A burst of footsteps approaching the canyon rushed out of dozens of people with weapons in their hands and quickly flashed a person in the crowd of windson and his party. It is three public! "
Moment from the inside out of these people have knelt to such a scene really surprised windson these people expected even if Lu Jun is a public did not expect to have such a force.
"What are you doing?"
"Sangong must have come back to eliminate the curse and save us."
"Yes, Sangong is back, and Lujia has been saved."
Chapter four hundred and ninety-six Curse
Almost desperate eyes saw Lu Jun appear, and everyone’s eyes were full of enthusiasm. That moment made people suddenly have a strange idea to avoid the enemy and hide in the mountains. What happened to the master Lujia!
"What are you doing? Get up." In the face of such a move by the Lu family, Lu Jun suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He was used to playing and watching the dirty eyes.
Lu Jun bent down to help the people behind the first person to follow up.
"Are these three friends?" The man looked at windson three people asked 1
Lu Jun nodded. "They are all friends who came with me."
"That is, it must be very happy for the landlord to know that Sangong is back in the Lujia guest room."
People crowded through the canyon. In front of them, there were rows of neat houses, behind them were cultivated land, and all kinds of flowers and trees were planted on both sides of the road. It is worthy of being famous for being a pair of skillful hands. In this way, a fairyland for people can be created in the canyon.
"Juner is Juner back?"
The old voice said that a person was helped out of the eye socket from the inside, trapped in two eye holes, which were horribly black. There was no eyeball inside, but two black holes.
"Grandpa, your eyes"
"It’s good to come back if it doesn’t matter. Go and see your brother quickly."
The old man kept urging the crutches in his hand to knock a few times. Lu Jun was almost pushed forward by these Lu family members. Lin Feng’s enthusiasm for three people to follow behind him really overwhelmed people.
Lu Jun finally doesn’t want to remember that there must be some unknown experiences in his family. Those experiences are not perfect and humiliating in Lu Jun’s memory. Only in this way can we explain that the hesitation in Lu Jun’s eyes at the top of Huashan Mountain has said everything.
At this time, everything has changed. What hope does Lu Jun’s appearance bring to people here? Or don’t windson secretly look at these people around. The expressions are very strange.
"Brother Lin, these people are so strange."
Lin Feng nods to find out the clue. This is Lu Jun’s family affairs. Unless there is danger, it is said that it is this reason to intervene in the family affairs of an upright official.
Bang bang door knocks. It’s a big house. It’s right in the middle of the door. After a long time, it says "Who?"
"The master, Sangong, is back."
A door creaked to reveal a horrible face, almost skin and bones, and a pair of eyes were horribly red. "Third brother, you are back."
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter?"
Liu Jun couldn’t believe that this man was the most talented man in the high-spirited Lujia that year. What happened to him and tortured him like this?
"Three brothers and three brothers"
The man kept calling for his eyes to wander and gasp. With a mess, Lu Jun raised his arm and the man grabbed "Lujia depends on you. You must break the curse. Eldest brother can’t make it."
Say that last word, the whole body leans backwards to highlight the eyes, and at that moment, the corners of the mouth reveal an almost strange smile.
"Big Brother"
Lu Jun’s hand sniffed and the whole person froze. From the moment he entered the valley where the Lu family lived, all kinds of strange things happened one after another. The crazy old man died suddenly, big brother, and what was the curse that he kept talking about!
"Curse works, everyone will die." Previously, the old man reappeared, holding the dust in his hand and constantly raising himself.
"Juner, come here."
The blind old man stretched out his arm and dried up like a branch, revealing a piece of dark black outside his clothes like a zombie.
"You can see that this is the curse of the Lujia family. When the eldest brother dies, the second child can’t rely on you, and you are the landlord of the Lujia family."
"What the hell happened here? Where did Dad go? "
The old man smiled bitterly. "All are dead." People helped the old man to sit aside and face the death of Lu Jun’s eldest brother. His Lu family’s expression was surprisingly calm. It seems that it should have ended like this long ago.
"Juner Sit"
The old man pointed his finger at Lu Jun and sat down slowly. "Everything starts with the disaster four years ago. Five years ago, after your mother took you away from home, your father was depressed and got a strange disease. He happened to meet a great wizard, and the other party cured him of witchcraft. Who wants your father to want his sorcery, so he was poisoned by alcohol?"
"How can poison dad do this!"
"It’s not greed. At that time, when wizards were practicing, I could also summon ghosts to get rid of diseases. It was not only your father, several landlords in Lujia, who moved their hearts. That night, the dark wind was high and the whole valley was dark. It was too scary. After the wizard was poisoned, Lujia rushed out and hidden weapons killed the wizard. Unfortunately, the other party cursed the whole Lujia before he died. From that day, bad luck came to the village. Your father painstakingly studied witchcraft and hoped to find out the solution."
The old man kept coughing here "slowly"
"Good," the old man nodded and then said, "I didn’t expect that when we found out that your father was dead, the heart inside was gone."
"It’s gone!"
"It’s gone. It must be that the wizard cursed the apparition and stole his heart."
"What happened later?"
"After burying your father, the home owner’s position has been reported to your eldest brother. The Lu family can have a safe day and don’t want to curse again. A good person can’t afford to sleep all day and all night. You have seen it for several years."
"How can this happen!" Lu Jun’s pale face made him think of what happened to his father and eldest brother. If it was really a wizard who cursed one, wouldn’t it be his turn?
"Curse, curse, curse, you greedy people will die, and all of you will be buried with them." Crazy ran out of the big house again and slammed into it, and the weird scene happened again, and dozens of blackbirds flew out from it.
"Crows are crows"
The Lu family quickly escaped. Since the curse, these black birds have become ominous, and once they appear, they will die
"Why is there a crow in Brother Lin’s house?" Looking at the perfect black crow flying out from the inside, Liu Ernian’s face showed disgust.
"Crows like carrion and have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Even so, they will be interested in carrion!" Crows appear in the forest air and make a reasonable explanation in the same way.
At this time, the dead Liu Jia’s master was carried to the courtyard, and several people joined forces to carry out a dark coffin from behind, which should be ready.
Windson is close to lifting the cover, and the white cloth is so terrible that the skin is only skin and bones, and the skin color is dark like a zombie. It is terrible to bend over and there is no smell of decay. Is the problem out of the room?
At this time, everyone’s attention is newly recognized that the householder Liu Junshen and Lin Feng are close to the room and no one is blocking the situation. This is a cursed room.
A burst of cool air blows out of the room, let alone come in, even if you are close, you feel scared.
Windson stepped into the window and a hole appeared. The wind kept drilling into those black crows, which should be from here.
What attracts crows into the house?
A trace of peculiar smell enters a gasp. Windson’s eyebrows are wrinkly. This smell is unmistakable. The closer you get to the bed, the heavier the smell becomes.
In a gasp, Lin Feng gasped when the bed was lifted. There was a person lying in it, or it was no longer human. The whole body was eaten up by crows, and even the eyes were not left. There were only hair left, and some external characteristics. Judging from it, it should be a woman.
I can’t imagine that the dead landlord of Lu Jia has been staying in the same room with a dead man and a group of crows. Who is this person with bones left in the room?
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Evil spirit