She nodded generously "good"
Actually, she said yes, although my voice was smooth, my body was soft and weak. She helped me out of the bathtub and turned out. I took off my wet clothes and wiped it with a bath towel, then surrounded myself and opened the door.
She helped me to the bed, covered me with a quilt, and then turned to go, and I grabbed her.
"I’ll dry your clothes," she said.
"Leave the clothes there first, and it’s not too late for you to dry them after I fall asleep." I said, "Where is Feng Yong?"
"Where is he in his room? If you want to see him, I’ll call him." She took out her cell phone.
"No," I shook my head. "Don’t let him come over."
"Well, don’t let him come over and I’ll stay with you." She looked at me. "I can say it now. What’s going on?"
I took a deep breath. "I don’t know exactly what the reason is, but I had a hunch that this would happen, so I told you before. The Jiugong Dome seems a little different from Shen Qing’s description. There is no spirit in it, and I’m not afraid if you give me ice chalcedony gas-by the way, what about ice chalcedony?"
"When you saw me, you fainted. When Feng Yonggang held you in the car, you woke up, spit out a handful of chalcedony and gave it to me, and then you fainted," she said.
"Oh, good." I was relieved. "I vomited once in the maze. Fortunately, the bottom of the tongue of chalcedony didn’t spit it out."
"You can rest assured that the chalcedony is very safe. You continue to say." She looked at me.
"I’m not afraid that there is no spirit gas in it, but I didn’t expect to be poisoned by voodoo." I paused. "Now think that Shen Qing Fu Shuicheng is the antidote to voodoo."
"Voodoo?" She frowned. "What kind of voodoo is that?"
I glanced at her. "I don’t know."
"If you don’t know, what will you know about it?" She is not white.
"Before, I was blindsided by a stone fish poison paste, which was voodoo." I said, "That was Ye Huan. My healing was hot water. When I told you, I didn’t expect that I would be poisoned. I knew that I might be in a coma, but hot water could save my life. So it was arranged."
"It’s very dangerous and amazing," she said with emotion. "That’s why the master of mathematics is not too white. It’s enough to know what to do."
I smiled faintly. "Almost, but there are definitely some things that are better in my heart."
She nodded. "What shall we do next?"
"This matter has reached the mouth," I said. "If we want to go back safely, we must move quickly. Let’s go back early the day after tomorrow and then go directly to the four-dimensional backbone to find the star chart. The nine songs must be sealed before sunset the day after tomorrow."
She leng a "elder brother is too tight? Come? " Taozhuang shenghua
"I have lived and died twice in this Shenyang vault," I said. "Today is the first time, and the day after tomorrow is the second time. It should have happened in the treasure room. If I infer that the day after tomorrow, it will be particularly smooth to find the star chart. The key is the final seal step."
"You’ll be fine," she paused. "Don’t you let me go? I have to do something, right? "
"You don’t know how dangerous that basement is," I said, "and I also said that if you enter the basement, Shen Qing will not be at ease."
"But it’s not a problem that I always watch and worry!"
"What you need to do is to protect yourself," I said. "We have hope if we want you, okay?"
"But what can I do?" She smiled wryly
"It’s a secret. You’ll know when the time comes." I smiled. "Go and dry the clothes. I want to sleep."
If this is a game of chess, it’s time to play at my pace.
Two days later, we returned to the factory. Shen Qing was finally relieved. She was not afraid that I would run away, but that my body would not recover and affect the progress of things. Now that I am back in high spirits, her heart will be relieved.
"When shall we start the next step?" She asked
"Before it’s too late, this is the mountain." I said, "I’ve explored the Jiugong Dome Road. Let’s go directly to the four-dimensional backbone to find the star map."
"Really?" She couldn’t believe her ears. "Go straight to the star chart?"
"Of course it’s true." I glanced at her. "Come on, let’s get it done before noon."
"Before noon?"
"Because there is voodoo in the basement, it will rise at noon," I said. "This is why I was poisoned two days ago. I have to pinch it this time."
"I see," she nodded. "Then I’ll pack my equipment and let’s go!"
This time she brought an extra knife.
We came to the mountain and entered the secret passage again. After a dozen steps, she suddenly pulled me. "Where’s the gecko Lin Zhuo?"
"I let it get away this time. I don’t think I can come this time."
"Estimate?" She was stunned. "How sure are you?"
"I know things will go smoothly today, so don’t worry about coming with me because the long-eyed gecko won’t make trouble!" I said, keep walking inside.
She hesitated for a moment and followed with a few steps.
After entering the Jiugong Dome, she couldn’t help swallowing. "This is the maze … doesn’t it look special?"
"If you’re fascinated, you’ll know it’s amazing," I said. "Don’t talk before you get to the Chamber of Secrets. Stay close and pass by. There’s voodoo in a room. If you see me wandering, will you help me quickly through the white?"
"white!" She paused. "What is voodoo?"
I don’t have time to explain to her that when I took her through the maze, I just slowed down my life and couldn’t do it later.
When I came to that room again, my eyes lit up like a second time, and then I felt dizzy, but it was lighter many times than two days ago, because the aura was chaotic and now white, and there was voodoo
Shen Qing saw that I was not in the right state, so she quickly held me and walked out of the room in the direction I pointed. After I came out, I suddenly felt much better, but she never felt uncomfortable. This means that I guess that the water is the antidote to voodoo.