According to this photo, Liu Youren missed a question for him. Thinking of this Liu Youren looking at that box makes me feel hot. Fortunately, Jishi Shu’s assessment is not as harsh as Qiu Wei’s selection of talents. It’s not impossible to fuck. It’s not impossible for the other party’s mouth to be sealed. The other party naturally won’t cry out. Isn’t it that he bought it in Jishi Shu?
When it was almost time, Liu Youren got up and left.
The carriage Liu Youren took a look at the box and gasped. There was a thick stack of colorful silver tickets in it, which scared him almost not to throw it away.
Took several deep breaths to be steady. It was too dark in the carriage to see clearly. Liu Youren closed the box and went back to Liu Fu in a complicated way.
As soon as I got home, Liu Youren got into the room and asked Zhu Wang to watch outside and no one was allowed to come in.
Play a box by yourself and count the silver tickets one by one until you are full of sweat.
One thousand two hundred and one silver ticket has fifty tickets.
Fifty-two thousand
It’s asking him for a convenient care. One or two, it’s a small gesture, which is 52 thousand
Liu Youren collapsed in his chair for a long time, but he fell into a war between man and nature.
This man gave him 52 thousand. How much is it for Lord Shang?
Did you accept gifts like this before Shang’s adult? And how many bribes did Assistant Minister Zuo, the former host of Jishi Shu’s assessment, accept? No wonder assistant minister Zuo always looks bad when he sees him. It’s a way to make money, and it’s a way to make money quickly and more.
Liu Youren thought that it was impossible to return the gift now that it had been accepted. He felt that he had gone back.
That’s all. He took it once and never took it again.
Liu Youren carefully collected fifty-two thousand silver tickets.
Chapter 393 Zhang Daji
The old fox was released the next day, and Lu Xiaoning agreed to release Bai Zhantang. There was no way to simply stay in the drugstore as a buddy and wait for a long half year.
In a blink of an eye, Lu Xiaoning’s drugstore opened on the sixth day of July.
Zo In Sung’s early propaganda offensive was very fierce, and Lu Xiaoning didn’t give any suggestions. He himself thought that all the drug prices would be reduced by five taels of silver on the day of distributing leaflets, and he could also win a prize for holding a free clinic for ten days, and the drug prices would be discounted by 30% on the day of free clinic. It was very business-minded
However, the most sensational sign was sent by the emperor’s grandson … Jirentang.
This really shocked the name of Jinling Jirentang, which turned out to be a darling given by the emperor.
When the news came, I wanted to figure out how to suppress Jirentang drugstore. The shopkeepers can go on the rampage, but there is an emperor behind them. Who else in the world is harder than the emperor? Who dares to break ground in the traditional age? Not only did he dare not move his mind, but he also rushed to buy a gift one by one and rushed to congratulate him.
When the shopkeepers came to Jirentang, they almost didn’t come to congratulate them. There were even princess royal Prime Minister’s Mansion Royal Hospital Anping Bofu Ding ‘an Houfu, Zhao Wangfu, Shangfu, Gongfu, Shangfu … All of them were the most prominent and expensive courtiers in Jinling, and the sedan-chair was all the way from the street to the end of the street, and there was a long queue at the end of the street.
Setting off firecrackers and leaving red scraps of paper are three inches thick, dancing dragons, lions, gongs and drums. Is it very lively?
Emma Jinling City has never seen such a big scene of extravagance.
Don’t say that the shopkeepers in the drugstore are hot-eyed. The shopkeepers and guys in this street are closed and squatting in front of their own shops to watch the excitement. That’s an envy, but it’s strange that they really do business with gold-lettered signs.
HuangFuShaoYe to also want to say a few words with Xiao Ning, but Lu Xiaoning has been surrounded by a group of young ladies, and he can’t afford it at all. Zo In Sung is responsible for receiving male guests, and he doesn’t even care about ten winds to help him take medicine consciously when he is breathing. Finally, there is room for him.
He’s the only one who’s idle. Of course, there are idle people and Huangfu Shaoxuan.
