She said that if Lin Reyu doesn’t accept it, she won’t force it.
Forget it, she doesn’t ask Lin Re rain to treat Xiao Ning sincerely, so everyone can be nice when they meet, even if it is to maintain the superficial friendliness.
Chen Siyao and others such as a walk Lin Re rain never look at the box ordered "xiang son put things away".
"Good young lady handmaiden put these together with dowry jewelry." Xianger happily took the box to this set of jewelry, which is the best among all the jewelry of Miss Chen and Miss Shen. They are so thoughtful.
Lin Reyu didn’t object to these jewels. She won’t wear them. Just keep them as a reward.
At noon, Liu Qizheng took out a bag and gave it to Lu Xiaoning as a birthday present.
Lu Xiaoning was surprised. "How do you know my birthday?"
Liu Qizheng way "what’s so strange about this? Didn’t everyone write their resumes when we entered the Royal Hospital? I took a glance and remembered it. "
Zhao Xueli walked over and said, "Did you just remember Xiao Ning? Or does everyone remember? "
Liu Jizheng made no secret of "I remember your big masters’ birthdays? Let’s men be unhappy. This girl only pays attention to birthday gifts, right, boss? "
Everyone laughed and Bao Liangyu also sent a small box "Don’t abandon the old boss’s little heart."
Zhao Xueli said, "It’s a good thing I prepared it, otherwise it would be hard for me."
Said Zhao Xueli took out a doctor and it was still rare. Lu Xiaoning’s eyes lit up in ancient times, which specially treated women’s diseases.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" Lu Xiaoning even thanked her and said that she didn’t even know the birthdays of several people present here. It’s a shame.
Yang Chen a slight moreover "that I also have to say".
Said and took out a purse to Lu Xiaoning.
"What is it? It smells good, "Lu Xiaoning exclaimed." This kind of fragrance is not rich, light and smells good, and it is refreshing.
"This is our unique secret recipe of the Chen family, which is the essence refined from 49 kinds of flowers, and then boiled and condensed with lotus leaf dew in the morning. The fragrance will last for a long time and it will look good and fragrant when placed in jade and exquisite." Chen Yangdao
"I forgot that you Chen Jiazu had a very good perfumer, but I didn’t hear about it later. I also lost your Chen Jiaxiang craft." Lu Xiaoning took out a small and exquisite jade from his wallet, which was really cute.
Yang Chen was surprised. "Do you know all this?"
It was many years ago, and he accidentally turned to such a blend of incense in the attic and developed several kinds of incense.
"Of course I know. Don’t forget who my master is. My master said that the best way to make incense is your aunt Chen Jia Chen Ying Sleeve. She used to make incense for the empress of the previous dynasty." Lu Xiaoning smiled.
Chen Ying sleeve incense pills can’t be bought for one hundred and twenty silver in the previous one.
"Thank you for your gift. I’ll treat you to a drink another day." Lu Xiaoning looked at the door in the middle and saw Huangfuyunlan staring at her with ShaQi in it.
Chapter 443 Since the sentimental
Didn’t Huangfu Yunlan go to Zhaoyang Temple for a big meal? Why are you back so soon?
But what does it have to do with Huangfu Yunlan to give her a birthday present? Do you put on such a face of deep hatred? Oh, by the way, Huangfu Yunlan is jealous!
Everyone found that Lu Xiaoning’s eyes were wrong. She followed her eyes and turned her head to see Huangfuyunlan.
Liu Qizheng rolled his eyes and said, "Boss, ignore her."
Immediately, he raised his voice and said, "Brother Yang, as soon as you make a move, you gave us all the gifts. It must be very difficult to prepare this condensate pill. It was really brother Yang’s intention."
Lu Xiaoning kicked Liu Jizheng at the bottom of the table. What did the guy say? Know HuangFuYunLan like Yang Chen also booing is not afraid of her being HuangFuYunLan jealousy smoked faint?
Huangfuyunlan cold hum a twist a head to go.
Lu Xiaoning asked Yang Chen, "Brother Yang, do you want to see it?"
Yang Chen said inexplicably, "What am I going to see?"
Lu Xiaoning Nu Nu Zui at the door.
Actually, she thinks Yang Chen is very kind to Huangfu Yunlan. There are six people here. She and Huangfu Yunlan are sworn enemies, so let alone Liu Jizheng. Three times a day, there are fewer quarrels. Bao Liangyu and Liu Jizheng are good brothers. Although he doesn’t talk much, his attitude is fresh and firm. While she and Liu Jizheng despise Huangfu Yunlan and Zhao Xueli, take a respectful approach to Huangfu Yunlan. How far can you avoid it? Yang Chen will talk to Huangfu Yunlan and be kind. Occasionally, he will understand Huangfu Yunlan.
If Yang Chen is so clever, you can’t see that Huangfuyunlan is cheating on his mind. Now that you know it, you are willing to take the initiative. How much Huangfuyunlan always means something!
It is also possible that men and women have different attitudes towards feelings. Men like to play ambiguous, but not like her, unless they like it, such as Huangfu Shaoye. She still enjoys it, but she is polite to Huangfu Shaoxuan, and she can never play ambiguous.
"Go, go, or I won’t accept this gift from you." Lu Xiaoning wry smile way.
Chen yangnai smiled and got up and walked towards the door.