Pi two dog twisted his face at the sight of the airport, where a dozen soldiers moved out of ten shoulder-mounted missiles. Pi two dog roared with the wind and quickly returned to the airport with the Werewolf Guard. Two punches went to capture all the shoulder-mounted missiles.
At this time, the three fighters turned around and returned to the military region to throw a large number of shells to blow up the Badipan artillery battalion.
In the dark, the artillery went up into the sky and shook the mountains, which was thrilling to see.
Back to the top of the mountain, Pi two dog asked people to count the number of people, confirmed that three special players died and ten people were injured, and captured the commander, Badipan, 15 officers and dozens of female military families.
Captured three Eagle fighters, one Apache among four armed helicopters, and twenty shoulder-mounted launch tube missiles, fifty of which were taken away by Pi two dog’s famous heavy transport aircraft.
Badipan became a prisoner of Pi two dog and didn’t panic at all. He despised Pi two dog there.
He can make Thai communicate with Badipan fluently when two dog’s border with Thailand is long.
"Buddy Pan not the kui is a confederate fox a little general style to this point I won’t deceive you I am fate two dog! I believe you have heard of the name Pi two dog? " He is not modest at all.
"I know the name of the boss, so forget it!" Badipan, like most people, was killed, and he didn’t believe that this teenager would be a famous tycoon in China.
"Dig a slot and you will know that you don’t believe it!" Said the skin two dog body divine power surge with a punch hit whistle hole thick granite wall boom! There was a cloud of dust and smoke, and a big hole was broken in thick granite, and hundreds of pounds of stones splashed out, shaking the ground like a magnitude 5 earthquake
Chapter 922 The finale
I witnessed the scary power of Pi two dog. When I looked at him again, there was a little more fear in my eyes. Pi two dog just called Buddy Pan aside and walked to no one’s place. He earnestly said, "I don’t want you to yield to me. You are still the commander of the southern military region. All logistics supplies should be given priority in my name. Go against food, wine, smoke and Cynomorium pills."
How much is there! In addition, I can directly reward you with two billion Chinese coins! "
"Bad bastards, you are scum of the country. Damn rebels, how can I, Buddy Pan, work for the rebels? Haha, dream for a thousand years!" Badipan swore, "Badipan, I’m not too Chinese. How can I be a rebel? The southern part of the country has been in a war for decades, and the people here are in danger every day. I am the savior of tens of millions of people in the south! "
Pi two dog vowed to say
“……?” "This vast area of land in the south has more than one million square kilometers plus two million square kilometers of emerald country next to it. When I wait for them to be swallowed up one by one, there will be more than three hundred square kilometers. Then I will set up a country here. You will join the Dragon Army in the future.
The great hero of the Dragon Republic, the founding father! "Pi two dog a face of longing.
See buddy pan terrier neck motionless skin two dog winked at Hiderigami, Hiderigami brought a bound officer to see this system should be the rank of major general skin two dog asked what’s your name?
"He Lin!"
"What does Buddy Pan Jun do?"
"The first regiment commander!"
This man’s bones are hard to death, and he doesn’t panic at all. He keeps his body straight than a bamboo pole.
Pi two dog picked up an automatic rifle and pulled the trigger on his head and skull, which blew the man’s head to half and plopped to the ground. He couldn’t die any more.
Buddy Pan is still a pair of dead mouse feels no cold Pi two dog. Tell Hiderigami to bring the young woman who is fed like a baby.
After a while, the young woman came out with her child in her arms, and the child cried with fear.
Buddy Pan was about to cry at the sight of the young woman’s face changing. "Boss Pi, don’t kill her! I can surrender to the Dragon Army, but I demand that all officers of the three regiments be commanded independently and independently! " "I’m afraid not! Your commander’s position remains unchanged, and it is an officer who must be ordered by me! " Pi two dog said that this is a matter of principle. It is said that Badipan belongs to the South Army Fox. He has to guard against this person. If the three regiments are intact, Badipan will come to a Jedi rebellion.
Killing God Long Jun will die a terrible death.
"After the founding of the Shenlong Republic, I demand to have no less than 200,000 square kilometers of territory, and my territory demands autonomy!" Badipan has made a new request. "Pakistan Commander’s 200,000 square kilometers is too big. How about 100,000?" Pi two dog’s heart says that it’s big enough to meow for 100,000 square kilometers. This ya lion’s big mouth dares to open 200,000. After this precedent is opened, his famous heroes will follow suit, which is not a good sign.
When Pi two dog asked someone to prepare a joining contract and put all preferential conditions into the contract in duplicate, Badipan and his three regiments formally joined the Shenlong Army.
At ten o’clock that night, Pi two dog and his party returned to Badi Pan, the headquarters of the Southern Military Region. Badi Pan Jun had a high prestige. After he announced his surrender, except for a few patriotic rebels, most soldiers were sworn in to join the Dragon Army.
