What could be more precious than Maureen’s life?
Mo Jun’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled at night. He will find out soon. Even if she insists on not talking, he will definitely find out!
When the night is dark, the black car disappears into the darkness in a flash.
Gu Yi came out of the cinema, and the wind outside made her tremble slightly, and wrapped her in a coat.
Looking up is Chang Xi smiling face.
"thank you"
"This is a gentleman who should have manners. Let’s go and have a cup of coffee."
Said Chang Xi took her by the shoulder and they walked into a coffee shop.
I found a place to sit with the waiter, and I didn’t take care of it yet. Chang Xi has already reported what she wants to drink.
Then he smiled and added "half sugar without milk"
After waiting for someone to leave, he looked at him in surprise. "How do you know what I want to drink?"
"Remember that girlfriend’s preferences are common sense. I have a heart for what you like and don’t like."
Gu Yi smiled, but it was very beautiful.
Chang Xi raised his eyebrows appreciatively. "That’s it. You laugh like that. I want to show it off and don’t want people to know. It’s really hard for me."
Gu Yi was made to smile by him. It seems that when she is with Chang Xi, she does laugh in the majority.
I took a sip of coffee and it was just what she liked.
Chang Xi takes this relationship very seriously, but what about her?
I feel a little guilty. How can she despise others’ feelings for her so much?
Suddenly an envelope was pushed in front of Italy.
"What is this?"
"You have a look."
Put the coffee cup in your hand and hold the envelope as thin as paper.
Take it out and see if it is two air tickets to fly to China.
"I hope you can come back with me. My family are eager to see you. Would you like to?"
Meaning stupefied looking at the ticket in his hand with Chang Xi back what it means, she is white.
She will be his fiancee if she goes to China and comes back.
Two light air tickets seem to have a daughter’s weight and pride, and my heart is falling and I can’t breathe.
However, she looked up and saw Chang Xi’s eyes. There was some expectation and faint caution in his eyes. It seemed that she saw herself for a moment.
What is she hesitating about? Didn’t she already make a decision?
Gu Yi nodded slowly, and Chang Xi’s face immediately let out light. He got up and came over and pulled Gu Yi up and hugged him.
People in the coffee shop are attracted by them, and they are a little uncomfortable. They can’t help but gently pull Chang Xi’s clothes.
But Chang Xi didn’t care enough to hold Gu Yiyin tightly and say, "I’m so happy."
Gu meaning leng half genius slowly relaxed body gently said 1 "fool".
Chang Xi sent Gu Yi back to his family and watched her go in before leaving.
Gu Yi went home and saw that the light was on when he passed the room.
She stopped and tapped on the door.
"Come in"