It is the avenue that gives them a special ability to avoid being disturbed when they are in deep secondary closure, which is the most direct mode of closing the mountain.

Then, the hand-held seal will sink into a wonderful state and fall into a deep sleep in poor years. …… With the flood of many great powers gradually falling into an undercurrent and turbulent state, many great powers have lost their hearts, which is the last battle at the end of this robbery. This last […]

See Mr. Wang Mechanical.

Dugu Yannan led the robots behind him to salute respectfully. Dugu Yannan, you have confirmed their whereabouts, but you know that this matter is too important to be an accident. Mechanical Wang daren rest assured that if I am not fully sure, I will definitely not dare to report Dugu Yannan’s heavy mouth. Now that […]

Lin Xiaoyou, you are now my Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, but I am going to come to see this drama. Although I can’t intervene in the life-and-death struggle, if an outsider makes trouble, I will not allow the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce to answer the smile and say,

While talking, Xia Wanjin’s eyes are also carefully swept in the forest, especially when he feels that if the forest animal sends out subtle force fluctuations, his eyes can’t help but shake gently. It seems that I really told Dong Su that now Lin Dong has successfully entered Yuan Dan’s territory. Xia Wanjin’s eyes flashed […]

In a blink of an eye, four years has been the past, and Yuan Ye has also slowly opened his eyes. Soon, a sense of extreme fulfillment has also come with his own consciousness.

Tao Zun’s nine-turn intermediate four-year cultivation has broken through a small realm, but it is also a matter of self-effort. Now it is by no means a problem to reach the peak of nine-turn. Even now, Yuan Ye’s actual combat strength is even greater than the average person’s breakthrough of two or even three small […]


Thunder and lightning in the sea, dark clouds, pouring rain, high winds and showers, causing great waves. Two figures stand in vain and look up at the sky. Hey, didn’t you say that the boy is back now? Henderson looks around, but all the rain near 200 feet will be drained by a strange force […]