Liu Youren suddenly became angry from the heart, and I don’t know where to get up by myself, pointing to Ji Sanye. "How dare you beat the court MingGuan? You are a unruly. You are a unruly …"
Liu Youren’s speech is vague because his mouth is broken and his face is swollen.
Ji Sanye squinted at the corners of his mouth with a sarcastic sneer and rolled his sleeves again.
It seems that the light beating just now made him have the strength to curse.
Uncle Ji Jia’s mouth tone is very arrogant and contemptuous. "Liu Youren is a good official, but you want to show your official spectrum, but you have the wrong object. My sister will still be your Lujia daughter-in-law until she dies. You will always be our son-in-law of Ji Jia. Although we Ji Jia are very reluctant to admit this, it is an indisputable fact. Today, it is why my uncle beat his brother-in-law. It is very simple to beat him because you need to practice."
"Don’t be too arrogant if you don’t start work, or you’ll blame me for turning against you." Liu Youren airway
Ji Sanye picked a sneer from her brow. "What are you worthy of talking about, you ungrateful little man? What else do you say? It’s so funny. Do you have feelings? I still want to turn my face. Do you have a face, Lord Lu? "
Liu Youren has lived for more than forty years and has never been so damaged. He is not good at quarreling with others. He wants to vent his anger and want to return the color, but he doesn’t know how to scold him. He shivered for a long time and suppressed a sentence, "You … you are simply unreasonable."
Lu Xiaoning really wants to laugh that the fighting capacity of scum dad is also explosive, that is, he dares to get fresh at home and put a fart on outsiders.
Ji Jia’s two lords rolled their eyes contemptuously. It’s not challenging to bicker with such people.
Liu Youren was attacked by their disdain again, and roared, "You Ji’s family secretly joined Xiao Ning to swindle our Lujia industry. I haven’t counted with you yet. It is tolerable for you to dare to make trouble."
"Bang" Ji Sanye struck the table with a huge shock. Liu Youren’s heart trembled. He and Ji Sanye knew at one another that this man had a bad temper. He had just beaten him and was afraid that Ji Sanye would start work again, so he took a step back involuntarily.
"Liu Youren, you ungrateful baiwenhang, you have something to say again. Those are your Lujia industries." Ji Sanye growled.
Uncle Ji bowed his hand to the old lady. "If the old lady forgives, my third brother will have a loud temper. Don’t be surprised, it’s not for you."
The old lady didn’t cry or laugh, nor did she sniffle at the corners of her mouth. She picked up the teacup to hide her panic.
Ji Sanye continued, "What a shameless natural enemy are you from? If you hadn’t tricked my sister into dying and married you alive, and if you hadn’t sworn in front of our family that you would never do anything wrong in this life, my sister would love her all her life. If my sister hadn’t followed you, where would you have come to Beijing to catch up with the exam? How could you get the examiner’s article in those days? Another example is to enter the Hanlin Academy and become a writer. "
"You are really when you Liu Youren learned the world’s stinking shameless things. If you don’t have Jijia’s connections and financial resources to pave the way for you, your code is still a poor scholar. It’s not nice to say that Liu Youren once owned everything today, including your ya wearing pants. It’s our Jijia who gave you stinking shameless things. How dare you say that this is all your Lujia industry?"
Chapter 461 Although you’re welcome
Third Master Ji became more and more angry, and he couldn’t wait to pull this shameless thing over and beat it up again.
Third Master Ji said that it was Liu Youren who didn’t want to admit the fact that Lujia owned it, but since it was given to Lujia, it was 10 million and two thousand industries. Thinking of this huge number, Liu Youren gave birth to all the courage. "Those are Qin Ru’s dowry, and your Jijia is willing to give it to Qin Ru. Qin Ru is my wife. Unfortunately, she died of illness. According to the laws of Zhou Dynasty, she should be owned by Lujia. You instigated Xiao Ning, and you bribed the government to cheat from it. If people don’t know, they will have to sew clothes.
Ji Sanye can’t bear to rush to beat Liu Youren to be pulled back by his son.
"What did you pull me? Didn’t you hear him? Is that a person who can speak? You let me let me beat him to death. If I don’t beat him to death, I won’t be surnamed Ji. "Ji Sanye shouted at himself.
Ji advised, "Father’s business matters. Business matters."
