Anyway, heart breaker, the father buried here, won’t come to see his mother.
Ji sighed, "My grandmother will be very happy if you can make this happen."
After all, the married daughter is someone else’s family and moved to the grave, so it’s okay for the Lujia family not to nod their heads.
"It’s getting late when we go." Ji patted Lu Xiaoning on the shoulder placidly.
Laojin led a group of people out of the village.
Huangfu Shaoye returned to Jinling last night to listen to the monthly flow and reported back. He came early and thought of accompanying Lu Xiaoning to her mother’s grave and pillar incense to meet her future mother-in-law.
Xiao Ning said that her mother’s grave was near Zhuang, so he thought of waiting near Zhuang to surprise her.
As a result, I saw Lu Xiaoning talking and laughing with a male colleague from time to time, and his attitude was very close.
Looking at this man from a distance is also a special bearing. Huangfu Shaoye’s heart can’t help but give birth to a kind of depression. His mind is full of various ideas. Who is this man? With Xiao Ning what? Actually accompany Xiao Ning to the grave.
The more Huangfu Shaoye thinks about it, the more agitated he is, and the more he wants to leave. But the thought of the consequences of his anger, Huangfu Shaoye turns his horse back again.
Chapter 47 spill the beans
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Huangfu Shaoye rode after him to get angry, but he had to wait until he understood the situation before deciding whether to get angry or not.
"Xiao ning"
Lu Xiaoning heard someone behind her telling her to look back and see Huangfu Shaoye and Bu Jingyun riding in tandem.
"Emperor … Grandson Hall, why are you here?" Lu Xiaoning was surprised. Didn’t you agree to have dinner in Zhuang at noon? Because my cousin has been honored in Lu Xiaoning.
Ji Wei squinted and looked at the handsome man on horseback, who was cold and condescending. He had his own king, and everyone was majestic. It turned out that he was quite close to Xiao Ning, Huang Taisun Temple Huangfu Shaoye.
Is he so domineering when he usually gets along with Xiao Ning? Xiao Ning likes this one?
Huangfu Shaoye dismounted and handed the reins to Bu Jingyun.
"Just come here to handle affairs and see the front person like you." HuangFuShaoYe lied.
Is it right for Lu Xiaoning to gouge out his eyes secretly? Lying without blinking.
"Are you? That’s great-grandson’s temple. Go to work quickly. Don’t delay. "Liu Xiaoning deliberately said.
Is it because this man is in Xiaoning’s hurry to get rid of him? He still won’t leave.
"Don’t worry, I haven’t come out for a walk for a long time. Today, I went out of the city early and wanted to go for a walk and breathe Shan Ye’s fresh air. This is …" Huangfushaoye looked at Ji’s cold eyes with a look.
Lu Xiaoning wanted to laugh at him when he looked alert. Should he be jealous again?
"This is my cousin Ji’s coming to Jinling to prepare for the exam just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, so I will go to worship my mother together." Lu Xiaoning introduced and explained.
If you don’t make it clear, he can eat his cousin raw with his eyes.
After Xiao Ning’s introduction, Ji Xian felt that the coercion projected on his figure had eliminated a lot.
Ji smiled and handed the box to the evening mist upon "I have seen the Great Sun Hall in Ji"
Hearing this, Liu Xiaoning’s cousin Huangfu Shaoye immediately withdrew the release of coercion, and his face was also pleasant to many people. "It turned out that Ji Jiagong had worshipped his legacy when he came to take the exam this time."
Ji also does not hide that "he has already worshipped Xu Ge’s old door"
HuangFuShaoYe eyes a bit surprised fleeting.
Xu Ge, a veteran of the two dynasties, has resigned from his post, but his prestige in the DPRK is very high. Like Master Lin, Prime Minister Chen and others were once Xu Ge’s old students. The marriage dispute between the Lin family in the Qin Palace was invited by Mrs. Xu to mediate between them, and both families had to sell the Xu family.
Moreover, Xu Ge, the old man, has a high opinion of himself and is very strict. If he doesn’t recognize your talents, he won’t accept you as his protege even if you are the prince of Zhao and the king of Qin.
It is obvious that Ji can worship Xu Ge’s old gate. This talent is as good as Chen Yuyan’s talent, and his demeanor is natural and unrestrained. Huai ‘an Ji family is amazing. A generation of giants have survived for a hundred years and are still full of talents. It is not difficult to expect to prosper for another hundred years
HuangFuShaoYe couldn’t help liking Ji Xinsheng. If he can successfully marry Lu Xiaoning, he may reach the top of the throne in the future, and he will have to pull out Ji Jia talents.
"Yes, you can vote for Xuge Laomen. If you want to write well in this imperial examination, you will succeed," Huangfu Shaoye praised.
"Borrow Sun Dianji’s words" Ji laughed.
"Tai Sun Dian, we are still rushing to give my mother’s grave temple. If it is convenient, we can go to Zhuang Yixu at noon. Don’t abandon it." Lu Xiaoning took the opportunity to invite the original, and she thought about finding an excuse to tell her cousin then.
