The atmosphere in the drawing room is very tense.
Of course, the nervous person is Mrs. Feng.
As soon as Lu Xiaoning came, she said that a few days ago, her father asked her for a few bottles of mask. She asked a messenger if she had a history of allergies in the past out of a responsible attitude and brought a doctor to confirm that Wang Shi Zhao was on the road and came together.
Mrs. Feng didn’t know that her daughter and Cui Yanyan had teamed up to frame Lu Xiaoning. She was so serious and responsible, and she was accompanied by Zhao Wangshi, so she had a very good attitude. She told Lu Xiaoning that Ruoying was allergic to Chinese rose flowers, and when she met a little Chinese rose pollen, she would get rash. Chinese rose flowers were not planted in her house.
As a result, when she had finished, Lu Xiaoning said that it was right. Qiao Xing, the maid around Ruoying, also said that Ruoying was allergic to Chinese rose. Now Qiao Xing went to Jirentang to make a scene and said that her mask was allergic. She wanted Jirentang to apologize and make compensation. If not, she would have to see the official. This matter involved Jirentang’s reputation and her reputation of Lu Xiaoning had to go to the door to find out.
Mrs. Feng was immediately confused. Where did this follow? Ruoying, why do you want to do this? Xiao Ning didn’t come here to talk about Ruoying, but to talk to her before singling out her. She wanted to ask Ruoying what was going on first, but Zhao Wangshi said in a heavy tone, "Let’s ask Miss Feng to come out and explain."
What else can Mrs. Feng do? The somebody else is Zhao Wangshi, and his status is distinguished. It’s not like them. People can provoke their hearts to complain secretly, but they can also send someone to call Ruoying.
The servant girl here has already sent for Huangfu Shaoxuan over there to bring in several witnesses of your honour.
When Mrs. Feng saw each other posing for such a way, she was afraid of it for a few minutes. "The world is no longer called people, is it?" I think it’s a misunderstanding. Just explain it clearly, okay? Hurt the gas. "
Zo In Sung said, "Madam, I don’t know that Miss Feng’s maids are pointing at my nose and swearing at Jirentang. It’s a pit, a lie and a clamour to report to the official. It didn’t take me long for this drugstore to accumulate a little names. Let’s clear up the misunderstanding here. The guests don’t know. You didn’t see the situation at that time. The three floors outside Jirentang were packed. Everyone listened to Miss Feng’s maids and called us Jirentang with indignation. Come on.
Lu Xiaoning and suspection.i less xuan couldn’t help but want to laugh. Zo In Sung fooled this feng card shark again, and he was going to bleed out.
Zo In Sung made a heartbreaking sample. "This is still yellow. If we Jirentang can’ t wash away this grievance for 100, then I’ ll get the door of this drugstore. I think that Jirentang can be kind and benevolent, so it’ s good to get the door. Who am I going to cry to? I can go to cry with the emperor, and then you have to help me prove it. "
Mrs. Feng’s mouth was whipped, and the emperor could give him a signboard in his drugstore. The Feng family smashed his signboard. Can the emperor not be angry? Without saying that the government will thoroughly investigate it, it will definitely record the master’s name in Huanghei. Maybe when you find a reason, you will demote him to into the badlands. This is still the best result.
Even if things don’t go to the emperor, it’s hard for Wang Shi of Zhao to speak ill of his master in front of the prince of Zhao.
Mrs. Feng is so anxious and angry that she can’t wait to pull this girl Ruoying over and beat her up. Why do you want to provoke Jirentang? It’s simply causing trouble for the Feng family.
Mrs. Feng smiled and said, "Zhao Gong is not as serious as you said, is he?"
Zo In Sung nodded sincerely "absolutely".
Mrs. Feng was speechless.
Well, they called all the witnesses of your honour to see it, and it was refreshing to go to [vertex network O]
Chapter 41 Guilty
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Feng Ruoying was dumbfounded as soon as she entered the drawing room. Why are there so many people?
Didn’t you say that four people came? There are ten people at the moment, and a pair of eyes are fixed on her.
Feng Ruoying saluted his mother.
Mrs. Feng saw her face covered with gauze and asked, "Shadow, what happened to your face?"
"I went back to my mother and daughter, and somehow my face became allergic, red and swollen."
Mrs. Feng beckoned her daughter to take a look at the corner of the veil and gasped. What is the face ruined? Mrs. Feng asked, "Is it really a mask?"
Feng Ruoying crustily skin of head nodded his head.
Mrs. Feng thought that she had been allergic to Chinese rose since she was a child, and other flowers and plants were fine. There was no Chinese rose at all in the house. Maybe her daughter was telling the truth. Maybe there was something in this mask that was not suitable for Ruoying before.
Such a thought that Mrs. Feng’s heart has settled again. If it is this mask, then it is true that Ruoying asked Qiaoxing to go to Jirentang for questioning. That is, the Feng family also occupied a reason before the emperor, so their attitude became tough and they said, "My family never lies. Maybe it is caused by the mask."
Lu Xiaoning smiled and said, "Miss Feng, did you read the details of the ambassador before you made it?"
"What makes the rules? When my father gave it to me, it was a bottle of mask, "Feng Ruoying said.
"Are you? My father gave it to your father with instructions. Okay, even if you haven’t seen it, where is the bottle of mask? " Lu Xiaoning asked again
"I threw it away as garbage."
"Throw it away?"
"This thing ruined my face. What do I keep if I don’t throw it away?" Feng ruoying cold way
Lu Xiaoning sneered, "Then I don’t know why you can throw away the mask since you are looking for Jirentang to settle accounts. It’s evidence to start a lawsuit. "
Feng Ruoying bit his teeth and said, "I didn’t expect to be angry at that time."
"Then can I see your face?" Lu Xiaoning asked.
Feng Ruoying hesitated to see her mother. Mrs. Feng nodded. "Just let her see it."
When they went to the slant hall, Feng Ruoying lifted the veil to reveal a red, swollen and bumpy face.
Lu Xiaoning looks calm. This is indeed an allergic symptom. This Feng Ruoying is really cruel to himself.
"Yes," said Lu Xiaoning.
"Lu Xiaoning said these three words?" Feng ruoying asked
Lu Xiaoning sneered. "Of course, there are more than these three words, but let’s go out and talk."
"Can’t say here? Lu Xiaoning, I advise you to admit your mistake and stop trying to pass the buck. I want you to admit that it’s your fault and I don’t want to pay compensation. "Feng Ruoying said.
Lu Xiaoning sneered, "I will never shirk my responsibility, but I won’t take the blame if I don’t blame it."
Say Lu Xiaoning turned and walked.
Feng Ruoying stared at Lu Xiaoning’s back and hated grinding his teeth. This Lu Xiaoning is really stubborn. Can she beat Cao Jia? Can you beat Zhao Wangshi? She was kind enough to let her go, but she was ungrateful.
The two of them went back to the drawing room in tandem. Lu Xiaoning said, "Miss Feng’s face does have allergic symptoms and the symptoms are very serious. Maybe it will be ruined."