Liu Fanghua looked at the two thousand and two hundred silver tickets and lamented that his father was really stingy to give two thousand and two thousand and two hundred less, and it was twenty-two thousand at first.
In fact, giving her less money is enough for her to enter the palace of Qin Dynasty with dignity, but she can’t tell her father about giving less money to 122 thousand. Maybe her father won’t prepare her for him if he knows about it.
Father has promised her that when the shop is sold, he will find a way to make up 152 thousand silver for her.
Of course, she can ask for more money if she doesn’t want it for nothing and doesn’t have it in her own hands.
Liu Fanghua put away the silver ticket and gave his father a gift with a smile. "Thank you, father."
Lu Youren said, "If you don’t worry about silver, you will definitely find a way to get your father for you. You can’t let you pay attention to it, but you won’t be missing him."
"Daughters don’t worry. Fathers love their daughters the most." Liu Fanghua smiled and told.
"But father, you will take Sanmei back. Will grandma promise? Do you want to ask your grandmother first? " Lu Fanghua doesn’t want Fang Ai to come back so soon. If Fang Ai doesn’t come back, she can have another excuse to go out. If Fang Ai comes back, she will definitely follow her like a follower, so she can’t even meet Shao Long privately.
It is best to let Fang Ai come back before she wants to pass by.
"Your grandmother’s father will say that it’s not a problem for your third sister to stay in the nunnery for too long," said Liu Youren.
Now that my father has made up his mind, it is not good for Liu Fanghua to oppose it blindly. Come back when Fang Ai comes back. Anyway, in another month, she will be able to be with Shao Long every day. Just bear it.
"So it’s better for Third Sister to come back and her daughter to have a talking partner," said Liu Fanghua.
Liu Youren nodded slightly, and Fang Ai has always been inseparable. The sisters have deep feelings. When Fang Ai goes to Qin Wangfu, the opportunities for the two sisters to get along are few and far between, which is why he wants Fang Ai to come back.
"Have you been to see your mother recently?" Liu youren tie asked 1
Liu Fanghua was somewhat surprised and faltered weakly. "Daughter … no daughter is afraid that her father and grandmother will be unhappy."
"Your mother is really sorry for many people. This family is because she gave birth to you and raised you. Are you going to get married or go?" Lu Youren’s words came to an abrupt end in the middle, and Lou’s long hair appeared in his mind, holding scissors and stabbing him. There was a dull pain in his arm scar.
Liu Youren shook his head in regret and said bitterly, "Forget it, don’t go to see it. Your mother is not seriously ill. No one recognizes it and hurts people easily."
Liu Fanghua doesn’t want to see her mother. She’s not so humiliated. Crazy mother Lu Xiaoning doesn’t let Jiang’s family take her mother back. It’s just a matter of keeping her mother at home.
"Father, you haven’t had dinner yet. Daughter will bring you the food." Liu Fanghua didn’t want to discuss the topic of mother with her father. She made an excuse and asked for a long way.
Liu Youren returned to the office after Youhua left, took out the silver tickets in the box and counted 52,000 silver tickets. Now there are 32,000 left.
In July, the interest on printing money was 9,200 yuan, which really hurts me. I think that his salary in a month is added, such as Lu Su, tea, wine, kitchen materials, firewood, salt, clothes and food for his entourage, horses, extra money, office money, minister money, etc. It will add up to more than 300, and it will be more than 3,000 in two years. Can this month be nearly three years’ salary?
He used to have a penny. Is the hero Han Ri gone forever after he married Ji Shi? He has never thought about what this kind of plug needs to do. When he tells Ji Shi, Ji Shi will arrange it for him. He never lacks money in his wallet. Ji Shi will always give him 5,200 silver tickets. Whenever he is dragged to drink and socialize, he will feel confident.
But these days, he seems to be back to the old days when he was short of money, and he was able to pay interest on time to prepare dowry money for Fanghua. He did his best and was distressed. Everyone knew that he was rich in Lu Youren’s family. Even if he got a mouth to borrow money, people thought he was joking. What’s more, Lu Youren was laughing at them. He was so good at selling his beloved things that he dared not say that he had to be asked by his friends.