Uncle Ji Jia’s face is cold and his speech speed is still unhurried. "Liu Youren, if you don’t be polite to us, you can do whatever you want. You say that we instigated Xiao Ning to buy off the government and take out evidence from it. That is to slander our Ji Jia, although it is a merchant’s family, but it is not pleasant to slander the government master. What do you say?"
Uncle Ji Jia turned to look at the door.
Liu Youren followed Uncle Ji’s eyes and saw Yang’s adult at the door, suddenly stunned and tongue-tied. "Why are you here?"
Young adults slightly said, "The official is very concerned about the industrial dispute between the two families in Jishi, so come and listen."
Young adults actually don’t know what it means that Master Ji invited him to come over. Everything has been completed. No matter from the legal point of view or human feelings, Ji Jia’s move is tenable. It’s no worse if Liu Youren fights again. According to his understanding of Liu Youren, Liu Youren won’t dare to make trouble. Isn’t this the end? Wouldn’t it be unnecessary to ask him to come over? How embarrassing it is for him.
But he had to come to Xu Ge’s old face, and he had to give it to him.
The tea lamp in the old lady’s hand crashed to the ground. Liu Ma quickly squatted down to pick up the path. "Old lady, you have to hold steady."
The old lady looked at Lu Xiaoning’s family with trepidation. Why did she also call Yang’s adult? Do the Ji family want to kill them all? As the saying goes, it’s nothing more than raising the door to fight and scold. How can it end when Yang’s foot comes in?
Lu Xiaoning didn’t expect her uncle to call Yang’s adult, but she soon understood that Yang was an old protege of Xu Ge. It was only then that she realized that Ji’s family and Xu Ge’s hometown had an unusual origin. After all, Yang’s representative was the government, and she also hoped that Yang would testify about Lou’s and Dr. Hong’s joint efforts to kill his mother. How to deal with it depends on the attitude and mood of the Lu family. Yang must have listened to Ji’s family.
Lu Xiaoning gave the old lady a reassuring look. She promised that she would honor her inheritance and training. She wouldn’t let go. No matter what Lu Jia did, it was impossible to expect Lu Youren to honor his ancestors. There was no end to Lu Jia’s inheritance and training.
The old lady said in her heart, "You don’t have to disturb Yang’s adult about this little thing, do you?"
Uncle Ji said, "Old lady, you need to worry that you are a reasonable person. Xiao Ning told us that our Ji family knows how to behave."
A word blocked the old lady’s request back
"This is our family’s business in Lu family. Young adults should avoid it. Please go back." Liu Youren rudely marching orders.
Young adults looked at Lu’s black and blue face and reckon that "Lu’s adult had previously left angrily, saying that he wanted to fight the lawsuit with the officer in the end, but he was also uneasy, so it was better to know something clearly."
"I think you are guilty? Do too many shady things "ji three yes idle idle way.
"What did you do to hide? JiLianHong you don’t want to talk nonsense here "Liu Youren nu way.
Ji Sanye sneered repeatedly. "Since you haven’t done anything gross, what are you doing here so much? Never do a bad thing in your life, not afraid of knocking at the door in the middle of the night. "
Third Master Ji insists that you Liu Youren’s desire to let Young adults leave is a sign of guilt.
Liu Youren hates to grind his teeth but can endure.
Ji got up and gave up his position to Yang’s adult, while he went behind his father.
Yang’s adult Shi Shiran took a seat and said, "You continue."
Uncle Ji asked askance, "Where was I just now?"
Ji Dao said, "When it comes to uncle, you’re welcome to us."
"Oh!" Uncle Ji nodded and said, "Then let’s talk about what my sister left behind and what can’t belong to you, Liu Youren. This matter has to start from more than ten years ago. My poor sister never dreamed that she was so heartless and treated her husband so badly. Unfortunately, she has always been stubborn and refused to tell her family that we know that her health has been poor since she gave birth to Xiao Ning, and that she was hurt after dystocia. Later, she realized that my poor sister was suffering from anger all day and was murdered by people."
Liu Youren turned pale. "Ji Lianchang, you have to have evidence to say this."
Lu youren was in a panic, but it was the Ji family who fought for property and slandered him and killed Ji.
Uncle Ji gave him a contemptuous oblique slow way, "of course, there is evidence that everyone is like you." It’s a pity that this evidence was obtained a little late. Otherwise, it will make you Lu Youren Shu Shutan to this day? "
Uncle "Zeng Xian" Ji called Zeng Xian’s name.
Zeng Xian got up and went to the hall to pay a tribute to the old lady and Yang’s adult.