"Xianfei Palace suspects that this evil person is you." The queen gnashed her teeth.
Xianfei laughed and shook her head with golden light. Xianfei laughed. "What dare you ask the empress’s male and female servants to plot?" I’ve been taking pains to take care of my illness these days, and I’m getting better and better. What’s my plan? If it is true that there is a plot, it is also a plot. How can the emperor get well as soon as possible? Is the empress unhappy when the emperor is well? Blame male and female servants for being too considerate? This is really strange. "
The queen was blocked by her and couldn’t speak. She dared to say that the emperor was well. Isn’t she happy?
I have known Xianfei for so many years. In her impression, Xianfei’s temperament is gentle and gentle, and she has never regarded Xianfei as an opponent. It was not until the year before last that she was ill that the emperor first sold Xianfei to associate with the Sixth Palace that she noticed Xianfei, but she failed to attract enough attention. The emperor only praised Xianfei because of her old qualifications and gentle personality.
Now she didn’t know that Xianfei was not a provincial oil lamp, and she dared to call the board with her to bring her army with the emperor’s favor.
"Xian Fei, don’t confuse people. It’s two Suyun things to check now." The queen choked back her anger
"Yes, there are so many people in the Qionghua Temple. Yuhe saw two Suyun, and no one else could see them. Only when she saw the courtiers, she had to ask her well. Yuhe was a member of the Qionghua Temple, but she didn’t report something to the courtiers first. Instead, she went to ask the empress. The courtiers were also curious about whether Yuhe was a member of the Qionghua Temple or a member of the Zhaoyang Temple." Xianfei smile more and more cold.
"Su Xin went to Zichen Temple and asked Gao Gonggong to identify which Suyun had served in Zichen Temple in the past few days." Xian Fei’s look suddenly became severe and heavy.
Su Xin should go out.
"Live" empress drink a way
"Aren’t you afraid of being angry with the emperor again just after the illness of the virtuous princess has improved?"
Xian princess scoffed at a smile "this have what spirit? It’s just asking Gao Gonggong to identify one. It’s necessary to find out the charges of plotting evil, but male and female servants can’t afford it. "
Empress’s chest is fluctuating. Xianfei is certainly not afraid to take things to the emperor. If it is really a Xianfei who brought Lu Xiaoning into Zichen Temple and cured it, the emperor will be more convinced that Xianfei values Xianfei and is angry with her.
"If the empress is afraid of asking the emperor to disapprove of asking Gao Gonggong to come, then the male and female servants can ask Empress Yuhe what do you think? Of course, if the Empress admits that Yuhe is you, you are ordering the male and female servants to ask the emperor to uphold justice, "said Xianfei slowly."
The queen was angry, but she couldn’t help it. She knew that she had lost without finding the problem the first time. Now it is meaningless to pursue it, which makes the emperor unhappy.
"Jade grain is not imperial secretary" queen grind way
Kneeling in the temple, Yuhe immediately collapsed to the ground. Empress, is this to give up her waste?
Xianfei smiled. "Then good people will drag Yuhe to play until she is willing to confess."
Immediately Joan Hua Dian eunuch rushed in and dragged Yuhe out.
Yuhe scared and shouted for help, "Empress, help! The handmaiden didn’t lie. The handmaiden really saw it …"
Xianfei is XiaoWeiWei looked at the queen, the queen is calm a metal gray face can endure.
Soon there was a dull sound outside, and Yuhe was blocked with a dull groan. After a while, the eunuch came in and said that Yuhe was tortured but died, so he went to 【 Vertex Network O 】 to see the freshness.
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Chapter 372 Who is better than who is wronged
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Yuhe died, which was the expected result. When the queen refused to recognize Yuhe as her, Yuhe was doomed to death. Xianfei would never spare Yuhe * pop-up? @++www* C
A little maid-in-waiting, the queen of life and death, will not take it to heart. She is a little worried. Yuhe is her last eyeliner in Qionghua Temple, and it is even more difficult to control the movement of Qionghua Temple.
Xianfei silk handkerchief lightly wiped her lips lightly and scolded, "Why are your hands so indiscreet? However, it is deserved that a handmaiden is killed in this customary meeting, don’t you think? "
The queen gave Xianfei a cold wind. "It’s really a good way to prove Xianfei when people are killed, but it’s hard to say what Xianfei has stayed in Qionghua Temple for more than ten years without a ghost, right? I hope that after the good princess, I can have a good dream * * * and Mammy Feng will go back to the palace. "
The queen left with a cold face.
A singling out ended in failure, and the queen said in her heart that she was not upset or not.
She was annoyed to death.
"Courtesy and Courtesy to the Empress" The virtuous princess smiles and looks dignified to greet the Empress’s eyes, but a few words with a sneer can scare her? An unfaithful person like Yuhe deserves to die. If Yuhe wants to complain, it’s also called Zhaoyang Temple.
"Empress Empress really left like this?" Suyun worried that it was not like empress sex.
Kuang … There was a flash of thunder in the sky, followed by a downpour.
Xianfei said, "She naturally won’t let it go."
It is estimated that people will be sent to princess royal House soon. I hope Shaoye has successfully sent Lu Xiaoning to princess royal House.
Sure enough, the Empress went out not far, so she told Mammy Feng to whisper a few words in her ear. Mammy Feng repeatedly nodded and braved the heavy rain to go out of the palace.
Lu Xiaoning followed Huangfu Shaoye out of the palace and got a carriage. The atmosphere was a little awkward when they sat face to face without talking.
Huangfu Shaoye thought about it. Forget it. He’s a man. Be generous. Someone has to break the deadlock first.
"There was a mistake when I closed the net today." Huangfu Shaoye started to attract jade and waited for Liu Xiaoning to pick up the topic.
As a result, Lu Xiaoning was holding his arms and closing his eyes to close his eyes.
The atmosphere is even more embarrassing. Huangfu Shaoye coughed a little and said with bitterness, "Why don’t you care?"
Liu An Xiaoning’s heart is a fart. Anyway, everyone caught her returning her heart. Why?
"Are you … are you all well?" Huangfushaoye ask again
Lu Xiaoning remained silent.
"I see" HuangFuShaoYe stretched out his hand and pulled her.
Lu Xiaoning jerked off his hand and hit it right on the back of his hand … A crisp sound was particularly loud in the quiet carriage.
"Ah … it hurts." HuangFuShaoYe yi tooth mouth over the back of your hand to the utmost exaggeration.
Lu Xiaoning turned him a supercilious look and it hurt anyway.
HuangFuShaoYe shan shan way "strength so big it seems that the injury has been good"
Lu Xiaoning’s heart is good, don’t you care? Didn’t you all run away? Has it disappeared? Are you going to die of old age? Who are you still pretending to be here for?
He can leave if he wants, and come back if he wants. He can be nice to you if he wants, and disappear if he doesn’t care about you. What is she?
"That … I was …" Huangfu Shaoye tried to explain why he was angry.
"Shut up" Liu Xiaoning bad to ruthlessly fierce way
"You don’t say anything, I don’t want to hear anything. I’m tired and want to rest. Sun Dianguan can take me to princess royal House according to the emperor’s orders." Liu Xiaoning said you’re welcome.
It’s too late to explain to her now. She has a temper, too.