Huangfu Shaoxuan sealed a big red envelope and bought a large number of gifts to win a smiling face from Lu Xiaoning. As a result, Lu Xiaoning didn’t even feel depressed when he greeted him. Seeing Huangfu Shaoye chatting on the sidewalk, "Shaoye, let’s not join in the fun here. Why don’t we have a drink at the drunken fairy building opposite?"
Huangfu Shaoye has long noticed that Huangfu Shaoxuan fixed his eyes on Lu Xiaoning as soon as he entered the shop. He was very upset physically and mentally, and his idea of playing Lu Xiaoning was remembered in his heart. Chen Yanyu ranked first, and now Huangfu Shaoxuan also joined in the fun.
So I said, "OK, let’s walk."
Anyway, he has something to do here. The key is not to let Huangfu Shaoxuan stay here and stare at Lu Xiaoning.
"I didn’t expect that the emperor would give a sign. This is the first time in Zhou Dynasty. It seems that the emperor really values Lu Xiaoning." Huangfu Shaoxuan sighed with emotion.
If put aside, he might be jealous of Lu Xiaoning and try to suppress him, but now he hopes that Lu Xiaoning will be more favored by the emperor, which proves that he has a good eye.
What emperor asked Shao Ye to deliver the tablet?
HuangFuShaoYe light way "that’s not because Lu Xiaoning Zo In Sung this guy nothing is better than thick-skinned enough because the emperor confiscated his thirty-two thousand silver, and he cried in front of the emperor several times just to correct a plaque from the emperor."
He said this because he hoped that Huangfu Shaoxuan would play less tricks on Lu Xiaoning, who was not as profitable as he thought.
Huangfu Shaoxuan has seen Zo In Sung crying about poverty, so Huangfu Shaoye naturally believed it in a few minutes, but there are still some surprises. Zhao Chengjin, who has been hanging Anping Bofu for more than ten years, is still in the northwest garrison, and Zo In Sung is almost twenty, and he has not arranged any errands for him. Of course, he has joined hands with Zhao Wangfu and Qin Wangfu to suppress it. However, after Zhao Jiajun resumed several victories, the emperor’s attitude towards Anping Bofu seems to have changed.
Does this transformation contain profound meaning? Want to know that Anping Bofu was the most loyal * * * * * will …
Huangfu Shaolong looked across the eye at Huangfu Shaoye’s mind. Father and Wang Shuqian were very strict about Huangfu Shaoye, but it seems that from this year, both Zhao Wangfu and Qin Wangfu aimed at each other’s life-and-death battles, and both sides consumed a lot of strength. Zhao Wangfu seems to have temporarily occupied the wind. What about Huangfu Shaoye?
Before you know it, Anping Bofu got up and Ding ‘an Houfu got up. Many civil servants in the DPRK also focused on Huangfu Shaoye, especially the recent theft case in South Yunnan, which was solved and Huangfu Shaoye made great contributions again. Now that the emperor has not raised the reward, it must be a small promotion and promotion.
After a long silence, * * * * * became active again. HuangFuShaoYe also got a breathing space in the cracks and gradually surfaced.
Is it possible that the more suspection.i think about it, the more uneasy it becomes?
Huangfu Shaoxuan gave Huangfu Shaoye a full glass of wine. "I haven’t congratulated you on breaking the big case and building outstanding achievements. This time, the emperor will surely reward you heavily. Maybe the king will be in it and you will have to buy me a drink."
HuangFuShaoYe way "which is enough to seal the king? My two uncles won the title of king in those days, but it was only after many feats that I won the title. I even dare not seal the fingernails of my two uncles. Xiang Xiao even dares not compare with my two uncles. Even compared with my cousin, I am far from my cousin. I have to learn a lot from your cousin. "
Huangfu Shaoxuan sneered at himself, "I’m just a reckless man, and I know that fighting and killing can’t be compared with your wisdom and courage to resolve a diplomatic crisis. Now many people are saying that you are quite handsome."
Huangfu Shaoye said modestly, "Where is this really ridiculous? I can’t afford it. I just thought about not losing my father’s face too much and making people laugh. I just thought I could share some worries."
