"Yin Yin …"

Qing Ming stroked the sword in his hand, and there was a softness in his eyes. This is his sniper’s resistance to the enemy, and this sword has given him the direction of pursuing the avenue. "Cang Jian Guang!" Seeing that the other party has to separate people to kill them, Qing Ming is also […]

"over there"

A burst of footsteps approaching the canyon rushed out of dozens of people with weapons in their hands and quickly flashed a person in the crowd of windson and his party. It is three public! " Moment from the inside out of these people have knelt to such a scene really surprised windson these people […]

If you want to be a good person, do it yourself, don’t always think about other people’s things, and say something so grandiose that the old lady can’t listen.

Liu Youren looked embarrassed, and now his mother has no scruples to tear him down. Why do you still let him be a father in front of a few small faces? "Mother, this is their sister’s affection. Isn’t this gift all sent to and fro? What’s there? You also said that Xiao Ning is not […]

"Miss, is this a gift from the temple?" Cardamom took the baggage from Miss’s hand and asked happily, Is it Miss’s birthday today? It must be a birthday present from the Grandson Temple.

A baggage Lu Xiaoning’s face turned red. Just now, she took care of cardamom talking to Du Ruo to pick up the baggage. She handed it to cardamom without thinking. "No," Lu Xiaoning stretched out his hand to take back the baggage. This is what she was going to burn. Anyway, in this era, there […]

Feng Ruoying asked the servant girl to find silk gauze for her to cover her face, so she took the servant girl to the drawing room. Cui Yanyan didn’t trust her, so she didn’t show up.

The atmosphere in the drawing room is very tense. Of course, the nervous person is Mrs. Feng. As soon as Lu Xiaoning came, she said that a few days ago, her father asked her for a few bottles of mask. She asked a messenger if she had a history of allergies in the past out […]

"Cousin, when things are over here, move my mother’s grave back to Huai ‘an. Grandmother and big uncle will be more convenient if they miss my mother." Lu Xiaoning said sadly.

Anyway, heart breaker, the father buried here, won’t come to see his mother. Ji sighed, "My grandmother will be very happy if you can make this happen." After all, the married daughter is someone else’s family and moved to the grave, so it’s okay for the Lujia family not to nod their heads. "It’s getting […]