"And his name is He Dao Hao Hua, so his name can be called Jehovah!"
After a little calculation, I reached a conclusion.
"Oh Lord …"
Suddenly heard such a name Yuan Heng couldn’t help but pull the corners of his mouth.
Yuan Heng did not expect his Eldar to be able to hear celebrities of his own generation.
So the Eldar will have a big day after all the years?
You know, this guy’s name is really loud and clear in his life …
Yuan Heng blinked and felt very interesting. He didn’t expect the Lord to appear in front of him in this way in this cosmic reincarnation.
"The Scales Alliance is coming!"
An elder Taiyi, who is proficient in long-distance exploration, reports to the head of the clan next to him.
The war has not yet begun, but a tense atmosphere has quietly spread.
Although things haven’t reached the point of avoiding the law, if they can migrate, they can naturally avoid the scale alliance.
Most of the soldiers are immortals, and there are not many monks in the realm of scattered immortals and immortals.
But even most monks are white, and they are likely to fall in this war. Jin Xianyin has realized that it is difficult to kill a trace of immortality.
But even so, no one said they would retreat, and they didn’t even want to leave.
Although even if they get cold feet, no one will come after them …
This is a racial honor!
This is a race insisting!
And this is the idea of practicing avenue by a monk!
Once you leave, it not only represents the decline of racial glory and its veto in meaning, but also the collapse of your own post-practice road!
Therefore, although no one mobilized before the war, their spirits were highly unified, and their eyes were filled with a will to refuse!
This is a tough will to fight to the death!
A kind of cry filled the field with more than 3 million elites of four races. At this time, their will was highly consistent, and they had no separation from everything.
More than 3 million elite will roar and conjure up all kinds of phalanx military potential arrays, and all kinds of visions appear among them.
This turned out to be a communication. In the dark, the soldiers and soldiers clearly expressed their recognition and support for this elite, which made the avenue projection manifest.
It’s a pity that the earth breath didn’t scare the scale alliance army. The monks kept coming from afar at a constant speed and finally stayed in tens of thousands of kilometers away.
Although there are more than 3 million elites including the Spinibarbus in the four-ethnic Coalition, their momentum has not taken over.
The four-clan coalition forces have dispatched nearly 100 half-step Taiyi in 30,000 Jin Xian, and the scale alliance is even more exaggerated. The strong Jin Xian series is close to 100,000!
Obviously, this time, the Scales Alliance did not divide its forces and attack the Zhenfu of Chonghai Town again. The actual symbolic significance is more than the actual significance.
Not everyone can enter the Dojo, even those who are behind them will not allow it.
In the past, it was just a strategy to make a gesture. If it is really necessary to invade a ghost Dojo, even the scale alliance can’t afford this consequence.
This figure really made the monks of the four-family Coalition take a deep breath.
They didn’t come up with more than 30,000 pieces of money until they tried their best. Jin Xian was the other party and took out hundreds directly!
Jin Xian series strong is not a Chinese cabbage, even if in the future, when the Daozu saint series strong is born to lead the world, Jin Xian strong will never be out of date.
Every statue of Golden Fairy is a baby pimple in its power. They all have the best potential. If they can break through Jin Xian, the realm of Taiyi in the future will accumulate with time.
"Priests, are you sure that the Holy Land will indeed send someone over?"
Others, including the heads of the pale crimson clan, rushed to ask questions across the street, which put too much pressure on them.
After all, it is nearly hundreds of Jin Xian level strong!
"That’s right, and I’ve been waiting for the Father to give us a message asking us to cooperate with the Holy Land to eliminate the command of helping hands!"
Thorn swim appears to be very confident. Obviously, Liu Lan’s words have given him great confidence.
"that’s good, that’s good, otherwise I won’t make fun of the children’s lives!"
Obviously, the words of stabbing and swimming gave these heads a few breaths.
Being able to move out of the myth of Liulan ancestors can never be wrong. Every ethnic group will never make fun of its own myth.
They are too worried about their own lives, but they are very worried about the immortals and scattered immortals in the family. These are all things that their ethnic group hopes to lose less in the future, and it is also something to be happy about.
To them, Jin Xian generation, they don’t have much worry about themselves. Don’t forget that they are experts in Jinxian series made in the universe!
They these Jin Xian pick not to almost no one can cause them a complete fall!