Young adults busy way "Lu adults don’t get me wrong officer absolutely this idea is just that the lawsuit is personally handled by the officer at that time."
Liu Youren make a determined effort. "The official is Lu Xiaoning’s father. I didn’t know about such a big thing. Is this called emotion in reason? Officer, regardless of this matter, you must correct it for the officer, otherwise this lawsuit officer will fight you to the end. "
Yang’s adult said slowly, "Lu’s adult must be difficult to be an official, and there is no way to be an official."
You’re going to sue you, you’re going to sue, you’re going to go to the golden palace, you’re going to have to throw caution to the wind.
Chapter 459 Ji family is here.
Liu Youren is out of the yamen, and Yang’s attitude is very firm. This matter can be changed, and he knows that there is no room for change. He dare not make trouble. Now he has lost his property and lost his face, and he can’t earn it back.
He regretted it. He should have guessed that Lu Xiaoning would cheat on him, but his confidence made him feel lucky that Xiao Ning didn’t dare to do it. Lu Xiaoning was an anti-bone.
Liu Youren looked up at a blue sky like a sunny day, but he was black and cold as if he had fallen into the abyss.
Since he came to Jinling, he has always looked at this day, and the city is full of ambition. He thinks this is a place where he can display his ambitions, and he will surely make a name for himself here and go down in history.
Sure enough, in his first year in Jinling, he won in one fell swoop. Since then, he has achieved the position of right assistant minister of the Ministry of Ritual, and his children and wives are on the side.
Even after sitting on the bench for a few years, even if Lou lost all his industries, he was never so desperate. Because of him, he still has many industries, and Lou lost those but one out of ten.
Now he has nothing. No, he still has debts, two unmarried daughters, two immature children and an old mother to support. It’s all like huge stones on his shoulders. What should he do?
Zhu Wang, the "master", staggered forward to help him when he saw that the master was slouched and walked.
Liu Youren pushed his limbs stiff and tried to climb the carriage, but his foot slipped and he bumped into the shaft.
"Sir, be careful," Zhu Wang exclaimed.
Liu Youren felt dizzy, stretched out his hand and touched his forehead with a swelling.
His mouth pulled out a miserable smile. Liu Youren, Liu Youren, how did you get to such a mess? Nine years ago, when Ji died, he calculated a plan for him, and now he is calculated by Lu Xiaoning, and Lou is full of satisfaction with women. Not only did he lose all his hands, but he also pierced his two scissors, and his mother, who thought that she had put up with hardships and pulled him up, was bent on making her live a comfortable life and make up for all her previous sufferings, but her mother did not understand that he helped Lu Xiaoning to oppose him.
How did he come to such a state of alienation?
No, he hasn’t left his family, and he has youth, kindness, aunt Su and Chengxun. They are all on his side, and these people are still counting on him. He can’t just be decadent.
Liu Youren thought of this and straightened up and cheered up.
It won’t work here. He has Lu Xiaoning’s hand. No matter what means, Lu Xiaoning must get the property back from Ji’s family.
Liu Youren bit his teeth and felt full of fighting spirit. The carriage said, "Go back to the office."
Liu Youren went back to Lujiamen’s house and reported that "Master Ji Jia’s uncle and Third Master have come and are waiting for him in the front hall at the moment"
Liu Youren’s eyes are cold. It’s good that he hasn’t settled accounts with them yet. They came first. Good, good. Today, let’s talk about it and talk about it.
In the front hall of Lujia, the old lady sat and looked at the left side, and the faces of the three grandfathers of Jijia were all long, and there was an acquaintance who didn’t know but looked at his face. On the right side, Xiao Ning, Fang Hua and Fang Ai sat in line, and her heart was beating drums.
Uncle Ji Jia not only came to settle accounts with Renren, but also with Fanghua, otherwise he wouldn’t insist on Fanghua coming.
The old lady looked at Liu Ma anxiously. Liu Ma motioned for her not to panic, so she went to discuss it with him. Just listen more and talk less. Just keep the master’s mouth open. Just say a few good words to Ji family at all times. She is also capable.
Today I mainly look at Lu Xiaoning’s meaning.
"Big uncle and three uncles have tea," the old lady greeted wryly.
The three men in Jijia didn’t move. Everyone looked at Liu Xiaoning’s face and suppressed the fire. Xiaoning didn’t dare to touch her half finger in Jijia. It was a harsh word. The old lady didn’t say anything about spoiling for days, but when she returned to Lujia, she was beaten by Liu Youren, an ungrateful baiwenhang, and she was still so cruel.
