Qing Ming stroked the sword in his hand, and there was a softness in his eyes. This is his sniper’s resistance to the enemy, and this sword has given him the direction of pursuing the avenue.
"Cang Jian Guang!"
Seeing that the other party has to separate people to kill them, Qing Ming is also desperately!
This time, the body power was reserved and poured into the long sword. This sword tactic was created by him according to what was contained in this sword.
Dao Dao Jian mang vented out into the sky!
Qing Ming deceives himself with a long sword, and blocks the other seven immortals from other swords and directly chases those scattered immortals. He is even distracted when fighting with seven masters at the same level!
Several tragic howls sounded and several scattered immortals were directly killed on the spot.
Now that you’ve turned your face completely, you’ll be merciless!
Break up each other’s formations while Min Xin and his gang take the opportunity to distance themselves so that Qing Ming can persist for a while, then they can take the opportunity to escape!
"Good, Qing Ming!"
The seven immortals present were burning with anger. I didn’t expect the carelessness to cause casualties. Finally, I made a move!
"Join hands with the great magical power of the doomsday natural disaster to block him in one fell swoop!"
There is still some guilt about the original encounter with the same family. At this time, another tall and thin fairy turned black
"Dark day!"
"violent tide!"
"The earth moves and Sichuan shakes!"
It is not just a few immortals who can make enlightenment, but each of these seven immortals is a small part of this avatar, so that they can come out to be continued.
Chapter one hundred Star heaven
"What? Doomsday natural disaster! "
Qing Ming’s face changed greatly. Celebrating the Shanghai clan was created by Tian Mo, the pioneer of practicing the Natural Disaster Avenue, and this doomsday natural disaster was the supernatural power that this demon gave to this clan.
This is a very strange combination. The avatar is strong enough for a single yogi to release it completely.
The strength is not strong, even those scattered immortals and immortals can release a small amount of power, and not only two or three … But a hundred yogis can also jointly exert their power. The superposition is definitely a powerful and powerful avatar!
Qing Ming also knows that it’s hard time to spit out a mouthful of JingXie and spray a sword in his hand.
Although it is a joint avatar, the speed is not too slow, and it will be blocked around Qingming in the blink of an eye.
The whole world seems to have entered the world of natural disasters, and the seven immortals practice this avatar separately. A certain kind of secret meaning has been able to show this avatar so much power.
"Give me a break from the surging Excalibur!"
A mighty sword was born, and the body of the sword fluttered, and one by one, the first gods rushed back into the dark world of natural disasters.
Thoroughly exhausted all his unique features. First, the weather filled the surface of this sword. Qing Ming finally inspired this innate Excalibur that brought him into the path.
Full of darkness, tides, landslides, high winds and other natural disasters, the world of natural disasters has merged with seven immortals, and the power is like a bamboo, which will cover the green ghost in one fell swoop!
The supernatural power of the doomsday natural disaster is naturally powerful, but Qing Ming is not capable of fighting back. The Cangqing Excalibur is impressively a congenital middle-level Excalibur, and its sharpness can be compared with that of destroying everything at this stage!
"Give me a break!"
The whole person leaps high like a meteor on the horizon, gorgeous and short, mixed with a horse’s mind, and rushes straight away like a ray of light in the boundless night!