Chapter 3 Give a face
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Liu Ma has been hiding behind the big screen, listening to the big lady say that Fujian can’t help but smile and walk away easily.
The old lady doesn’t have to ask her to come and see what is going on.
Alas, the Lu family is too important to face the Lou family, so that they will suffer. The big uncle of the Lou family brought people to Sue’s aunt, so she couldn’t speak. You have to be as tough as a big lady to deal with the Lou family, isn’t it? Lou’s family was honestly asked to write a guarantee and then write a guarantee to get out of here.
As soon as Liu Ma left Shanglu, he took the baggage and take the journey. "Liu Ma just hid behind and eavesdropped."
Lu Xiaoning is otherwise "no"
If you don’t tell me, it must be that my grandmother didn’t trust Liu Ma to come to Liu Ma to hear it, and she had to talk to her grandmother more.
"Miss, why don’t you take the opportunity to let Lou’s family take Lou’s back?" Du Ruo confused way
Lu Xiaoning’s eyes are dark and cold "not yet"
If you want to drive Lou out of Lujia, you have to wait until you have settled the account with Lou, and then you will sweep Lou out of the house.
Liu Ma went back to Grace Cathedral to tell the old lady how to solve the Lou family in great detail.
"The old lady’s big uncle and aunt Lou dare not fart in front of the big lady, so you have to be cruel or not," Liu Ma said.
The old lady nodded with relief. Lou’s family has gone too far. Now she is willing but unable, and she is still a little arrogant. She is afraid that Xiao Ning is still fierce. It seems that this family really needs Xiao Ning to support it.
It’s not good to be kind, but too soft-hearted. He can’t wipe his face if he says a few good words.
"Old lady, you can rest assured that big miss is true" Liu Ma said.
The old lady sighed, "Lou’s family is easy to deal with, but it’s indefensible when Lou’s family comes, but the bank … is dragging Lou’s hand to write the iou and deed."
"Since the big lady said she had a way, there must be a way. You will wait and see, old lady." Liu Ma was full of confidence in the big lady.
The old lady can also look on the bright side and ask silently, "Is that bitch Lou still making trouble?"
"She didn’t dare the old slave to let Gui’s mother and them give her a good repair. Now she is honest." Liu Ma’s eyes also show hatred. This woman can be rewarded for her death today, which is cheap. She will feel avenged when she is crazy for a generation.
Lu Xiaoning took care of Lou’s family affairs and was about to return to Hanyu Pavilion Longyu Bank. Here comes the money manager again.
Lu Xiaoning motioned Shang Lu to go out and keep an eye on her. She can’t let people eavesdrop on her conversation with money steward.
Money steward didn’t expect to receive him with a long face before Miss Lu, and immediately piled up a smile and bowed, "Miss Lu, you are at home today!"
Lu Xiaoning wry smile way "money in charge of the za also won’t forgive me, I already know that my third uncle came to Jinling, today you can go back first, my third uncle told you that I would tell my third uncle."
Money steward shan shan, don’t "but three master commanded small this thing … can’t listen to you"
"That you give me a day this is always not difficult for you? You won’t give me this, will you? " Liu Xiaoning’s third uncle is really cruel this time. He wants Lujia to get out of this house. Is it also this house? Or does his third uncle help his sister choose to buy it for her sister without telling her grandmother? As a result, her sister was killed by someone, but she lives here. My third uncle is going to vomit blood.
In the eyes of my uncle, the Lujia people are all criminals who killed my sister, except her, of course.
Money steward wryly said, "How dare you? Since Miss Da said so, Qian will go back first today."
"Wait a minute, have a cup of tea and then go. It also seems that I have too much to do to send you away so soon." Lu Xiaoning smiled.
Money steward then sit to drink tea.
Lu Xiaoning asked her, by the way, how much income there is from the 100 thousand taels of silver now.
The money manager said, "The silver invested in the rice business, and you said it was the safest. We won’t send out the disaster money and give alms in the event of a major disaster. In the past three years, there are even 1.302 million now."
Lu Xiaoning has a 20-year income in his mind, which is very good.
"Well, when will you spare me 302,000 yuan? I have more than 12,000 yuan. You can continue to help me with it."
The money manager asked, "When do you want it at the latest?"
Lu Xiaoning thought for a moment, "Will you come in October?"
"No problem. I’ll get the silver ticket ready in early October," said the money manager.
After a cup of tea, Qian Guanchang left Lujia with a group of people.
After Liu Fanghua returned to Didi Cuige, she was always uneasy and asked Siqin to find out the news. As a result, Siqin didn’t come back for a long time.
Liu Fanghua just wanted to send someone to see Siqin again. She trotted all the way back.
"Miss two, miss two …"
"What happened?" Liu Fanghua earnestly asked her if she hoped Lu Xiaoning would suffer some losses from her big uncle and third aunt.
"The big uncle and the third aunt have already left, and the handmaiden saw them walking fast far away, as if there was a tiger chasing behind them, as if the handmaiden wanted to chase and ask, but she couldn’t chase them. The third aunt also fell down when she went out," Siqin reported back.
Liu Fanghua wondered that it was not the big uncle who embarrassed Lu Xiaoning but was cleaned up by Lu Xiaoning.
"The handmaiden wanted to come back and leave, only to see that the steward of the bank brought a bunch of thugs to the handmaiden and stayed for a while. The steward left when he talked with the big lady for almost a cup of tea, and didn’t make trouble." Siqin said.
Liu Fanghua is more and more surprised that Lu Xiaoning is so powerful? Those thugs in the bank seem to be more fierce than big JIU, so they were settled by Lu Xiaoning? Or did Lu Xiaoning promise that the bank would pay back the money?
My father has already made a deal with her, and the family is really out of money. When that bitch Jishi dies, she has to put a place with Lujia. Jishi’s property and shops are written in Lu Xiaoning’s name. When Lu Xiaoning turns 16, she intends to dispose of them, which means that those industries can’t move before the sixth day of this month.
The bank asked the Lu family to raise 302,000 silver on the 7th, otherwise it would take away the house, and Lu Jiagen would not be able to raise it. His father was thin and others would borrow money, but he could not be killed if he was asked to borrow money from others.
I hope Lu Xiaoning made a promise to the bank manager without authorization. When the time comes, I will see what she will do. My father will be angry.
Liu Fanghua raised a sneer at his lips as if he had seen Lu Xiaoning scolded by his father, and it was refreshing to go to 【 Vertex Network O 】.
Chapter 31 Master
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At lunch, Liu Chengsi came to Lu Xiaoning.