Master Ji slowly rolled up his sleeves. Others didn’t know that Lu Xiaoning knew when his uncle rolled up his sleeves, and when he rolled them over and over again, it meant that his patience had reached the extreme and he was going to hit someone.
Lu Xiaoning doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his third uncle beating someone. Father owes Ji Jia more than a beating. Can he get it back?
Husband and wife can’t live a good life, but they should also have a conscience. If Ji’s family hadn’t secretly helped him to worship Cui University’s judges and got him important articles to learn from his father’s success in high school? If it weren’t for Ji Jia’s father’s smooth entry into the Hanlin Academy for editing. Later, I went to the Ministry of Ritual, and from the doctor to the right assistant, the official career was prosperous? It can be said that my father can have today because of Ji’s help.
And Niang is even more kind to her father. There is nothing to say. Niang really likes her father, and she doesn’t think he is poor. She insists on following him to do everything for him. She is filial to him, and her mother has children for him. But in exchange for her sincerity, she is disappointed. Until her death, her father won’t give this woman a fragrance.
To be so ungrateful and ungrateful, to be so ungrateful and ungrateful, who will you beat if you don’t beat him in this scum?
My third uncle can be beaten and justified.
Before Liu Fanghua was on pins and needles, she had also met the third uncle of Ji Jia, but she was never afraid of him. In her cognition, Ji Jia is a merchant’s family, and their Lu Jia is an official’s family. The merchant’s family is an inferior father. Every time she talks about Ji Jia, she always disdains her expression and tone, but now she can’t help but fear because she didn’t know that Ji Jia was the richest man in the big week. Now she knows that she knows more about the importance of wealth, and money can make the mare go.
Liu Fanghua felt very bad. What happened to Lu Xiaoning when the disciplined family came to support him, fearing that his father could not take Lu Xiaoning?
Liu Fang-ai seems to have finished her second sister’s worry because her attention has been attracted by Ji. From time to time, she looks at Ji’s heart and plops and jumps. It turns out that love at first sight really happened when she saw Ji’s Shun, and she was fascinated by it inexplicably.
Chapter 46 Smelly shameless thing
"Master’s coming …" Someone outside.
The old lady’s heart suddenly got up. She was thinking of Renren coming back early to solve the problem once and for all, but she didn’t want Renren to come back. She was afraid that Ji’s family would suffer big losses if she didn’t show mercy. How can she say that she has such a son?
Liu Youren adjusted her clothes at the door and walked in with a livid face, which showed that he was on the right side. Liu Youren held his head high and was going to sit in that dominant position.
When he was about to pass in front of Ji Sanye, Ji Sanye rose up and held out his hand to grab Liu Youren’s collar. He pulled Liu Youren with great strength and stumbled. Liu Youren was in shock and felt a sudden blow, and then a sharp pain hit his face. Before he could react, he punched him in the face again.
Suddenly, the Lu family was shocked. It was surprising that the room was quiet except for the fist and the sound of meat.
The old lady’s hands cling to the handrail, but her heart aches, but she has no mouth to ask Ji Sanye to stop these punches. If Ji Sanye still refuses to give up, she will talk again.
Lu Fanghua and Fang Ai were really scared and forgot to call.
Lu Xiaoning’s heart is still full of momentum when his uncle beats people silently! No wonder every time my third uncle said he would beat my cousin, he became very honest. I guess he was afraid of being beaten.
Third Master Ji made quick moves, closed his hand and blinked. He swung six punches altogether. The first punch was for his sister, the second punch was for his mother, the third punch was for his three brothers, and the sixth punch was for Xiao Ning.
After six punches, Master Ji let go of Liu Youren’s hand. When he collapsed, he was dizzy in his head because of psychological shock. Now he is dizzy because of external violence. At this moment, Liu Youren’s eyes are black and blue, and his nose and mouth are bleeding. It’s really flustered.
Ji Sanye looked at his eyes in disgust. Liu Youren brushed his sleeves smartly and turned to give the old lady a gift. "The old lady was sorry for not being rude at the moment."
Without waiting for the old lady’s reply, Master Ji sat back in his position in a shiran manner.
I want to hit someone later, but this fellow walks in with his nostrils turned upside down and looks like he’s batting practice. Naturally, he won’t be polite. I’ll beat you into a grandson first and see how you can pretend to be old.
Liu Youren dumped his head and shook off the dizzy feeling. He felt that his whole head was aching and swollen, and then an anger mixed with shame and indignation poured in. Ji family dared to hit him in front of the landing family. He was a master of Lujia and was beaten by an outsider in Lujia. Where did he put his face?
And the Lu family are all dead? What, no one helped him before? Even now no one has come to help him.