Hey! I hope things can be completed smoothly the day after tomorrow. Let’s talk about it first. Xiao Ning doesn’t want to promise, but she has to promise that there is no room for discussion. According to the law of Zhou Dynasty, the dowry of the woman really belongs to the woman, but everything belongs to her husband’s family after her death. He is the legal heir. The great thing about Ji’s setting this threshold for him is that he donated his industry to the court, which made the government difficult for him on Ji’s side.
He couldn’t reason with the government at all, and the somebody else lightly said, "Your wife is so loyal and patriotic, she must have been influenced by Lord Lu", so he was right.
So he can wait for years, when Xiao Ning inherits the industry, and he asks Xiao Ning to hand over the industry again, he won’t believe Xiao Ning really dares to disobey him as a father.
Liu Youren’s eyes were overcast with gloom. He hid the box back in the cupboard.
When Du Re of Han Cuige saw that the young lady had been sitting there staring blankly since she came back, she asked, "Miss handmaiden, let’s get you something to eat first."
"No longer wait" Lu Xiaoning said.
"But after all this time, you’d better eat some padding first," Du Ruo advised.
She thinks that the young lady’s action today is too risky. If the old lady can’t figure it out and Liu Ma can’t say anything about the old lady, won’t it affect her future plans?
"If you are hungry, eat first and I’ll wait." Lu Xiaoning insisted on waiting.
In fact, she can’t eat anything now, and she is confident that her grandmother is a fool, and she thinks it’s a gamble that her grandparents have cultivated feelings in recent months.
But as the minutes passed, her confidence was lost bit by bit.
If grandma can’t forgive her, then there is the last way to leave home.
Although she has a way to believe that Ji Jia also has the ability to keep her name from being damaged in the slightest, it is really hopeless for Lu Jia to go there.
In her dresser drawer, there is still a letter written to her by her successor. The words are full of respect and expectation, and an article that he was praised by his husband in the courtyard is attached, telling her that this eldest sister will definitely try to inherit. This is because she is afraid that this eldest sister will give up on him.
And how close Chengxun is to her. Little hands are all fleshy. Little hands touch her face and laugh.
She doesn’t want to ruin Lujia. After all, there are still people here who make her want to stay and care. She doesn’t want to give up.
Chapter 432 Have you prepared a gift?
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Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock.
"Miss, miss, the handmaiden saw Liu Ma coming with a box in her hand."
"Did you see clearly that Liu Ma was carrying a food box?" Du Ruo asked with delight.
Cardamom laughed. "Can my eyes still be wrong?"
Rico said, "Great. Liu Ma came to deliver the food and said that the old lady was fine."
Lu Xiaoning is also secretly relieved. Is there any problem? It’s hard to say now, but the big problem is definitely gone.
In a short time, the evening mist came with the Liu Ma Building.
"Miss Da hasn’t eaten yet, has she?" Liu Ma asked and smiling.
"Not yet. I’m not waiting for Liu’s mother to bring me food." Liu Xiaoning joked.
Liu Ma said, "Then hurry up and wait on Miss Du Ruo Cardamom for dinner."
Du Ruo cheerfully should go to the lunch box to set out the food.
"Liu Ma my grandmother she …"
Liu Ma smiled and said, "Big Miss can safely eat this. The old lady specially asked the old slave to send it to you."
Lu Xiaoning was completely relieved that grandma’s ideological work had been done, and she had no worries about her future.
"Thank you, Mom Liu," said Liu Xiaoning sincerely.
It’s not that she doesn’t know that in the past few months, her grandmother has changed her mind and attitude, and Liu Ma has played a great role in it. Liu Ma is her grandmother’s most trusted person, and a word from Liu Ma may change the situation at the most critical moment.
Whether Liu Ma has been in contact with Ji Jia or not, she is very grateful that Liu Ma has always been on her side.
"Big miss polite old slave is just telling the truth. In fact, the old lady’s heart is white and she can’t accept it at the moment." Liu Ma said
"Well, I also know that my grandmother is a white matter, and I dare to tell her."
"The old lady said that the big lady should have this home in her heart, and she will support you whatever you do," Liu Ma said.
Lu Xiaoning’s nose choked with a sour language. "Liu Ma also helped me tell my grandmother to ask her to rest assured."