Liu Youren looked embarrassed, and now his mother has no scruples to tear him down. Why do you still let him be a father in front of a few small faces?
"Mother, this is their sister’s affection. Isn’t this gift all sent to and fro? What’s there? You also said that Xiao Ning is not stingy. "Liu Youren turned against an army."
"This is not a stingy thing. This is a matter of understanding etiquette. Even if you really want to send it, it should be Xiao Ning’s own choice. Which gift Xiao Ning has not seen? Let the sisters choose the truth first." Old humanity.
"Sisters also points you and I successively each other? Do you like to stay or not to give away? Know the etiquette? " Liu Youren retorted.
Lu Xiaoning sneered at the bottom of my heart and said, "Father is so right."
Liu Youren knew that Xiao Ning didn’t dare to defy him in public.
Listen to Lu Xiaoning and say, "My daughter remembers clearly that she hasn’t received any birthday gifts from her family since her mother died. If it weren’t for my grandmother’s instructions, she wouldn’t even be able to eat longevity noodles, and her second sister and third sister would have a lot of new gifts from head to toe every year. At this time, her daughter wishes her father could remember to give her a gift on her birthday."
This words say Liu Youren color change even the old lady’s face is some would.
"My daughter still remembers that when I went to Huai ‘an that year, my father gave my second sister a jiaowei piano for her birthday. My daughter touched her with envy and cried, saying that my dirty hands had stained her piano. My father scolded her for not touching her things casually."
Lu Xiaoning’s language is full of scorn. "Why didn’t my father teach my two sisters how to get along with each other at that time?"
Lu Youren slapped the table and said sternly, "Xiao Ning, are you questioning your father?"
Lu Xiaoning sneered, "How is this a question? My daughter can’t figure it out. I just want to ask my father. Please ask my father and daughter to answer questions or my daughter will be confused. It’s all what my father should listen to. "
Liu Fanghua busy way "father calm down today is elder sister’s birthday? Elder sister, you also don’t care about my father’s words. I really don’t want you to give up what one favours. My father just likes to see my family be kind and humble to each other. Even if you want, Fang Ai and I can still be so ignorant? Now the family is not as good as it used to be, and Fang Ai and I can’t afford any decent gifts. We are already very sorry. Why do we want a gift from our elder sister? Elder sister, you really misunderstood your father. "
Liu Youren said angrily, "If you don’t put in a good word for her, she is stingy and selfish and likes to turn over old scores."
The old lady gave Liu Ma a wink, and Liu Ma knowingly quietly asked the waiters in the room to retreat
Lu Xiaoning had to say, "Father, this is me in your eyes. I am stingy and selfish and like to turn over old scores."
"Isn’t it? Lu Xiaoning, you have changed and become a sharp philistine. If I had known this, my father should have let you go to Huai ‘an to learn, but not to learn. Businessmen are greedy for profits, and Liu Youren is extremely contemptuous.
Lu Xiaoning sneered, "Yes, if my father didn’t let my daughter go to Huai ‘an, I wouldn’t see my daughter now. My daughter would have done it a long time ago, and my father wouldn’t have to worry. My mother left something to sharpen her head and look at her daughter all day like an enemy."
Liu Youren face like a dark cloud city nu way "f * * king things have you so talk to my father? You, your mother left something. Are you alone? That’s Lujia. You can go to the yamen with me to complete the formalities, or Lujia won’t have a rebellious and unfilial daughter like you. "
Lu Xiaoning’s eyes are getting colder with a smile. My father finally said that he wanted to talk most. My father can’t eat ugly.
Chapter 457 Rebel woman
The old lady wanted to cut in and scold her son, but Liu Ma shook her head and told her not to talk.
Lu Xiaoning way "formalities? What is the procedure? "
"Don’t ask, don’t do it with your father." Liu Youren tried to control his anger. He also wanted Lu Xiaoning to hand over all his property. After he didn’t care about anything, he was still a good daughter. This is the bottom line. He can’t let Lu Xiaoning occupy nearly 12 million worth of property by himself.
On this day, he has been waiting for nine years to get this property, or there will be a second Lou family to lose his family. This money is enough for the Lu family to be rich and comfortable for several generations. From then on, he can rest assured that his career will be prosperous and beautiful, and he can stand up straight and inherit and train in his husband’s family. Even if he has no future in his career, he can still live easily without this family.
He is bound to do all this by any means.
"Does father want my mother to stay in your hands?" Lu Xiaoning asked coldly.
"Isn’t this supposed to be?" Liu Youren asked majestically.
Sooner or later, his daughter will get married. He can give Xiao Ning a generous dowry, but he can never put all the industries in Xiao Ning’s hands. What’s more, Xiao Ning will not be kind to Lou’s children. He has the initiative to give them to whoever he wants.
Lu Xiaoning sneered, "Sorry, my father and daughter can’t do it. Because of this industry, my daughter has been transferred to my third uncle’s name."
Lu Youren was stunned by his auditory hallucination. He got up slowly and walked towards Lu Xiaoning step by step. He asked incredulously, "What industry do you mean?"
"It is my mother who left me four hundred hectares of fertile land and two big estates in the most prosperous section of Jinling City." Lu Xiaoning said clearly.
Lu Youren stumbled, his face turned pale and his voice floated. "You, you said it was all transferred to your third uncle’s name?"
"That’s right." Liu Xiaoning held his head high and held his chest high, and looked straight at his father’s complicated eyes.
"When did it happen?"
"Just a few days ago" Liu Xiaoning calm way
Liu Youren dumped Lu Xiaoning with a slap in the face. The sudden ringing and loud sound shocked everyone inside.
The evening mist bit the back molar and looked at the master. She really wanted to rush and slap the master away. She had the ability to stop the master, but the young lady had previously commanded not to stop him.
This slap is simply fierce, the face rises rapidly, the burning pain is low-paying, and the ears are buzzing. Lu Xiaoning didn’t cover his face, and after a pause, he slowly raised his head and looked at his father with red eyes calmly.
Very good, very good. This slap she took voluntarily, because he was the one whose father gave her life. She received this slap as a reward for his only kindness. Now they are gone, and fathers and daughters has completely disappeared.
"You’re a rebellious girl" Liu Youren snapped her teeth and screamed that it was light to raise her hand and beat her. He really wanted to strangle her.