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Chapter ninety-seven Light monarch way
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When I heard my father’s distant and familiar praise, I took out my lyre and played it.
Playing the piano is her favorite hobby over the years, just as Yuan Heng likes preaching himself.
The piano is like being in the jungle with warm flowers in spring, and the ups and downs of insect cicada are like the tide, and the fireflies are hanging on the moon, and the sound of the piano is like being in a dreamlike picture scroll.
I have to say that it is easy to make achievements if they are willing to meditate.
At this time, Yuan Heng listened to the neon cold music and relaxed and squinting as if he had been brought into a kind of cheerful dreamland compiled by the fiddler.
Yuan Heng is so critical that his eyes can be immersed in it. I have to say that the art of neon cold piano has indeed reached a very high level.
To tell the truth, alchemy, refining and even playing the piano are some very special methods.
Just like an alchemist, if you want to cultivate to a advanced level, you can enter the threshold of Dan Dao and finally reach the level of one Dan and one world, that is, the point of your enlightenment;
The refining device can also be advanced with the level of refining Lingbao. It is also in your mind to refine a first-time treasure certificate if your device level reaches the level of making the gods cry.
The same is true of the piano art, and it can also sublimate the piano road, which is also a way to prove the Tao.
However, the actual way of stepping into the threshold of the piano track is also different
Among them, if the practitioners pursue that kind of high-perfect, big-sounding, hi-Qin Tao, they are the most orthodox practitioners’ own way.
What is a perfect piano track?
Nature is the sound of the piano, that is, the sound of the Tao, but the sound of the Tao is great. If you reach this level, you will prove that you can become a statue of the piano and the Tao.
However, there are two other ways of practicing besides this most orthodox method of practicing Qin Tao.
One of them is to regard the piano art as a pure magical power, with all kinds of wonderful things, such as some people communicate with others by playing the piano, which is a pure magical power.
There is also a kind of nature, that is, at this time, the practice direction of neon cold is to express the sound of the piano and explain the way of the piano.
The so-called drunkenness is not about wine, but about mountains and rivers!
Whether they practice the piano or the piano way is their own heart and way!
"Applauded …"
As the neon stopped, Qin Yuanheng couldn’t help clapping his hands. "It’s amazing that my lovely daughter actually pushed the piano road to this level!"
This is not an exaggeration. Yuan Heng really recognizes that her daughter is really amazing. She actually has the ability to pull herself into the artistic conception created by herself. If it is not reached a very high level, it cannot!
Without the slightest modesty, Ni Han nodded proudly at this time, and a long-lost smile appeared on his face. "Hehe, my father is not finished yet!"
"What do you think this is?"
I haven’t chatted with my father so leisurely for a long time. Neon Han couldn’t wait to hold everything out. Generally, at this time, she presented a treasure and took out some things that she had carefully made a while ago.
"Father, do you think this thing compares with the tea you mentioned earlier?"
Smiling, I took out a polar ice crystal carving cup. Although it has not been refined into a magic weapon, Lingbao, but that strange characteristic is officially wanted by neon cold.
Pour the liquid like green glass into the cup and then pour some spirit water-it is full of that strange smell, which makes Yuan Heng see at a glance that this is the innate spirit water produced by the pool on the surface of the eternal tree.
A blue-and-white ice flame appeared at the bottom of the cup, but it was strange without temperature, which made the cup burst into water vapor.
Yuan Heng, in a trance, seems to feel that he has touched two contradictory but harmonious and unified wonderful feelings, a cold and biting, a warm and active feeling.
However, Yuan Hengyi felt that both of them were a wonderful feeling that everything was rising but too forgetful after the rain in early spring!
"It’s amazing!"
I have to say that my precious daughter has really surprised herself this time.
He was very surprised to feel that his heart seemed to have been wiped again.
It turned out to be a good thing to temper the mind!
"This is really not due to Fuxi Nuwa’s innate tea. What is its name?"
"Ha-ha, this is my refined Bi-pith Yuan Brew. It’s really not easy to refine this stuff!"
I took out another crystal bottle, and I couldn’t help but frown when I said this. "It took me so long to learn so much!" "
"Don’t be dissatisfied! It’s not too much to refine the mind, even in the innate spiritual roots! "
How long will it take for Nuwa tea tree to produce a batch of leaves? If there are too many of these things, can they show their preciousness?
Neon cold cocked his little head and thought for a while before nodding his head. It seems that this is indeed the case.
"Hey? Clear the way? "
"What an interesting little guy!"