"Haha, who dares to say that you are a tiger father dog? I will spare him first." Huangfu Shaoxuan raised his glass.
HuangFuShaoYe also toast the two sides motioned to drink off.
Huangfu Shaoxuan smiled at the cousin and thought that even though Huangfu Shaoye grew up rapidly, it was still far from him compared with the forces of Zhao Wangfu and Qin Wangfu, and the emperor’s illness was worrying. He almost died when he got sick again. Maybe if he got sick again, the medicine would be saved. The emperor just wanted to help Huangfu Shaoye, and he didn’t have that long.
Such a thought suspection.i less xuan and calm a lot in my heart.
Chapter 394 What you are trying to do
See HuangFuShaoXuan frown HuangFuShaoYe along HuangFuShaoXuan eyes looked to see Chen Yanyu slowly paced to the place not far from the drugstore, looked for a moment and then turned to leave.
Huangfu Shaoye is also unhappy in his heart. It’s really annoying that Chen Yanyu is sneaking around.
"What is Yun Ni’s wedding uncle Wang going to do?" HuangFuShaoYe casually asked.
Previously, Chen Yanyu said that he would not consider marriage in high school. Yun Ni said that Chen Yanyu would not marry in this life.
Could Chen Yanyu miss? If there is no champion, he is also a flower seeker unless he deliberately throws water on the test. The problem is that Chen Yanyu said that marriage did not specifically refer to the marriage of Huangfuyunyi.
Suspection.i less xuan wry smile way "Yun Ni is really like Chen Yanyu my father just want to fulfill her wish, you know my father loves Yun Ni very much for Yun Ni has always been a soft touch, but Chen Guren think it’s a bit complicated".
HuangFuShaoYe heart way this thing is very complicated, Prime Minister Chen, the old fox, no one can touch his mind. He doesn’t touch either side, and he doesn’t offend both sides. He has a high prestige in the DPRK and speaks with great weight. No one eats this road more thoroughly than he does.
For the Chen family, it is better to marry a tianjiao woman like Huangfu Yunlan than a famous woman like Lu Xiaoning. Isn’t it famous that Lu Xiaoning participated in the Nine Needles Competition on behalf of Da Zhou? Besides, Lu Xiaoning also saved Xiao Yanping, and outsiders even praised them for their kindness.
But suspection.i less xuan this words say is too false if Yun Ni see is an ordinary butler brother or down and out two Wang Shu can promise? Have no plans to marry the Chen family? Believe in ghosts.
"You said that Chen Yanyu had arrived at the door of the drugstore and didn’t go in. What’s the matter?" Huangfushaoye deliberately asked
Huangfu Shaoxuan smiled and looked at Huangfu Shaoye leaning back and resting on the back of the chair. "I really want to know what happened to your bet with Lu Xiaoning?"
It’s hard to say whether Chen Yanyu really has that kind of mind to Lu Xiaoning, but Chen Yanyu is really different to Lu Xiaoning. No wonder Yun Ni will be angry and jealous of Lu Xiaoning, but Chen Yanyu is not worried even if he likes Lu Xiaoning. I believe that the Chen family can’t marry a family before things with Yun Ni are completely solved. What he really needs to worry about is Huangfu Shaoye.
Lu Xiaoning is close to Zo In Sung’s partnership pharmacy, and Lu Xiaoning is deeply loved by Gu Yuan. So Gu Shifeng is also close to Lu Xiaoning. Huangfu Shaoye made a marriage bet with Lu Xiaoning. This bet has been made all over the government and the people, and everyone is waiting to see how this will end.
What do you think of Lu Xiaoning? It’s like Huangfu Shaoye’s wave. Today Huangfu Shaoye sent a royal plaque to Lu Xiaoning on behalf of the emperor. In fact, he doubted whether this plaque was obtained by Huangfu Shaoye Zo In Sung and Lu Xiaoning. Even Zo In Sung himself was not so big. Otherwise, why didn’t the emperor send others to send the plaque and let Huangfu Shaoye send it?