you admit it?" Uncle Ji asked sink a way
Dr. Hong tried to deny and resist last night, but last night he had a deep understanding of the Ji family’s means. Last night, he was forced to confess by Nai and even recorded his official duties. Now he has finished resisting. He begged his children to be safe.
"Yes," Dr. Hong responded with his head down.
"How many benefits did Lou give you?"
"Back and forth, a total of 1,200"
"Lou’s wooden turtle poison Lu Xiaoning and Liu Chengsi method is who teach? Who gave it to Lou? "
"It’s … it’s me."
"You ungrateful thing" Ji Sanye rushed to kick Dr. Hong and threw him to the ground.
Ji Sanye pointed to Dr. Hong’s nose and scolded, "When you came to Jinling to make a living, you were strangers everywhere, and you were squeezed out by your peers, and you couldn’t even eat food. My sister saw that your medical skills were good. I pity you for giving you a chance to introduce your business and lend you silver to buy a house, so that you can establish yourself in Jinling as soon as possible. Even if you don’t repay me, I will bite the hand that feeds you. You are not as good as a beast …"
It’s good for Ji San-ye to kick him back again, or Ji San-ye’s bad temper can really kick Dr. Hong to death. Dr. Hong deserves to die, but Ji Jia didn’t execute the wicked without permission and give it to the government.
Lu Xiaoning just heard that Niang lent money to Dr. Hong to buy a house. The money must be a big deal. She couldn’t help but think of a news in modern times that a squad leader asked parents to borrow 100.2 million yuan. Parents are also rich. Thinking that the other party is their own son, the squad leader was embarrassed to refuse to ask the squad leader to take care of his son more. Just borrow the money. Even if the squad leader lent money, he said that it would take a few months to participate in online gambling and lose all his money. When it arrived, the squad leader was evil enough to kill the students and extort money from the parents.
It’s a real farmer snake. At that time, when she saw the news, she really understood how it could be so ugly. Unexpectedly, the story of the farmer snake was played beside her. Her mother borrowed a huge sum of money to buy a house for Dr. Hong. When choosing whether to pay back the debt with heavy pressure or simply kill the creditor’s debt and write it off, Dr. Hong chose the latter or Lou’s bait made Dr. Hong breed evil thoughts and hit it off.
"It’s all cruel and heartless, pigs and dogs are inferior to things." Ji Sanye denounced, but this time he was staring at Liu Youren.
Young adults sighed heavily. It is well known that Liu Youren’s second room was carried from the outer room. It was also suspected that former Mrs. Liu Youren was killed, but that was doubtful. There is no evidence. It is not like that kind of benevolent person to look at Lu’s modest manner outside. Gradually, I believe that the former wife Ji died of illness and even thought that it was because of Ji’s sickly method that she was born again. She was also very jealous of Lu’s adult, but fortunately she raised Lou’s outside.
Alas, who knows that the truth is so miserable for Ji? Although Lu Youren didn’t personally harm Ji, it’s natural for Lu Youren to blame him. How can Lu Youren have the face to fight for Ji’s inheritance? Make such an ugly and disgusting face
"Young adults, it is clear how my sister died now. It is Lu Youren who dotes on my concubine and destroys his wife. It is Lou, a snake and scorpion woman. Dr. Hong, a brute doctor, has teamed up to plot against Yang adults and dared to ask if my sister is willing to dispose of her legacy according to the laws of the Zhou Dynasty?" Uncle Ji asked.
Adult Yang nodded, "The woman has a precedent in handling dowry by will under special circumstances. In view of your sister’s situation, she predicted that Lou’s family would definitely enter the house after her death, and it was impossible for Lou’s family to be kind to her daughter, Lu’s family, and she would not be kind to her ex-wife. Facts have proved that your sister’s concern is that Lu Xiaoning inherited her mother’s estate according to her will, and it is perfectly reasonable and legal to transfer or buy it. I can guarantee that even the theory of going to the Golden Temple is the same result."
Chapter 466 Lou’s crazy?
Liu Youren didn’t hear Yang’s adult say this at all. His eyes searched in the hall in a panic, and finally he fell on Aunt Su, who had been silently listening to the old lady.
He is a little hoarse with his mouth open, which may be caused by his hoarse voice just now or by exhaustion at this moment.
"They just said ChengXun was poisoned? Do you know about this? "
Aunt Sue gave a gift "My body knows"
"Know why you didn’t tell me earlier?" Liu youren suddenly raised the sound quality and asked if his face was very ferocious
If this had happened in the past, Aunt Sue would have knelt down in fear, but today she didn’t say quietly, "Would you have believed me if I had told you earlier?" Even today, Ji Jia took out the real evidence, sir. If you don’t want to believe it, you still don’t believe it.
To tell the truth, Aunt Sue has always had admiration for her master, thinking that he is gentle, elegant and handsome, a learned man, and someone who has something to do is not lustful. There is a lady at home and she is a concubine. I have never heard that her master is at sixes and sevens with any girl, but her master is not bad. She just believes that Lou is in the dark.
But today, when I saw that my grandfather and aunt Su were full of ugliness in front of the facts, instead of giving birth to any sympathy, I felt that my grandfather was really ashamed to fight for production and justifying a fault. Where is there any concept of right and wrong?