As far as Karla Zan knows,
Many people who are not satisfied with the real situation are used to the challenge of going beyond their hometown. When they first come to the abyss, they will be affected by the fact that they are one or two levels away from the top strong, and then their mentality will swell up, and then they will be beaten to death by the guy who is one level stronger than themselves.
Don’t talk about it.
Just here [Great Demon Level]
Karla praises his hometown and can be divided into hundreds of grades.
And if the hundred grades are subdivided into primary, intermediate, advanced, top and complete … it can be divided into thousands of grades all the way to make people look at it.
It’s difficult to go beyond the challenge here.
You’ll never know your target, the guy who looks one level higher than himself, how many levels higher he is according to his hometown algorithm …
After a while.
Karla Zan, a passer-by who looked at the surrounding buildings as if there was no end in sight, realized some problems and turned to the leader of the United caravan and asked.
"How big is this city?"
"How do I feel that we haven’t even finished walking a street?"
By feeling.
He felt that he should be faster than himself as a giant metal centipede in many cases.
And he can probably run around a whole star area in one breath, but at least half a day has passed by now, but he feels that he and others have not even finished visiting a street, which is a bit too big …
However, the leader’s subsequent words also confirmed his discovery.
"We really haven’t even driven out of a street yet."
"According to my experience, it will take about fifteen days for us to get out of this street and about two hundred and forty days for us to get to our parking spot … Theoretically, we should be able to arrive at Asco Trade Fair in three years if there are no problems on the way."
"How big is this city …"
"I don’t know."
"I heard that the whole city can be regarded as a complete dimension, a limited and growing dimension, which is controlled and adjusted by the people stationed here."
"After all kinds of abilities are blocked, except for the [Great Demon Level], there is almost no strong person who can cross the entire city territory by himself without the help of sending troops."
"It is precisely because of this that most people born in this city have little chance to go out of the city in my life …"
Smell speech
Karla praised immediately a little tongue-tied.
As far as he knows, the limited dimension can be compared with things, that is, some "true gods" and "kingdom of God"
"then why don’t we send our troops to our destination?"
Joint caravan leader expression is already explained.
"It’s not that I don’t want to, but that it’s too expensive."
"It is at least tens of times more expensive for those who send troops to convert them into road words than for our eyes."
Hear here
Karla praise immediately silent.
Although I don’t know how much it is.
But dozens of times the gap is all about bloodletting.
So there is no urgent situation.
There is really no need to send an array.
It’s only been a few years
There are few members in the caravan, and it can last for thousands of years.
Besides, don’t forget about it
Walk slowly, at least you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way and cultivate your sentiment.