One night passed by, and the next day, Jose made an appointment with Harry yesterday. The purpose was to make him not expect that Domino had been waiting for Jose there. He had something to know, but he was more than ten minutes ago! It’s still slow.
"I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to arrive so early," he said, looking at Domino. At this time, Domino was wearing a light red dress and a pink flowered skirt, which seemed to have another charm.
Looking at Jose Domino and smiling, "I just got here! I didn’t expect you to arrive behind me. "
Jose looked at the box and said, "Is there such a small box of gifts?" The girl in Jose’s mind should have a lot of clothes.
That’s all. Domino explained, "Just a few suits of navy clothes."
"Ok, let’s go!" Jose said, then took her hand and headed for the port.
Chapter 42 Domino’s Day Together
Domino looked at the boat and looked east. Jose’s face turned slightly red and said, "Are we going to live together with Jose?"
Of course, Jose replied without thinking, and he regretted it again, because it was only yesterday that they decided that this development seemed to be a little faster. Thought of this, Jose hurriedly added.
"Well, if you don’t agree, I still have several rooms at home."
"I really live with Jose? Is this true? " Domino turned red again when he heard Jose’s words. It was obvious that he didn’t hear what Jose said behind him.
Hey, hey …
"Oh, did you just say something?" Domino wake up way
Jose said slowly, "I said, do you want to live with me or have your own room?"
"Well," Domino replied at the same time, thinking that it was not a dream. This is the real Jose who wants to live with me.
"hmm? Well, what do you mean … "Jose was depressed immediately.
Jose was not sure. "Do you want to live with me?"
"Yes" Domino should be completely red in the face.
Jose zheng and then a face of excitement bowed their heads and domino cheek "bam".
"Well," Domino, who was attacked, felt that her whole body was soft. If Jose hadn’t held her from behind, she would have fallen to the ground.
"What’s the matter with you?" Jos asked. However, Jos didn’t wait for Domino’s answer. She looked so dreamy. What happened to Jos today? She was distracted several times in less than ten minutes. This time, Jos didn’t disturb her again, but helped her to continue watching the rising sun in the east.
A warship was sailing at a high speed on the calm sea. As the salty sea breeze blew, their golden and purple hair fluttered slightly.
There are hardly many people in this lying boat, including Jos, who are only about 25 people, and most of them are original crew members.
When Ann arrived, Jose walked towards his home with a salute in one hand and a domino in the other.
Jose woke up Domino and said, "Honey, we’re home."
Oh, domino responded, and then he was a little timid. It looked particularly funny behind Jose
"Good luxury!" As soon as he entered the door, Domino was attracted by the decoration of the hall. Although there are three floors, the decoration is quite luxurious compared with the general. For Domino, this is the most luxurious residence he has ever seen.
Jose’s bedroom is not the master bedroom next to his father’s bedroom, but it is still very wide. There is a big bed, a wardrobe and a desk lamp. Because there are few things, it seems that there are still many places.
At this moment, Domino noticed a Zhang greatly hanging horizontally on the white wall of the writing desk with the words "There are many things in the world that we need to remember".
1, three things gone forever, life, youth;
2. Three things ruin a person’s anger, arrogance and meanness;
1, three things to grasp the opportunity …;
It took a while for Domino to look down at the swinging room. "Honey, you are so rough that you put this thing in such a big room. It’s too monotonous!"
Now it’s not my room, but our room. Jose looked at Domino and said, "Come and see what else you want to add. Let’s go to Shampoo Island and buy it together."
This, of course, has to be added, which suddenly makes Domino look like a different person, and there is also the timid appearance just now. At this time, she is simply a completely different person.
There should be at least one wardrobe here, and after that, there will be a dressing table, and here …
Jose took a brush and remembered the names of furniture. Ten minutes later, Domino regarded Jose as hesitant and said, "Just add more first and then think of buying more."
Good Jose agreed, "then let’s buy furniture now!" Anyway, it’s nothing now. "
Just then Domino woke up and said, "honey, you should bring more money. I have to buy some clothes when I wait!" "
"No problem," Jose replied with a smile, thinking that he had lost more than 100 million Bailey in two years! It should be enough.
A few minutes later, Jose took up Domino again and walked out of the villa with 100 million Bailey password boxes in one hand and headed for the port at the same time.
As soon as the sea breeze blows, Domino’s golden hair will "smell good" towards Qiao Qi’s face Buddha. Jos can’t help but ask when he smells the fragrant hair.
"honey, what brand of shampoo are you?"
Domino looked at me and said, "It’s a secret."
That’s naughty. Jose stuck his tongue out at himself. Domino couldn’t help but stay for a moment and attracted another domino smile.
This time, there were a lot of people on the boat, and there were hundreds of people missing. Couples also had a lot of flirting and swearing. There was nothing special about them and they looked like other couples.
But I don’t know why he always feels that everyone’s eyes will be turned away from time to time. Is it because people are too handsome?
But today, we are wearing a suit. Today, he is wearing a white suit, a white shirt, a sky-blue tie, white trousers and black leather shoes. The whole person really looks like a handsome guy (self-feeling)
Domino didn’t notice everyone’s eyes, but continued to chat with Jose.
Finally, after sailing for more than ten minutes, Ann arrived at the entrance and exit area of the naval government in Shampoo Land Group, and it looked like a dream to watch the whole island emerge from the ground one by one and slowly bubble up.
These bubbles are all produced by the world’s largest mangrove "Yarman Mangrove". The roots of this mangrove will secrete special natural resin due to breathing and expand with gas to form bubbles, which is the formation factor of this natural bubble.
Jose has to sigh that no matter how many times he has seen it, he will feel particularly fresh and not bored at all. Don’t underestimate these bubbles. This bubble archipelago will not even break bubbles, and if it is processed by an excellent coating artist, it can include a whole warship, which can withstand the water pressure of 10,000 meters and make the warship safely dive into the mermaid island with a depth of 1 meter.
Chapter 43 Naval supernovae