The technical arms repaired the radar at the top of the mountain and successfully repaired Pi two dog. He sent his own people to invest in 24-hour weather monitoring.
The military camp regrouped and changed, and the personnel adjustment was carried out in an orderly manner. On the second day, Badipan informed the Thai military that a small group of traitors attacked the camp last night and successfully wiped out the bandit troops.
This was inspired by Pi two dog to paralyze the military.
Because he still needs to strengthen his strength when he needs it, he is not strong enough to fight the Taijun.
This large-scale upgrade of the Dragon Army with 30,000 troops is no small matter.
For a month, Pi two dog hid behind the scenes, commander Badipan and deputy commander Hiderigami tried to encircle 10,000 troops in the north and incorporated them into the Dragon Army map, and the commander who shot and killed the cangue Lancheng in the south collected 1,000 people.
Successfully persuaded the southern Mela army to attack Duli City with 10,000 troops and incorporated 5,000 people.
In the same month, he shot and killed Hu Feilong near Yichun State and compiled 20,000 Hu Feilong’s old troops.
In just one month, God Long Jun has grown to 100,000 people occupying 1 million square kilometers of territory …
It didn’t take long for Yichun State to closely follow Dharambang, Wadan State and Xinqin State to be included in Pi two dog, occupying more than 3.5 million square kilometers.
Time flies. Time flies. Three years later-
At the age of twenty-three, Pi two dog was sitting on one million Jin of divine power. Martial Arts broke through the immortal emperor dzogchen and successfully sealed the deity to reach the level of Buddha dzogchen.
In the spring of this year, Pi two dog joined the temple of ghosts and gods and regained the magic weapon from Chen Yixin, and successfully pulled out the magic weapon to assist in defeating the three elders of the temple of ghosts and gods, ranking second in the Presbyterian church.
Chen Yixin, the chief elder, made slow progress in martial arts training. Although he also succeeded in sealing the gods, martial arts training is only one level shorter than that of two dog.
Now it’s Chen Yixin’s turn to run for his life, chasing people around and turning into Pi two dog.
Since Pi two dog became a deity, he and his sweetheart wang hong Shang have all returned to Danai Village in China to have a happy family. At this time, China’s six major agricultural production bases have been blessed with anti-fate, and millions of acres of anti-fate bases have been expanded all over the country and overseas, making China the world’s largest economy, with a gross national product of more than 100 trillion US dollars compared with Millikan.
Thirty trillion left Millikan far behind.
And Pi two dog’s personal wealth has reached a staggering $30 trillion! Bill Gay, the former richest man in the world, lost his personal fortune to Pi two dog, who was worth $520 billion.
On the 10th birthday of Pi two dog this year, the Shenlong Republic announced the establishment of the sovereign state of Fengtian Dynasty.
Luo Wuzong, the No.1 leader of China, visited Biwufu, the capital of the Shenlong Republic, to attend the founding ceremony. On the day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he was the first to announce that the Shenlong Republic was led by the great China. Fifty countries, including Sakura, Cambodia and Pakistan, established diplomatic relations with the Shenlong Republic one after another.
Pi two dog was elected as the first president of the Shenlong Republic and married wang hong. In September this year, Pi two dog finally traced the ghost mountain to Chen Yixin’s fallen temple. Two elders, the ghost mountain, fought for three days and three nights. Chen Yixin couldn’t hold himself and blew himself up …
Dream westward journey overlord returns
Lonely o 3
In the past, Fang Fang, the commander at the top of the Dream World Pyramid, wanted to go back to China and accidentally found that there was an extra live broadcast of the dream westward journey beauty anchor in his home. He had decided to quit the altar. What kind of story would he rub out?
It’s strange that everyone plays fantasy westward journey!
The first chapter rental anchor
A rented house in Modu, a graceful girl with braids and hot hot pants with a toothbrush in her mouth, was dumbfounded and looked at the young man who suddenly appeared in front of her with a bunch of keys in his hand and showed a row of white teeth to herself.
After a scream, the young man felt that he had been smashed by something-he rubbed his smashed part with some words. What the hell? My cousin didn’t tell him that there was someone at home.
"Who are you?"
The lithe and graceful woman ran back to put on a dress and looked at the young man fiercely with a huge doll in her hand.
"Oh, oh, don’t get excited. My name is Fang Xiang and I am the owner of this house."
The young man put his hands in front of him and said to the former
"Are you the owner of this house?"
The lithe and graceful woman looks at her eyes and wants to show some unbelief in her eyes.
"Yeah, how else would I have a key?"
Fang wanted to justly say that finish and then walked towards the lithe and graceful woman.
"What do you want?"
"Look in the mirror before you ask this question. What can I do when I go back to my own house?"
Fang Xiang came to the lithe and graceful figure. Before the woman, she looked at each other with her hands protecting her chest. He was so close that he could clearly see that there was a gum in the corner of each other’s eyes. Then she thought that she had just got up with a toothbrush in her mouth. That’s right