Become yourself!
If you want this world to become your own world, the rules of this world are naturally made by yourself!
Whether it’s a fantasy or not, even if it’s a fantasy in Yuanheng will, it’s also true!
Yuan Heng maintains this huge silver world in the same place, in which he is the master!
"How long has it been since I’ve been so carefree?"
Yuan Heng’s eyes closed is better than enjoying pity for him. Yuan Heng has never had a chance to contribute since he created the original eternal Tao!
No opponent has ever been able to force Yuan Heng to exert himself!
At the beginning, when the universe was complete, 3,000 gods fought against the "three-star gods" and "five gods" of the whole celestial world alone. Is this such lofty aspirations?
In others’ eyes, this is already a great mess, and it is ashamed of his glorious reputation as the Lord.
But how many people actually know that his glorious Lord has only contributed a few percent?
No one can ever understand how far his glorious Lord has reached!
After all, the first heavenly fiend is not his life-and-death enemy Yuan Heng. Naturally, it is impossible to beat them with absolute strength, so that there is a crack in their mind.
At this time, even if it is just an ordinary silver brilliance in this world ruled by Yuanheng, it can easily crush a Taiyi Jin Xian into a virtual injury and seriously injure a pick god!
Even the weakest world of Daoyin can erase a statue of Luo Jinxian and hit the mixed god!
"Hehe, finally realize that you can’t escape the counterattack?"
God’s eyes are as deep as they can, and when he sees that he doesn’t know where it is, the light flashes suddenly, and then a repulsive force comes from all sides. Yuan Heng is slightly interested and feels this special way of counterattack.
For Yuan Heng at this moment, he has reached the peak in history. It is unimaginable that if his opponent is too watery, wouldn’t it be interesting?
But Yuan Heng didn’t immediately fight back. The counterattack was still a little weak relative to Yuan Heng at this time.
Directly see the other launch the whole silver world and formally invade this small world. If Yuan Heng invades the core of this small world, he can completely control the world!
This is a small world with a wide side, a small world with its core and a valuable world will. If you can control a small world in the middle of the flood, you can get a huge amount of resources and luck in this small world!
Just like Heaven and Thunder, which are rich in blessings, they are able to be first-class everywhere, surpassing many first-class deities, and they can compete with those who have great wisdom and great will, and have a small world to accompany them.
You know, even Yuanheng has a small world, and this small world is a very special growth small world, and everything has not been finalized and is very precious.
However, this small world is entrusted by Yuanheng’s companion Lingbao, but it is just pale and there are no resources, congenital treasures, so don’t even think about it
Even the small world on one side should get the blessing of the road, and there is no luck.
Therefore, Yuan Heng’s small world has a bright future, but at this time, after all, there is still no place, no resources, no luck, and even the world power is not strong
Therefore, Yuan Heng is very white about the meaning of a small world to a monk.
At the same time, we can also deeply realize the preciousness of this special little world in front of us, not to mention the various specialties that we have in the secret world.
The secret realm of rainbow light in the west has the land of nature, so what does it have here?
Before Yuan Heng explored the clean situation, Hong Guang’s Secret Land was discovered by Yuan Heng as a treasure!
Strictly speaking, this little secret world is not as good as the rainbow light secret world, but it can’t stand it. It is a small world with a world core and a complete world will!
This small world is a huge treasure!
Therefore, this is the reason why Yuan Heng has already mastered the method of withdrawing from this land and is still explosive.
However, Yuan Heng knew that the first thing he did was to act on the source of energy in this small secret world, trying to isolate himself from the source of world will.
To control the energy source of this world in your own hands, it will be much easier to grasp it then.
A perfect world, even a small world, usually has two sources of power.
The first is that at the core moment of the marginal world of this small world, it will no longer absorb virtual energy and will be broken and refined.
Moreover, according to the complicated constitution, almost all kinds of energy properties in the virtual body are all open to all, which is the main source of energy in some small world that is not strong
The other nature is to generate energy according to the energy cycle of the world body.
Just like the wild world, which is a well-developed and mature world, it has a perfect source of strength and has many ways, and it can almost produce some surplus strength to expand the world besides self-sufficiency
A world like this has little demand for the outside world.
This small world can’t be like the wild world, and its main source of strength is still swallowing and sucking virtual energy.
Now Yuan Heng has blocked it, and now it is enough to refine the small world’s own energy source-that is, the four sources in the virtual world.
Yuanheng’s first refining is this lake.
Now Yuan Heng already knows that he has just experienced two places-mountains and lakes are two of them.
"It’s interesting to be able to brand me with energy to counter the riots!"
Feel that kind of more and more powerful counterattack unexpectedly strung Yuan Heng refining energy together to make Yuan Heng a surprise.
Narrowing his eyes, as time goes by, his share of refining and chemical sources is getting higher and higher, and those energies are actually conflicting and rioting.
Although he wants to be branded, these energies can be suppressed and erased directly.
But if this little meaning is really suppressed and erased, will what he did before be in vain soon?
Looking at this small world, it has sent out more and more intense repulsion. Yuan Heng’s eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle even more.
At this rate, this repulsive force will become stronger and stronger with the deepening of refining, and it can still withstand it now, but it may not be the case later.
After the explosive force, Yuanheng is very powerful. Yes, it is limited to the eternal brilliance. It is very difficult to change this small world into a master of your own will!
Even the core of this small world, the original world and the will of the world can avoid its sharpness and make a roundabout counterattack.
But after all, this is a very powerful small world, with abundant resources and strong luck, and the world power is extremely strong. With Yuan Heng’s energy becoming more and more dispersed, although it will not be defeated by the counterattack, it is only an idiotic dream to completely control the world in the end.
An idea flashed in my heart, but soon the idea was directly crushed by Yuan Heng.
The most precious thing in every world is the core world will!
The core of the world is the source of the whole world, and the core of the world is the source of three thousand avenues located at the source;
And the world will is the original will born in the core of the world. This is the world will!
The will of the world grows through the development of the creatures who gave birth to it. The more and more creatures in each world, the stronger they are, and then they experience the growth and prosperity of several creatures, and the will of the world can grow and develop with them.
The will of the wild world is supported by the 3,000-source Avenue, and the will of the 3,000-ancestor Heavenly Devil Avenue is abundant. There are many creatures in the wild, and the racial will is strong, and it is amazing to catch up with the chaotic avenue.
Therefore, in theory, it is easy to control the core of the world in the end if Yuanheng destroys those four sources and shatters the earth.
Although Yuan Heng has a long way to go compared with the small world in terms of the total amount of pure power, the root of pure destructive power is not in a hierarchy.
It’s a pity that the first heavenly fiend was born to love them for this kind of damage. These darlings born in heaven and earth can maintain the stability and development of heaven and earth. It is no joke to say that Shinto is the same.
What’s worse, if you really want to do this, even if you can get it, it’s just a broken little world.