"Of course it hurts? The girl’s skin is tender and not bumped! "
"Then I’ll pay you a gift!" With that, Pi two dog just hugged Liu Wen and kissed her. For several minutes, Liu Wen cried and said, "Brother Dog, is this how you make amends?"
"Wenwen, I see you like this gift very much."
"The elder brother of the dead dog you just like! Stop the express train! " Liu Wen’s thick peaches and plums put on their helmets.
"ah? Where are you taking me? " Pi two dog Zhang Erkong looked at Liu Wendao with no idea.
"Pull you to find someone you want?" Liu Wen excitedly way
"Shrimp? Do you know who I am looking for? " He suddenly realized that this girl was eavesdropping!
"I know! You can’t find Wong Tai Sin without me! " Liu Wenman has a look that you can’t leave me.
"Who said that I have Wong Tai Sin’s words and it is not difficult to find him!"
"Brother Dog, you don’t know Wong Tai Sin. Wong Tai Sin is proficient in Yi Shu every day. You can’t find him at all!"
Chapter 63 Super bosses
See Liu Wen said seriously skin two dog don’t believe this evil busy is a word dialed out, as expected, a dozen say yes.
"Ha ha dog elder brother I told you? You can’t do it without me leading the way! " Said Liu Wen is a spring breeze.
"Then Wenwen will ask you to take a road!" He looked at Liu Wen with a flattering look and said.
"Want me to lead the way! But the dog brother wants to express it! " Liu Wen took the opportunity to rip off.
"Hey, you dead girl, rip off?"
"Cheapskate, just because you don’t mean that I won’t take you to hum!" Liu Wen lovely pursed mouth to say
"Wenwen, you are not short of money. How can I express it?" Skin two dog touch sweat way
"You are not producing good things? For example, what is a man’s baby! " Liu Wen also knows the name of two dog Zoyang Pill, and good things are naturally indispensable to her.
"Zoyang pill is a man’s thing. Why do you want this for a girl?" Smell speech skin two dog couldn’t believe his ears look at her eyes are strange.
"The elder brother of the dead dog why this kind of eyes looking at me? I am not myself! "
"Well, how much do you want?" He this cargo is a defeated expression way
"Five first!" Liu Wenshi big openings way
"Four can’t be more!"
"Five!" Liu Wen clenched Qingsong and did not relax.
"Deal!" After that, Pi two dog, huh? Why did I call it a deal when I said I meowed a lot? That’s weird!
When Pi two dog went back to the room and took five Zoyang pills, he stuffed them into Liu Wen’s hand. Liu Wen just showed victory and laughed excitedly. "Brother Dog! A little forward and a little forward! "
At 5: 30 in the afternoon, a heavy locomotive chugged into Jiulong Mountain.
Jiulong Mountain is located in the northern suburb of nine planets City, where the summer warmth is several degrees lower than that in the urban area. It is a famous holiday resort in nine planets City. Liu Wen drove a heavy locomotive along a winding mountain road and arrived at the gate of Tiandaoguan before dark.
Because the Taoist priest of Tiandian Daoguan wants to practice martial arts and open a martial arts school for the society, there is a square as big as a copy yard in front of Tiandian Daoguan Gate. Looking from the square, you can see several towering palaces built on the mountain with carved beams and painted white walls and red tiles set off among a towering old tree.
Taoist priests in Taoist temples know Liu Wen. When Liu Wen wants to find the master, he is enthusiastic to lead the way. After a period of nine twists and turns, Liu Wen and Pi two dog meet the nine-finger real person in a single Taoist temple.
At first glance, two dog couldn’t help but admire this nine-fingered real person with white hair and a thin white beard, which is quite a bit like sage like type.
Liu Wen, a real person with nine fingers, dared not expect to respectfully hand Miss Wang to Yu Pei. "Master with nine fingers, my friend Pi two dog admires Wong Tai Sin’s name and wants to know Wong Tai Sin. Please call Wong Tai Sin. Thank you!"
Nine fingers of real people came to close their eyes. He touched Yu Pei and said, "How’s the big lady?"
"It’s good to report to the master, Miss Big!"
"Ok, hehehe, this is Pi two dog you said?" Nine refers to the reality is looked at Pi two dog.
"The master of nine fingers is little Pi two dog!" He this cargo is respectfully way
"Ha ha ha good good! If you want to find someone far away, go near your eyes! " Said the nine refers to the real person waved and went into concentration.
Liu Wen withdrew Yu Pei and pulled Pi two dog out.
After exiting, Pi two dog was confused and said, "Wenwen, the old man didn’t say where Wong Tai Sin is?"
"Master likes to play charades. I know where he is. Come with me!"
Xu Yi Liu Wen dragged his goods along the painted brick paved aisle and left the Taoist temple. Two cars drove from the other side of the mountain for about ten minutes before coming to a villa. The villa built a stream on the shore to listen to the flowing water, and saw the flowers and flowers. When they met, they wrote three black ink characters: "Eye of the Eye".
Liu Wen pressed a phone on the wall to make a debut. "I’m the master of nine fingers. Please open the door!"
After a while, when the luxurious bronze door creaked, a woman dressed in it and a maid came to see them, so she bowed and said, "Please take more photos! Hello, Mr. Liu. Who is this? "
"I’m two dog, Dani Village, talking to Wong Tai Sin!" Pi two dog dozen careless eye way
"Ok, please wait a moment!" Bang the big copper door shut.
After waiting for a long time, the two of them suddenly heard the creaking sound. The door opened and the maid of the cherry blossom country squatted and said, "My master, please welcome!"
As soon as Pi two dog jumped into the compound, he saw two rows of cherry blossom countries at the gate of the villa. These dozens of Hercules were all deadly and glaring at the huge stature, which was daunting.
When he came to the living room, he saw a piece of resplendence. He also arrived at the palace. Then he looked at the sofa. The man didn’t look at it, but he almost didn’t fall. He said, Oh, my God, really? Is Wong Tai Sin a woman? !
"Uncle Daxian, this is my friend Pi two dog. He wants to talk to you!"
Uncle Shrimp?
Then Pi two dog suddenly realized that just Liu Wen also said that Wong Tai Sin was proficient in Yi Shu, which should be that Wong Tai Sin deliberately turned into a woman, so he was relieved at the thought.
"Oh, please sit down!" Wong Tai Sin is a woman talking on the surface but a man with a magnetic voice. "You are Pi two dog. Ha ha ha, good, good, awesome! I heard that you planted the food that swept the city’s catering industry? "
Pi two dog felt a pair of sharp eyes penetrating straight after sitting on a fart pier. He said that Niang Xipi, the Wong Tai Sin, was so strong!
"Daxian swept away and didn’t dare to find a bowl of rice!"
"Oh, you little bastard, you go against the fate of a city. My star-rated hotel has no business. Let Yanji Hotel rob it! You little Yanji, who is that bitch of yours? How to give her the goods? It’ s ridiculous! " Wong Tai Sin spirit not dozen 1 come way
"Daxian Yanji is the first person who dares to go against the weather. She is my lucky star. I have signed an exclusive goods agreement. I can’t go back on my word, right?"
"What a shame! What a shame! You have signed an exclusive, so what a fart! "
"If Daxian wants me to hold your famous hotel, let’s split it into two parts and I’ll give it to my own hotel so that I won’t default!" Pi two dog throws a big bait way
Chapter 64 Maid