Chang Xi looked at Gu Yi’s indifferent face and suddenly sighed. His eyes narrowed with one hand holding Ba. "I am very contradictory. I wonder if you can help me?"
"What’s the matter?"
Chang Xi’s eyebrows are tangled with "I feel happy and unwilling. This feeling is very uncomfortable for me."
Gu Yi soon noticed what he was going to say, so he bowed his head and drank a mouthful of red wine and was silent.
"I don’t want you to promise to get engaged to me in this situation, but I’m glad you can promise to tell you if I’m schizophrenic."
Gu Yi stared blankly for a random laugh. Chang Xi looked at her smile and sighed, "You look best when you finally laugh."
She doesn’t know how to face Chang Xi, but she always thinks it’s unfair to him.
"hope me"
"Are you going to apologize to me?"
Chang Xi grabbed in front of her mouth and choked on the word "sorry" and got stuck in her throat.
Chang Xi looked at her embarrassed and couldn’t help laughing. "What do you want to apologize to me? I’m actually very happy, although, well, the method is wrong, but the result is that I want it. "
Section 332
Chang Xi looked straight at her. "It’s nothing. I know you have something in your heart, but I don’t mind. I’ll let you let me promise you slowly."
Gu Yi looked at his sincere eyes and felt grateful.
Maybe, maybe it’s time to forget everything. It’s enough to wait until many years later when Mojun Night is still the one that needs people to look up to Mojun Night.
"Master, we have a clue about the whereabouts of one of the people. If we don’t find out the right and wrong, we will disappear normally and find out the clue."
"What did the man say?"
"He is very unstable, but he said he would like to talk to us if he could see his son alive."
Mo Jun’s eyes squinted slightly at night and flashed cold and sharp.
"Move all your strength and you will find him in the shortest time."
He paused and added "whatever it takes!"
This search has become a national wonder.
The hidden forces of the dark emperor silently handed the news, and the target was found twenty-four hours later.
After that, everything stunned the world like a reversal drama.
A marine staff member belonging to the government admitted to everyone that the contraband was made by someone to put it in the goods to frame the Mohs enterprise.
The reason is that his son was kidnapped, so he had to do it, and he also gave the evidence of the other party against him
And Mo Jun night, the object he planted, helped him save his son from the robbers.
In front of all the live media, the employee knelt down in tears to apologize to Mo Jun night, but Mo Jun night lifted him up and turned to face the spotlight.
"I want to thank a lot of people here. They finally believe me and help me so that I can clear my name smoothly."
"There are also the general public who support Mohist enterprises. If you are willing to believe in Mohist enterprises, Mohist will never let you down!"
Mo Jun expressed his meaning briefly at night, but what followed was the main event.
The police and the government made an in-depth investigation into this case of planting and framing, and with the witness, they quickly stripped the cocoon, and all the spearheads pointed to one person.
Nowadays, the name of Mohs enterprise is flourishing!
"How did that happen? How can this be! "
Mo Lin slammed the remote control off, but the video report continued.
"According to the survey, the manager of Mohs enterprise, Mo Lin, had previously designed to steal the new plan of Mohs enterprise, which caused great losses to Mohs enterprise."
"It’s incredible that the president of Mohs let bygones be bygones and gave him a chance to return to Mohs."
"This time, President Mohs and all those involved in this incident will continue to follow up the report as they deal with this Mohs traitor."
"How can this happen!"
The LCD screen shattered and the screen was left with monotonous snowflakes.
Ink winds nostrils wide panting, a pair of eyes bloodshot is full of ferocious.
All his contacts have been blown up, and people are searching for him outside.
The door was suddenly hit, and Xu Meiling stumbled in and looked sad.
"Still son! What about Lin Er? There are reporters outside the door! We have surrounded the house. What shall we do? "
Mei-ling xu panicked and dragged the ink around the sleeve "didn’t you say you wouldn’t have a problem? Didn’t you say it was all arranged? What can Mo Jun clear his name at night? What, you were thrown out? "
"You are talking!"
Mei-ling xu desperately shook her arm with Mo Lian, and Mo Lian flung her out of balance and fell to the ground.
"You ask me who I ask!"