"Buddha said I said; The past is like a dream bubble, and the five meanings are printed by the heart, which is true.
Buddha predestined friends people will return when they die. "
When the statue of Da Zitian was sitting in the pan, the great river magic Buddha and Dharma were turned into golden lotus, and the past glory should be reproduced from the present to the past.
At the same time, the immortal imperial court, on behalf of the statue of Li Yu, shone with great power, and the magic Buddha appeared to reflect the heavens together.
Those who were buried in ancient history all emerged. Before the death, the sages, heroes and emperors reappeared, and a magnificent world shone brightly!
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Honesty, greatness, and soil, a new high.
Ancient and modern rings reflect the heavens.
The six heavenly demons, the Buddha, the master and the emperor mingled with each other, making all the time and rivers stagnate, and the world seemed to freeze this moment.
"When did it happen, the river stopped and everything went away!"
The world’s powerful people can’t help but feel terrible. Even the quasi-immortal imperial city feels different, like the whole ancient history that happened in the past has been folded up and the contemporary world has merged into a new plane.
Two high trajectories interweave and run through all the time and places, not reflecting people’s brilliance, all the world’s light is swaying in the mist and darkness, and all living things are at peace with their hearts as if they were blessed by God.
"The heroes of all ages return!"
Drink loudly, heaven and earth are connected, and the sunrise shines far and wide.
To detain the emperor soldiers one by one, the ancient emperor soldiers resumed Su Chongxiao from a deep sleep and played a role in escaping from the scattered immortals, and the light reflected by the emperor gradually revealed the brand of the Lord’s appearance.
Fuxi Emperor, Wa Emperor, Jiuli Emperor, Shenzhou Emperor, Fighting Emperor, Yuan Emperor, Western Emperor and Demon Emperor all reappeared.
Even in the mythical era, the ancient Buddha stepped out of the Buddha, the Happy Buddha, the Immortal Buddha, and so on, but it was just the dark turmoil and atonement caused by their one-sided mirror image fighting and fighting after the fall of the Lord in the first world.
In the past, tianjiao, who died, reappeared and reflected in the reincarnation, and the return of the Ministry of Nature turned into a huge war army.
A series of figures condensed from ancient history and stepped into a sparkling special area. It was a moment like ten thousand years when Ren Huang’s big hand divided the paradox.
In this area, the resurrected emperors and deities have learned all kinds of things that happened in this world and practiced again to realize the evolution of Tao and the way of life, and rose to the dream world to undergo all kinds of trials and baptisms.
When they walked out of the breakpoint through the ages, they did not pass away when they were alive, but they all reached the level of quasi-fairy king!
"There are storms in the world!
We have three wishes to drive the unknown enemy to defend the world! "
It is a form of oppression, a frightening and soul-stirring enemy trend that emperors, myths, deities and deities all over the world drink together.
Just as the long river burst its banks in the middle of the flood, the quasi-king joined the battlefield.
"This is the time when the emperor was a myth, and the ancient Buddha reappeared two high reflections, ancient and modern!"
"They have all reached the level of quasi-fairy king. Yes, they really have the ability to climb the fairy road. If possible, the breakpoint will be left in Ren Huang. This is a powerful reinforcement!"
After nine days of exclamations, all beings can’t help cheering and jumping for joy. These are famous figures in ancient history, and they are naturally earth-shattering when they reappear.
"Hehe, since ancient times, the emperor has never seen each other, but today it is very different. It is really rare for the emperor to fight side by side with the emperor."
Hengyu Xianwang crossed his hands and smiled, and his face was also very proud. Except for the three ancestors, Qing Di Amitabha, he could stand out from the crowd and the Xianwang was handsome.
At the beginning, there was always a debate about which was weak and which was strong, but now it can come to an end.
Aside from the virtual fairy king, his face was relaxed. He had previously stepped into the realm of kingcraft and returned to the emperor, the Buddha, and pulled the gap.
"This reminds me of the ancient heaven."
The emperor looked slightly odd and smiled at those familiar figures inexplicably.
He is now a fairy king giant; It’s a pity that the guy who saw the immortal emperor didn’t reappear in the reflection, presumably because he was lucky in the real reincarnation.
"Hum, is it so self-confident to reflect the early success of ancient and modern times?"
"Most of the ancestors have to recover and get out of the original post-World War I baptism and precipitation, which has already made great progress."
The direction of the three major cities can not help but sway, but still carry out the ancestral heights to stabilize the mind.
White evil spirit era arrival is not so smooth bumpy.
At the same time, Papman, the node of the chaotic ancient era, slowly withdrew his palm and connected the great self-penetration into the three great Eritrea.
He also created the world in reincarnation and issued many rewards to inspire reincarnation people to search.
Several outstanding people, such as the immortal emperor, have come a long way in the field of fairy king, and hope for success is worth cultivating 3.
"This is also on the right track."
Li Yu nodded, but he also had a new idea in his heart. When he was fishing in the sky, he sprinkled Ren Huang’s blood to baptize many worlds and harvest them.
Now the dream world is expanding from the sky. Isn’t it different? Broadcast resources that seek greater benefits outside the world
The dream will be countless, and it will also create a real reincarnation. Harvest in the sky will lead to awakening.
Of course, such actions have no power to escort, so it is natural that those quasi-immortal emperors, immortal thrones, Taoist ancestors, etc. are the best people to render the red sky!
"The weak draw a knife to the weaker; The strong mind is too small, and the outside world is my journey.
Immortal sun, pale wind, Skywalker, and the storm of change lead the heavens to awaken, evolve, spread glory and innovate everything.
I am a rotten robbery! "
He looked cold and solemn, and his scarlet eyes were full of ambition and flames were burning.
Good and evil, mind and body, good and malicious.
In order to achieve the ideal goal, it is necessary to sacrifice some blood color. Good and evil are never the criterion. Every living thing is complex and powerful, especially.
And a storm in the fairy land is also rolled up.