However, this does not mean that all the personality habits of the yogi must be changed. If a person’s personality is completely changed, it is not called change but assimilation!
It is a terrible thing for a yogi to be completely assimilated into the path of his own practice. Once this happens, one day the yogi will be completely integrated into the path of heaven and earth and become a puppet!
Neon cold situation Yuan Heng saw in the eye and knew the harm, but he didn’t make moves.
Actually, generally speaking, it is almost impossible for them to be assimilated by the avenue. After all, they have already produced their own will figures on the avenue, and their exquisite mind can also guarantee to prevent this from happening.
However, what happened to Ni Han is because she has practiced too many ice and cold roads, and they have all been practiced to a very advanced level. Even she can resist her own road will and just rely on her own heart.
And usually, even if they realize other avenues, they often pay attention to the scale and skills, not to say that you can do whatever you want. Once you realize it, the consequences will be that every deity is unwilling to face it.
This taboo almost every first day fiend point of mind can get this bearing from avenue-
Although the avenue is sometimes a bit secretive and must be explored as if, it is absolutely generous in this taboo.
My daughter’s mind is like a mirror, and the imbalance of Yin and Yang is harmful to neon cold.
But this is the direction that neon cold chose to create!
The potential of the first heavenly fiend is almost exhausted!
What’s worse, Yuan Heng has carefully cultivated his precious daughter for years?
And if this potential can be stimulated?
There is enough pressure!
For example, in this first amount of robbery, which statue of the first heavenly fiend is not full of slow pressure in his heart?
Don’t look at the temples now, as if they are ready to give in and don’t care about any interests, as if there is no pressure in their hearts.
If you really want your opponent to attack according to what the parliament said at the beginning, you will let out your soon-to-mature fruit and directly liquidate some compensation afterwards.
Whoever really follows this method is an idiot!
Yes, of course, their territory must be ceded, but it can only be ceded after it has achieved its own strategic goal!
By the way, let me pay some compensation at the same time
And this is the time to really test them.
Not in that place, people will never feel it in vain. Most of the first heavenly fiends in the temple are not top strong, but they must play chess from the perspective of top masters!
Many top fiends in the universe have reached a certain peak, so-called high natural distance.
Even if they are good at calculating layout because of their own temperament, even so, their height can be reached without boundary.
What’s more, there are top fiends who can stay out of the world. It can be said that they are already in the same trade, such as antelope hanging horns, but they seem to be everywhere, but in the end, they often get the most favorable results for them.
This is their top celestial fiend realm!
Nowadays, the temples can be at this height as a whole because of Yuan Heng, but it depends on the efforts of the gods of the temples to truly transform what they have.
All the temples and gods know that every robbery is a great opportunity!
Especially this day, for the first time, the amount of robbery is even more important. The timing is not only the top power, but also the top power of the temple.
They have the greatest advantage this time, but it is up to them to truly realize their own income. Their leaders-the glorious Lord can do what they have done, and the rest is up to them.
And this kind of challenging ability and extreme pressure will also stimulate their potential and make them advance by leaps and bounds!
And what kind of stress can compare with the horrible oppression of life and death?
What’s more, what about the long-term pressure of life and death?
Nowadays, neon cold is in this environment to some extent.
If neon cold can resist this horrible assimilation, you can naturally get unimaginable benefits.
I want her to seize the opportunity and spend all her years accumulating the image of the avenue she has deduced for a long time …
There is definitely a great chance to succeed in one fell swoop!
Nowadays, Yuan Heng saw the neon cold trance and seemed to see that she was not happy when she was a child. How can she not be happy?
"Father, look, this is what I got when I went out to explore with Sister Xuanyin and others!"
This is neon cold suddenly presented a treasure and took out a piece of black stuff like iron, with sparkling eyes.
It looks like the rough iron blocks in a blacksmith’s shop.
However, this thing will never be surprised when it appears as a product of mortal kingdom several years later, but now it is the early days of the wild, even if you squeeze a handful of soil casually, it is also the age of congenital soil
This is naturally a bit abrupt.
However, all this is not a problem for the first heavenly fiend. In Yuan Heng’s eyes, the surface of this iron piece is filled with the essence of the earth, but these are all things that make Yuan Heng move deeper on the surface, which is a very familiar feeling!
"Ha ha!"
Yuan Heng smiled and rubbed his neon head, just like neon cold when I was a child years ago.
"It’s really a good thing, but it definitely belongs to the top congenital treasure, which is much stronger than the chaotic fine stone my father found some time ago!"
I must have nodded my head. My daughter really earned not only the superficial essence of the earth, but also the top congenital treasure, which is the deepest and retains a trace of Pangu essence!
You should know that there is only one essence of Pangu in Yuanhengyuan!
Although this silk Pangu essence is less than one thousandth of Yuan Hengyuan, it is also an absolute treasure of heaven and earth, which is not an ordinary innate treasure!
Don’t look at the days when Pangu was incarnated in the Avenue. It seems that Pangu was able to stand tall and upright. It seems that he is full of vigor and vitality. It seems that he is worthless.
However, we must realize that 99.999% of Pangu’s body is directly channelized into heaven and earth, which has formed the vast wilderness full of vitality today.
Moreover, Pangu’s body is created by the whole chaos, and every drop of blood and hair in it … everything can be transformed by the source of chaos!
Not to mention that Pangu is the source of vitality. Every vitality is an absolutely good thing. Alone, it can directly become a source of deities!
Therefore, it is absolutely rare to be able to stay in Pangu today.
Seeing Yuan Heng thoughtfully here, the surface of this stone is precious enough.
The essence of the earth element is the essence of the earth element. The concentration and preciousness of the essence of the earth element are faintly higher than those of the three gods and waters and the nine-day fallow land. What’s more, the treasure of heaven and earth is more precious than the essence of Pangu?
If it’s just the essence of the earth, Yuan Heng won’t think about anything. After all, it’s not surprising that you can get this kind of thing by connecting with yourself.
But if you want to add Pangu essence, it will be great. Its overall value is still in the ordinary position.
Yuan Heng will never recognize the mysterious goddess, and they will not see it.
The only explanation is that this is their intention to give way …
Yuan Heng squinted in his head. What is it that needs the expensive price of Xuanyin Goddess to woo his daughter? What is worth wooing?
"Ha ha, I have nothing to think about. My heart is chaotic …"
After a while, Yuan Heng reacted to his heart.
What else can this have?