Gao Gonggong’s attitude is excellent. "The old slave asked by the Empress can also tell me or ask the Empress herself when the Emperor summons the Empress."
The queen is very angry. "What is the situation of the emperor now? High father-in-law you don’t want false imperial edict "
"It’s always been Gao Gonggong’s talk. Father’s illness is as bad as ours, but the emperor knows that if it’s really serious, we should wait on the disease in command." The king of Qin also arrived.
Father-in-law Gao feared, "Empress Qin Wang Dian Huang’s condition is really serious, but she’s not confused yet. Even because she was angry at Zhaoyang Dian yesterday, she doesn’t want to summon the empress or see the two temples. Please be calm and the emperor will summon her when she wants to."
Father-in-law Gao said and made a gesture of please, and invited the virtuous princess to enter.
The virtuous princess raised her eyebrows slightly. "Suyun, you go in with the palace and the others wait here."
The gate of Zichen Temple was rushed to the door by Qin Wang, but it was blocked by the forbidden Long Wei.
Forbidden Long Wei has a face of awe and smells cold and bloody. Who dares to rush and shoot?
The old god, who has been closing his eyes slightly, opened his eyes in Prime Minister Chen’s leisurely way: "Let’s wait patiently in the Hall of the King of Qin. It would be bad if we disturb the emperor."
The prince of Zhao said casually, "What’s the hurry, Third Brother? It hasn’t changed. "
In fact, he is also in a hurry, but he won’t be as impatient as the king of Qin. Things happen too suddenly, and everyone is caught off guard and doesn’t prepare anything. But at the moment, he never dares to leave except to wait for other ways.
The king of Qin bitterly returned to his original place and glared at Zhao Wangfu again.
Lu Xiaoning bowed his head and walked in with Xianfei. As soon as he entered the temple, he smelled a strong smell of medicine and blood.
"Is the square courtyard as good as it is?" Xianfei asked eagerly.
The square courtyard made the look no white flag above my door. "The other emperor vomited blood again, and now he’s talking nonsense and calling Zong."
Zong is the first emperor.
People say that when people are dying, they will meet their deceased relatives, which is a very bad phenomenon.
"Is there nothing you can do?" Xianfei SOB a way
The square courtyard made the fear kneel down and said, "I can’t be angry if I’m addicted to the emperor. This illness is more dangerous than anything else, even … I can."
If Mr. Fufeng can control his illness with nine turns of silver needle surgery, and then take medicine and recuperate, he may still be able to delay for a year and a half, but where can I find Mr. Fufeng’s hospital at this moment to make me feel deeply capable
Aside from Xue’s physician, he knelt down and said, "I can."
Xianfei had a cramp in her chest, took a deep breath and forced herself to go inside.
Gu’s adult knelt in front of the dragon bed and wanted to give medicine to the emperor, but the root couldn’t be fed. When Empress Xianfei came, she got up and gave a gift to one side.
Lu Xiaoning looked at the bed, but saw that the emperor’s eyes were closed and his face was covered with gold paper. There was less than half of spittoon blood in the spittoon beside the bed.
Vomiting so much blood, Lu Xiaoning’s heart sank.
Xianfei wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said to Gu’s adult, "Gu’s adult, you three physicians are helpless now, but you also know that the emperor can’t have an accident now."
"I feel guilty" Gu’s adult is ashamed.
"The palace will invite a person to give it a try. Gu’s adult, Gao Gonggong, is very important. Please also invite two people to help the palace." Xianfei said.
Father-in-law Gao and Lord Gu both look up in amazement. Who does Empress Xianfei want to invite? The top three physicians in this palace are already here. Who else can save the emperor?
Xianfei stepped aside and motioned for Lu Xiaoning.
Lu Xiaoning slightly and somberly walked to the dragon bed to feel the pulse of the emperor.
Grandfather Gao and Gu’s adult were dumbfounded. Isn’t this Suyun around Xianfei Empress? Suyun also knows medical skills? This is incredible.
Xian Fei didn’t reveal Lu Xiaoning’s identity. If it’s done, it’s due to Lu Xiaoning. If it’s failed, she hopes to pick Lu Xiaoning out of the nine-needle contest. Lu Xiaoning must never have an accident to see the refreshing [vertex network O].
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