A baggage Lu Xiaoning’s face turned red. Just now, she took care of cardamom talking to Du Ruo to pick up the baggage. She handed it to cardamom without thinking.
"No," Lu Xiaoning stretched out his hand to take back the baggage. This is what she was going to burn. Anyway, in this era, there is no strong decontamination to remove blood stains. This robe is one of the wastes.
"Miss, let the handmaiden see what the gift is." Du Ruo was curious and robbed the baggage from Miss.
"Don’t look" Lu Xiaoning nasty.
"What’s the matter with a look!"
The tie between the two men for baggage broke up and some clothes fell out.
"This is not a young lady to wear clothes before? Ah, why is this dress covered with blood? " Du Ruo low exclamation.
Even cardamom and evening mist were stunned.
"Miss, are you hurt?" Evening mist eyes like light swept from miss head to miss feet and from foot to head.
Lu Xiaoning quickly picked up the bloody clothes and wrapped them in embarrassment. "I’m not hurt."
"Is that Tai Sun Dian injured?" Cardamom carefully asked
"What to say? What’s wrong with Sun Temple? Don’t guess. I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep. "Liu Xiaoning ignored them and went into the house with her clothes on her arms.
The three girls looked at each other. Du Ruo suddenly opened her eyes and chased Miss in horror.
"Miss, are you with the Tai Sun Temple?"
Chapter 452 Let people misunderstand.
"What that is not that? I don’t know what you are talking about. "Lu Xiaoning’s guilty face is even redder. Unfortunately, she understands what Du Ruo implicitly said" that "refers to.
"That’s it, miss. You have to tell the truth to the handmaiden. This is a big thing. You can’t be careless. If Sun Dianzhen has done something to you, he has to marry you quickly, or he will be finished when he gets pregnant." Du Ruo said urgently.
Miss went out for one night, and her clothes were changed from the inside out in exchange for blood. She is not a little girl. She was in Huai’ an before, but she heard that the old wives and daughters-in-law in the government talked about men and women. I heard that it would hurt and bleed for the first time. Just now, Taisun Temple still held Miss’s car. It must be because Miss is inconvenient to move, and now Miss blushes like a cooked crab. She also said that she was exhausted. After analyzing all kinds of situations, she came to a conclusion.
"What? Miss, this is not true, is it What did Taisun Temple say? When will he marry you? " Then the cardamom came through the door and panicked. Yes, they all hoped that the young lady and the Great Sun Temple would make great progress, but this progress was too fast to get married yet. That’s it. This is not polite
Evening mist looked at the young lady with a livid face. If it is true, it is best for Sun Dianli to carve a horse and give her an explanation. Otherwise, she will fight for her life and help her get justice.
Lu Xiaoning dumbfounded. She knew that Du Ruo had misunderstood, but she didn’t expect Du Ruo’s brain hole to be so big that she went straight to get pregnant.
Lu Xiaoning shamefully taught, "What are you talking about? My thoughts are so impure, miss. Am I such a casual person? Who do you think Tai Sun Dian is again? "
"Miss, this is not the time to be shy. You have to tell the truth to the handmaiden so that she can help you find a way." If Rico wants to move fast, it can still be settled.
"Miss, is Taisun Temple not willing to accept the debt or shirk it?" Evening mist asked sadly in the previous step, all of them exude a cold breath, and there is a big word that doesn’t agree with the killing posture.
"Miss, you and Tai Sun Dian are like this. You can’t be too thin-skinned. You have to find a way to force Tai Sun Dian to ask for a decree to prepare for the wedding." Cardamom also said.
Lu Xiaoning’s lips are quivering. Is she such an image of self-respect and self-love in the eyes of several girls? When she is a shameful woman like Lu Fanghua?
And is Huangfu Shaoye the kind of hooligan who knows how to play with women? I’m pure, pure, okay? Although they two of a kind didn’t do anything but hold hands and hug, not even a kiss, okay? It’s not that people don’t want to be restrained, it’s also respect for her.
"You, you really piss me off. That’s Miss Kwai Shui growing up tonight, okay?" Lu Xiaoning roared that she was already humiliated tonight. She even dyed all Huangfu Shaoye’s clothes when she came to the moon, and she was misunderstood by several girls that she had done something shameful with Huangfu Shaoye. In fact, it was very angry.
As soon as the room became quiet.
Du Ruo and others face a smoke and then smoke look awkward.
Or Du Ruo’s face changed quickly, grinning with joy. "Congratulations, Miss Hershey, Miss Hershey is finally an adult. This is a happy event. Oh, miss, why didn’t you say so earlier? If you had said so earlier, we wouldn’t have misunderstood, right, cardamom!"
She didn’t misunderstand anything. She just listened to Du Ruo’s pot-bellied words.
But Du Ruo winked at her and nodded.
Evening mist breathed a sigh of relief, and her tight face smiled. It turned out that it was not like that, but the young lady came to Kwai Shui.
"Miss, are you hungry? Shall the handmaiden cook you a bowl of brown sugar eggs? Mend the body "Du Ruo please way.
"Don’t eat enough" Lu Xiaoning pushed Du Ruo out of the door and pointed to cardamom and evening mist "You also go out"