"Anyway, I will accompany you for a walk, and also go to see Auntie Zhuxiang" Huangfu Shaoye said.
Look at him in Lu Xiaoning’s language. Didn’t he say something important just now? Won’t he be embarrassed to suddenly change his mouth? And what’s the matter with him going to worship her mother? No name, no share
Bu Jingyun’s heart is silent. You let it slip.
Huangfu Shaoye knew that he had spilled the beans when he said it, but he could take it back when he said it. I know what I know and look calm.
Ji wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh. After all, this is what Tai Sun Dian did. He didn’t find that Tai Sun Dian’s preface didn’t match the latter. Moreover, Tai Sun Dian wanted to visit his aunt. That was his intention to Xiao Ning, so he readily said, "It’s so nice to invite her."
My son’s cousin promised Lu Xiaoning. What else can I say? Then let’s go together
Bu Jingyun tied the horse to the mountain and took the burden from the child Ruoyang’s hand. He didn’t prepare anything to go to see his mother-in-law, so he helped to carry the burden, which was also a help to the temple.
A group of people walked out of the mountain and saw scattered tombs in this area. It’s a rare place to put the tombs here. These are well-known people. Huangfu Shaoye is not curious, but Ji Jia is afraid and doesn’t have this ability, right? Or did he underestimate Ji Jia?
"Xiao Ning, your Lujiazu grave is here?" Huangfu Shaoye asked
"It’s not that Liu Jiazu’s grave left a last note when my mother died in Huai ‘an. She will be buried in Jinling. I think she is at ease. I don’t want to go far. My grandmother bought a cemetery here in her early years and gave it to my mother," Lu Xiaoning explained.
HuangFuShaoYe nodded. It was Ji Jia Ji Jia’s energy.
He said, he went to a tomb and saw that the surrounding area was clean. Obviously, people often came to take care of the tombstone engraved with … Lu Xiaoning, the female tomb of the first family of Lumen.
It seems that Ji Jia resents assistant minister Lu, and the tombstones are all made by Xiao Ning.
Laojin took the hoe and gave it to Ji Ji, then dug it and sprinkled it on the grave. Ruoyang took the yellow watch paper and pressed it on the grave. The evening mist and Du Ruo took out the sacrificial food bowls from the box and arranged them one by one. Lu Xiaoning ordered a bunch of incense and Ji Ji divided three branches to worship the earth first and then took three branches to worship his aunt.
Lu Xiaoning was about to hold out a hand in the oblique ground. Huangfu Shaoye raised his eyebrows at her. Lu Xiaoning also gave him three sticks of incense and saw Huangfu Shaoye respectfully worship the tombstone for three times.
Lu Xiaoning has a strange feeling in his heart. He always feels like a son-in-law. It’s incredible that an emperor’s grandson has come to pay homage to a dead woman. Is he so respectful and serious?
Huangfu Shaoye silently faces the tombstone aunt after three worships. Now I can call you aunt. I hope I can call you a mother-in-law in the near future. I really like Xiao Ning and want her to spend her life together. I will stay with Xiao Ning until she changes her mind. You can rest assured to give Xiao Ning to me. I will not let you down. Look relaxed and come to [vertex network o]
Chapter 4 is used to it.
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Lu Xiaoning also silently said to Niang that Niang is very kind to me and I like him very much, but his family situation is complicated. He is the great-grandson of the emperor, and even though he is fighting for something, he has been in the whirlpool. What’s worse, he has ambitions in his heart. He is bent on realizing his father’s grand plan in those days and becoming a holy monarch, so that Zhou can really prosper. His daughter wants to help him and join him in the thorns. Now the only uncertainty is whether his daughter’s position in his heart is important or the only uncertainty is whether he can treat her after he becomes famous, as it is now.
Mom, even so, my daughter still wants to do that, even if she can’t be with him later, even if she changes her mind, even if she is a friend, who knows? Just like when you loved your father desperately and everyone was a mother, you must have regretted it, but your daughter knew that your mother had resentment and hatred, but she didn’t regret it.
Mom, there’s one more thing my daughter wants to tell you. Lou’s life is miserable now. It’s better to die than to live every day. My daughter has found Xiuyan Xiuyan. Do you remember? Your servant girl said that she had seen Dr. Hong’s medicine boy secretly linked with Lou’s family, and her daughter always suspected that your death was related to Lou’s family. Now that the medicine boy has news, my uncle will take him back to Jinling soon. When the time comes, Mother, do you think it’s better to let Lou continue to live like this or to pay for his life?
My daughter thinks it’s too cheap for her to die like this. The most severe punishment is that without dignity, a living person is worse than a bitch, don’t you think?
And my father is now plotting the industries you left to your daughter, and she won’t let him take a cent, because he wants to take these industries to Lu Fanghua as his dowry.
You can always rest assured that your daughter will handle everything.