This is the reason why the old woman has been wandering around Tanzhou for so long, but she has not been caught.
She never treats others in one place, especially when she conflicts with other practitioners.
As the saying goes, "revenge is not late for ten years, and revenge for villains is from morning till night."
For an old woman like this, she is not afraid of not finding a chance to retaliate against the three monks in Tongqing Temple.
Anyway, since Dan Chen attacked the mountain, it is no longer a secret for the practitioners of Tanzhou boundary.
Whether it’s the previous deeds of Zen master Lingyou or the fact that the other side’s heart chakra was broken and the golden body was no longer there …
After World War I, Du Dan, Chen Hui and Ji quietly flowed to the whole Tanzhou boundary and became a well-known secret.
They may not know the reasons and details, but it doesn’t prevent their brains from making up the "truth"
This not only means that more and more outsiders will come to Tanzhou to look for this crazy monk who knows many secrets of Buddhism and Taoism.
It also means that the Buddhist virtue who came to Tanzhou ten years ago and created a peaceful situation today will never stop deterring the evil left Taoist priest in Tanzhou boundary.
The old woman’s return to the Jianghu is one after another, and more monsters will appear.
"Don’t go now that Amitabha is here!"
Obviously, I heard the old woman’s fear in her tone, and the Zen master directly gathered a Buddha’s light in his palm and then grabbed those who were dissipating Yin qi.
-Bodhisattva Buddha in the palm of your hand!
Chapter 15 Buddha’s edge
[what? How is that possible? 】
With the old woman screaming, the black cicada was not only dissipated, but also caught by the Zen master Lingyou, and even the ghost that she left behind the black cicada body was also caught by the other side.
"Dare to practice your soul, you are really crazy!"
On the other hand, Zen master Lingyou was not surprised at all that Bodhisattva Buddha restrained the black cicada method, but was somewhat surprised that he had caught the remnant soul extra.
In the impression of Zen master Lingyou, whether it is Buddhism or Taoism, the importance of the soul of the practitioner is above the body.
Not to mention splitting the soul and manipulating the method of insect mourning like this.
Even if the soul is slightly damaged, it is enough to put an end to the yogi’s desire for immortality.
It is a good example to have the top spiritual talent but stop at Yang Shen Dan Chen because of practicing incarnation.
There are also some surprises at the madness and boldness of the old woman, but Pei Wende is now more concerned about being hit by the sudden wave of black cicadas, Zhang Tu and Zhang Chusheng.
Don’t mention Zhang Tu. After Master Lingyou made the black cicada, he was no longer in danger.
But the key to the problem now is that Zhang Chusheng was physically weak. He was attacked by waves after being broken by a black cicada. At this moment, he has stepped into the ghost gate with half a leg.
Rao has a character like Hui Ji who is close to the "real Buddha" and can barely let him live for a few more minutes.
After all, "reversing life and death" is no longer a mortal realm. It is the real immortal Buddha who can have the ability. Obviously, it has not reached that level.
"Save people first!"
Also aware of this, Zen master Lingyou looked heavy and held his hand at random to look at Zhang Chusheng, who had a weak breath
At this moment, Zhang Chusheng’s chest broken by black cicada seems so terrible.
Hui Ji barely stopped the gushing blood, but also concealed that his heart was stopping beating little by little.
"I can stop the bleeding, but I can’t bring him back to life."
There was a flash of anger in his eyes, and Hui Ji Shen said that his words were no longer relaxed and sloppy.
"If you can’t find a way to help restore life, you’ll really be able to save the day when the ghost of the underworld arrives."
After hearing Hui Ji’s explanation, Zen master Lingyou looked down at his chest and then seemed to have made some decision.
At this time, Pei Wende didn’t know whether it was intentional or intentional. He just took a step before stopping Jackson Ling You and Zhang Chusheng.
"If it’s alive, I think I can solve it …"
Pei Wende didn’t wait for Zen master Lingyou and Hui Ji to react, but he dragged a relic directly from the rope rosary.
"This is a Taoist monk who should be able to continue his life for Chu Sheng by leaving the relic after his vitality."
"Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. I think that monk Quan knows and will certainly not mind my practice."
After being forcibly dragged by Pei Wende on a relic, this string of rosary instantly lost its original meaning of "dzogchen" and became no longer as harmonious as before.
Not only that, but the 170 relics left after the lack of one relic, no matter how hard it is sacrificed, it can form a complete mantra cycle.
In a sense, Pei Wende’s practice is equivalent to completely destroying this treasure and destroying this magic device that can make his combat effectiveness even higher.