Compared with the previous spells, the flying grass rune is much more complicated, but with the basic qi of refining Aoki, protruding stakes and other runes, Sun Hao can guarantee the situation, and he has perfected his first flying grass rune.
After refining the character seal, Sun Hao found that the body qi almost went to two-thirds. Refining this character seal consumes more qi than Sun Hao’s own flying grass technique.
After meditating for a moment, Mu Dan helped Sun Hao to quickly reply to about two sticks of incense. After that, Sun Hao opened his eyes to observe the Zhang Fei Cao’s operation symbol seal. This symbol seal was refined well, and the accuracy of the symbol line reached the level of Aoki winding symbol seal.
Experiment with confidence, one-character seal level
Sun Hao suddenly found that this picture looks good, and there is still a long way to go before it is close to the middle level.
Sun Hao, who believes in evil spirits, once again refined a piece of Zhang Fei’s cursive script.
The second refining of this character seal is better than that of the first one, but it only reaches the level of the Chinese character seal, and there is still a big gap.
Refining a few flying grasses in a row is the same result.
So what is the reason for this situation?
After thinking, Sun Hao thinks that the reason for this situation is probably the rune error rate.
To put it simply, the so-called error rate is different from the similarity of standard runes, which means that Aoki winding is estimated to be 10% similar to the standard runes, and the error rate of Aoki winding is 10%
However, with the increase of spell level, the error rate is estimated to increase, and there is little difference between the first three spell levels. This error rate difference is relatively small, which has not attracted Sun Hao’s attention, but the error rate of flying grass is as low as 15%, which means that the flying grass rune must reach 15% with the standard rune before it can be refined.
Just like Aoki, the error rate can only refine the flying grass technique.
Sun Hao has seen a large number of books, some of which are used to refine the character seal, and some of them are also recorded. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to refine the character seal, but what difficulty will increase, but it is rarely repaired to get to the bottom of it.
However, Sun Hao thinks that if we find the problem, we must find the root of the problem, so that we can strengthen and solve it in a targeted way and achieve the goal of truly solving the problem.
Assuming that the error rate is true, what can be done to increase this error rate?
That is, how can we make fewer mistakes?
Sun Hao listed some problems in refining his own character seal one by one, and listed his shortcomings in refining his own character seal one by one. In the previous period, Sun Hao felt very good about himself and relaxed himself. This time, the flying grass refining gave him a wake-up call.
If you want to refine Sun Hao, you have to continue to work hard.
After careful analysis of his refining process, Sun Hao still found his shortcomings from different aspects.
For example, Sun Haofa’s habit has not yet fully met the standard of rune writing, and it must be revised and improved through long-term practice.
For example, the texture of white paper has a subtle influence on the writing of runes. If Sun Hao hadn’t been refining white paper for a long time, he really wouldn’t have felt it. Although the white paper was refined by fire frog skin after several procedures, the texture still grew. These textures will inevitably have a great influence on the formation of runes
This also needs to be gram
Finally, through thinking and combining his own knowledge of array cultivation, Sun Hao also thinks that both of them have one thing in common: grasping the angle of the front array point rune has a great influence on the success rate of array formation or refining the symbol seal.
But what makes Sun Hao depressed is that up to now, Sun Hao has not seen that there is a lack of a basic definition of angle in this kind of angle, and whether it is good or bad depends on experience.
Chapter 37 Applauded face
Without the golden thread, the fire frog king harassed Sun Hao and refined the flying grass. In particular, Sun Hao practiced for more than two months to refine the flying grass. After the operation, Tong Li also reappeared in the fire frog swamp. At this time, it was half a year ago, and it was enriched. Compared with Sun Haoxiu, it quickly rose to the middle of the five layers of gas refining.
Tong Lixiu rose to the late stage of refining gas.
Over the past few months, after continuous practice, Sun Hao has laid out all the first-level basic arrays and second-level basic arrays of Aoki Zongji.
Consciously accumulated a lot of experience in array, Sun Hao began to lay out the first-level array method.
Sun Hao’s first first-level array is the first-level array, which is a very solid array, which can cover up the appearance and make it difficult for outsiders to detect the array, and once it enters the array, it will also have a labyrinth effect. Although it is not particularly lethal, it can trap the younger brother Aoki Zongdi who is not involved in the array. Usually, he will take one or two fans out for backup.
Sun Hao began to concentrate on practicing array arrangement in the fire frog swamp.
Sooner or later, there will be a fierce battle between Sun Hao and the Golden Frog King. It is one aspect for Sun Hao to constantly enrich his ability and improve his skills, and refining the seal and arranging the array will be a good aid.
At present, he is still sleeping. Wang Ran doesn’t know that Sun Hao has made up his mind. This spirit beast is not smart enough. Nai Sun Hao can’t sleep with peace of mind. Of course, King Golden Frog hasn’t finished taking measures.
It gathered all the fire frogs around it after the middle stage of the nine-story gas refining, and huddled in its nest.
Sun Hao’s fire frog swamp is eyeing the golden thread fire frog king and constantly practicing the array, symbol and seal.
At this time, Master Qu Youman, Dongfang Sheng, led his elder brother Yu Kun and his elder brother Ma Yiming from dragon five to attend the auction meeting in Zongmen, Xieyuefang City. Qu Youman begged to go with him.
Dongfang Sheng’s refining of Xiaozhujidan is highly sought after, and Yu Kunlong and Ma Yiming’s refining of Daoqi Dan also look good.
A few apprentices and apprentices came out of the auction in a good mood, and Qu You suggested, "Since we are here in Xieyuefang City, why don’t we look around?"
Dongfang Sheng nodded and waved angrily. "Xiaoqu master is in a good mood today. Buy whatever you see later."