This is a sign of pain.
Lu Xiaoning has several serious lung abscesses in his heart.
Nine needles take turns doing exercises for nine times, and each time you leave a needle and a cup of tea, such a set of acupuncture techniques takes a full hour, which is much more complicated than the previous one.
Gu Huaishan suspects that this is the nine-turn silver needle technique again. He dares to bet on his neck and head. It seems that he has to go to Lu Xiaoning and ask Mr. Fu Feng if he has received a female brother.
The emperor is already sweating, and Lu Xiaoning is not much better. Her shoulder injury has not healed for a long time, but for her perseverance, I really can’t hold on.
"Emperor, you can rest. I’m sure you will get better." Lu Xiaoning accepted the silver needle and smiled a little tired.
If you can’t save the emperor’s life, it’s providence, but it’s not so good
Xianfei breathed a sigh of relief and tears flashed excitedly holding the emperor’s hand. "Did you hear that? You’ll be fine. "
The emperor also smiled weakly but looked at Gu Huaishan "Gu Aiqing"
"Minister in"
"Suyun’s treatment of orphans is nothing but your credit."
Gu Huaishan’s heart is fiercely saying "I am white"
The emperor doesn’t want people to know the situation, and it’s also his first week’s life. It’s a matter of course that the imperial doctor can cure the emperor’s disease, but if people know that Suyun is afraid, it will bring great trouble to the virtuous princess and empress, which will make people more suspicious of Suyun.
It’s really a shame that such a great contribution has fallen on his head, and I don’t know if I can deceive Fang Yuan and Xue Yu’s physician.
No matter what, he won’t tell Suyun that he is.
Lu Xiaoning is grateful in his heart, whether it is the emperor or the virtuous princess, their first thought is how to protect her.
The emperor closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Gu Huaishan took the pulse for the emperor to write the prescription. Instead of asking people to take medicine and decoct it for the first time, he showed it to Lu Xiaoning.
"Miss Suyun, please see if this prescription is proper?"
A person who can do nine turns of silver needle surgery is fully qualified to discuss prescriptions.
Lu Xiaoning also took the prescription and looked at it. "Fangma Sangqin Xingtang can promote lung qi, relieve cough and eliminate phlegm, and it is effective for chest tightness and cough caused by atelectasis, but I still prefer Tongfei Huoxue Decoction, which is a bit serious for Huangfei abscess. Tongfei Huoxue Decoction can promote blood circulation, dissipate blood stasis, invigorate qi, disperse stagnation, soothe the liver and relieve cough, and it is more effective for chronic atelectasis and local inflammation."
Gu Huaishan just pondered and admired, "The girl’s medical skills are exquisite and the old man is very admired."
Heart andao this little girl is really great! He always thought that Lu Xiaoning was already very Uber. I didn’t expect the virtuous princess to say that there was a more Uber hidden around her, so deep and refreshing, she went to [vertex network O].
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Chapter 365 What a big chicken feather
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Lu Xiaoning can’t go home today to avoid the recurrence of the emperor’s illness. She has to stay in Zichen Temple for one night, but if she can’t go home, she has to tell her that Lu Xiaoning has a headache. She knows that there are many eyes staring at her outside Zichen Temple at the moment, and it is difficult to find someone to deliver letters. @++www * c It happened that princess royal came to princess royal. I heard that the emperor was seriously ill and went to the palace to have a look.
Princess royal and the emperor talked alone for less than half an hour. Sister Jiang came out and called Lu Xiaoning in.
"Good boy thanks to you this time," princess royal said quietly.
Lu Xiaoning smiled. "This is what ministers and women should do."
"I’ll let Mammy Jiang go to your house later and say I’ll leave you in my house for a few days. You can stay here for the time being and I won’t be at ease until you look after the emperor," princess royal said.
"It’s the minister and daughter who will take good care of the emperor," said Lu Xiaoning disguised terms. This is the best. She can treat the emperor with peace of mind.
Princess royal left a message for Lu Xiaoning when he left … If the emperor can be safe this time, I will give you a chance.
Lu Xiaoning doesn’t know what this opportunity is, but princess royal’s promise must be a good thing.
The next day, some important discounts were sent to Zichen Hall to deal with state affairs.
The courtiers were relieved, but the king of Zhao and the king of Qin were somewhat disappointed, but they all took the same countermeasures, so on the third day, they asked the emperor to make a break and fly like snowflakes as soon as possible
"F * * king F * * king …" Send liquid medicine to Gu Huaishan and dare not enter when he hears the emperor’s denunciation inside.
"The courtiers are also worried about the emperor’s dragon body." The virtuous princess coaxed.
"Don’t be lonely and don’t know that they are up to something. They are worried that they will keep their future title if they are alone in a hundred years." The emperor is very angry. If he is not so angry, the problem is that most of these achievements say who is more suitable. The party of Zhao and the party of Qin put in a good word for the king of Qin. It seems that it is a British move to give them the mountains and rivers. Of course, it is also a great-grandson of the emperor, but it is too weak compared with the supporters of Zhao and Qin.
Is it really because of the lack of supporters of the emperor’s grandson? The emperor won’t recognize the emperor’s grandson so much. He has grown up quickly and supported others in the past two years. There are many people like Shen Shang Duchamp … Xu Ge, the old Anping Bofu, Ding’ an Houfu, etc., who have always been very supportive of the emperor’s grandson, but they have not expressed their opinions.
Compared with the emperor, he thinks that these old ministers know to respect his wishes.
"Every man takes the hindmost, and they want to keep their jobs and keep a family honor, just like the emperor. You want to keep the inheritance of Big Week, and hope that all industries will flourish, and the country will be rich and the people will be safe, but you are looking at the sky and caring for the people. Because Big Week is your day, they can focus on how wide their minds are, and their horizons are doomed to be broad-minded," said the princess softly.
"The emperor is a holy monarch, and he has his own decisions in his heart. They say that you should take good care of yourself and your health is important."
The emperor’s anger calmed down a little, looked at the virtuous princess quietly and asked, "Does the loving princess have any ideas about opposing things?"
The virtuous princess secretly lost her face, but she smiled and said, "The imperial concubine is a woman’s way of life, but it is a matter of state. Besides, the imperial concubine doesn’t understand. The imperial concubine believes that the decision made by the emperor must be well thought out, and the arrangement made by the emperor must be the most suitable. If the emperor is good, don’t ask for it."
I have been pretending to be deaf and dumb. Lu Xiaoning is secretly staggering. The fairy princess is really good at showing her love and is too deceptive.
Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help but turn his eyes quietly to Gao Gonggong, who saw Gao Gonggong’s low eyebrows and smooth eyes. There was no expression on his face as if he didn’t hear anything. This deaf-mute thing has also reached a certain level.
The emperor’s face was indeed soft, and many eyes also had some tenderness and sighed, "It’s a pity that I neglected you when I was busy with state affairs, otherwise … I don’t worry that I won’t ask you to be alone after a hundred years."
Lu Xiaoning’s heart thumped, but it revealed a lot of information. It’s impossible for the emperor not to know that neither the prince of Zhao nor the king of Qin will be better than the princess’s day unless it is possible for Huangfu Shaoye to succeed. Is that what the emperor means?