There is an ancient beast in the immortal tomb, with its head held high and a lion shining all over in the sky. From a cracked grave, an old woman dressed in a strange decoration came out.
"It turned out to be Xianmu. It’s an accident that she got up early and became an emperor all the year round. But when Ren Huang dug it, it seemed to be her sleeping place. Always ask for a statement."
Someone in the forbidden area sighed that he didn’t choose to be born, but looking at this appearance, he can also know that the venerable ones are holding the wall down and everyone is pushing them in their hearts. If we can share Ren Huang’s research on his evolutionary path, it is definitely a great accident.
Even if Ren Huang law is used to create a law of immortality, perhaps all beings can be enlightened from another direction for those who have launched dark turmoil
"I want him to have a secret place to study the road after the good thing is done, and I want a piece of the research results."
An ancient chariot flew out of the vast chaos and spread out the air. A middle-aged man sat on the wheel with black hair and shawl, and his eyes were as bright as blazing.
The spiritual god is also the spiritual emperor of the past. He is a holy spirit, but it is not a man made of stone, but a natural essence turned into flesh and blood.
He has been sleeping in the closed god market, but he is a little old and angry. On the contrary, it gives people a feeling of blood and blood, which shocked the human world as soon as he was born.
It is precisely because of this that he is in a better state than his aging statue. Naturally, he has the confidence to plan the benefits. After all, even this life-and-death battle is only his first sublimation. Launching a dark turmoil can also ease one or two and continue to live.
"Hell, if there is no ghost emperor, it is also a place worth remembering, but if someone wants to break my way and break my long hope, then there is a word to die!"
At the beginning of the ancient mine, a bearded man came forward with a bow in his hand, as if he had gone through ages and was heavier than when everyone was contaminated.
This is from the corpse emperor of the underworld, following the corpse of the ghost queen, who became a Taoist figure and got a reincarnation. It is suspected that the corpse was buried in the chaotic ancient years.
"There’s nothing to say. Take revenge. Take revenge. Wash away the shame today."
The reincarnation master is cold and faint, and he doesn’t talk about anything empty-headed. He simply comes for revenge and benefits, and his body is bright and dazzling, shocking the world.
"Naturally, fanatics dare to be arrogant and arrogant in front of the emperor. At the beginning, Taoist friends discouraged you from robbing today!"
Emperor Dapeng, who buried Tiandao with golden wings, said indifferently that he had been a militant madman who fought and died.
He is tall and straight, with golden hair dancing like it is made of gold, full of a kind of magic eyes, sharp and holding a rod-shaped Excalibur, a total of 20 sections of whipping SHEN WOO.
"It’s just an epigenetic. Do we really need so many people to join hands? I don’t even need sublimation."
A white tiger in Cangyu was culled, and another one in the forbidden area of Beidou’s life was honored and turned into a white-haired road flyover.
"This statement is poor. liger is also struggling to face the situation that a killer can sublimate and respect the strong. If he doesn’t sublimate, he will suffer a big loss. It depends on whether the distribution can make up for his many emperors and soldiers, and it is enough for us to recover some."
Soon, another figure came, and he was glowing all over. Although he was humanoid, he had all kinds of animal characteristics, such as Kunpeng wings, mang horns and Kirin armor. These combinations looked strange together.
From the god market beast god!
"There are so many people who continue to show up. This war will be more tragic than we thought!"
"These were once great emperors, but now they want to turn into the biggest turmoil."
People were shocked, but for a fairy shadow flying out of the forbidden area to protect Beidou, their breath would have collapsed, which was a terrible number.
At this time, the ancient mine in the beginning was splashing a handful of blood flowers! There is a statue who can’t help coughing up blood by glaring. His way has been declining until now, and he can’t help it. He will fall into the dust!
"Ren Huang! Ah ah ah! "
This miserable statue is covered with bronze rust, and the bleak blue light engulfs him, and he has fallen into the realm of the Imperial Road. After decades of fermentation, he can resist it until now.
Poof! In the end, his way dried up, and this ancient mine was torn into a pool of mud by a number of Huang Dao masters. These strong people never kept going straight to the peak, but it was not borne by the roots of life in this field
This scene immediately made Beidou a dead silence. People were startled. I didn’t expect such a blow. I was shocked by the changes. So I fell so lightly.
Or is it that their qi machine is torn to pieces?
"This is the original Ren Huang when he confronted by means? Originally it was a tentative blow, but I didn’t expect it to be cruel. "
His faces were slightly heavy, and he felt a little urgent and depressed, and he was cursed by such an accident.
It’s infuriating and humbled that a generation of venerable deities should die so cowardly. Even Ren Huang’s face has not been seen yet, which has damaged a fighting force, which makes the eyes of venerable deities cold.
"I’d like to thank this Taoist friend for giving me a better state before the war, so don’t worry about our revenge."
However, they soon laughed again, and they ate the residual blood crystal of this statue and stained it with the bright blue spot. They didn’t touch it as a tonic before the war.
With this nourishment, the venerable ones are more confident in their state, but those who have never been born in the world are chilling. These guys who have started the dark turmoil have completely distorted their minds and done everything.
"It’s really terrible. More than a dozen statues have been born, so it will be terrible to have a big war."