The old lady snorted and said quietly, "An Xiu showed the empress an imperial decree to his master."
An Xiu obeyed respectfully and held a Huang Yi decree.
Liu Youren made an imperial decree with trepidation. It’s really untenable to see his eyes blackened and his feet staggered and he lost too much blood when he came.
They are busy to hold the master to sit Liu Ma called a cup of warm tea Lu Youren gave a hand and didn’t slow down for several breaths. This just slowed down and looked sad as if he were several years older in an instant.
Fanghua was broken off and an imperial decree said that Fanghua was not worthy of Qin Wang’s concubine … What should I do after this is called Fanghua? How can she get married? When I got married, I said that Youhua had a good sense of propriety, chastity, gentleness and gentleness. Now I say that Youhua has lost money, and the royal family has calmed down the storm at the expense of slandering Youhua.
Liu Youren didn’t consider whether Lujia had lost face at the moment, and he was distressed that his daughter had no future.
The old lady couldn’t bear to lose her mind and urged, "If you leave, you will leave Youhua. I don’t know what trouble this kind of sexual marriage will cause in the past. Besides, it is also the most dangerous to see the glory with the royal knot. Who knows when it will fall? You should also watch something. In addition, there is always something wrong with finding a marriage for Youhua. There is always a suitable place for Jinling to live in peace."
Liu Youren took a look at the old lady, and her eyes were very complicated and unbelievable, a little sad and a little dissatisfied.
Mother can only say that it is so light and casual if she doesn’t want to see Fanghua, just like a modest business can’t be done. But Fanghua is the daughter of Lujia after all. How can mother bear it?
It’s hard to see her again a few times even if she marries abroad. Will she be bullied there? I don’t know at home. It’s also a whip. Lu Youren is more and more distressed about this daughter. How did this happen? Just this morning, he was still trying to prepare a dowry for Fanghua.
"No, no, Miss Er’s hanging beam …" A servant girl in Didi Cuige stumbled and reported.
Liu Youren’s eyes stared up and brushed up too fiercely, but it turned out that the tea lamp at hand crashed and broke to the ground.
Lu Youren stared at the servant girl and asked, "How is Miss Er now?"
"Fortunately, people have been saved when they found out, and they are still in a coma at the moment."
"Please call the doctor quickly."
Liu Youren hurry to lift your feet and go.
"Father and daughter follow you to see" Lu Xiaoning said.
Liu Youren is twist a head to look at her coldly throw a "no" and then go out.
Lu Xiaoning froze in place and listened to his father outside yelling, "Go and get a doctor right away."
Father had a deep complaint in his eyes just now. Lu Xiaoning didn’t want to remember for a moment. What was his father complaining about her? Did she not forgive Youhua yesterday? Or does he think she did it? She took the initiative to go out and see that Fanghua’s father refused her father without thinking, but she was afraid that she would take the opportunity to harm Fanghua?
"Will come to this one, just like her worthless girl." Does the old lady look down on Liu Fanghua’s attempt to die? Is it glorious to refuse Xiao Ning’s request to die just now? Is it nice to have a ready-made doctor at home who won’t let you see it and insist on going outside to lose face and throw it in front of outsiders?
Liu Ma Trail "Miss Er can’t think of it at the moment."
Now that the wish has been reached, it is not too big.
"Old lady, will you also go and have a look?" Liu Ma suggested.
The old lady sighed sullenly and stretched out her hand to ask Liu Ma to help her "go and have a look". When it’s refreshing, she will go to 【 vertex network O 】.
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Chapter 355 I did it all.
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Liu Fanghua actually didn’t hang in a coma, nor did she hang it as if she had just dug out the white silk and was taken away by the maids. She had to go to the scissors and hit the column for a while, and she had no strength. Her heart was like dying embers lying there, unable to shed tears. @++www* C
She never thought that she would be divorced. She didn’t even know what the problem was because her mother lost her gift in front of Princess Qin, which annoyed her. Princess Qin wouldn’t let her in. But it’s been two days since Qin Wangfu broke off her engagement. It can’t be a sudden launch. It’s bound to negotiate with Shaolong. Shaolong can’t promise. Even if Shaolong can’t cope, he will try to inform her in advance instead of making such an abrupt decision.
Or is it that Empress Liu Xiaoning thinks she didn’t want to give up her chess game when she saw her fighting?
Liu Fanghua thought about a lot of specific situations, but she didn’t know where the root knot was. She knew that it was Lu Xiaoning. Everything was done by Lu Xiaoning. This was to force Lu Xiaoning to die. She didn’t want to let her go at all. She pushed her water, and she always remembered that Lu Xiaoning either came back to compete with Lu Xiaoning or came back for revenge.
Don’t, she doesn’t know that it was aunt Sue’s kindness to give her mother big meat buns and broth early that day when Princess Qin came. It must be Lu Xiaoning’s instigation. Lu Xiaoning knows best what happens when she eats what she is a doctor.
If it weren’t for Lu Xiaoning who made a fool of her mother in front of Princess Qin, the palace of Qin wouldn’t be angry with her.
This is Lu Xiaoning’s calculation. It’s really good to calculate. A few meat buns will drive her crazy. My mother is broken. Her marriage is vicious.
"The master is coming" and the girl outside is connected.
I heard a hurried step when my father came in.
"Youth ….." Liu Youren saw her daughter lying there dying with tears, and her heart ached more than her heart died, and her heart ached, and her voice fluttered and trembled.
A round of Liu Fanghua’s eyes allowed the focal length to follow his father’s tears, and he sat up and threw himself into his father’s arms and wept bitterly.
"Father, let your daughter die. My daughter is ashamed to live. My daughter really wants to die like this …"
Liu Youren was heartbroken. "How can a silly child say such a thing? Never think so."
"What should father and daughter do?" Lu Fanghua cried.
Lu Youren comforted, "There will always be a way. Don’t worry, my father won’t leave you alone."
"Father, what happened? Why would Qin Wangfu break off her marriage? Daughter didn’t do anything wrong … "
Liu Youren is sad. He didn’t even dare to tell Youhua how violent it was outside. It was not just because Princess Qin didn’t go to the Lins’ that she came to Lujia first. It was so simple that it was more a slander on Youhua.
It was Qin Wangfu’s own fault and Empress’s idea. In the end, all the charges were borne by Fanghua alone, which was unfair to Fanghua.
Seeing that her father didn’t talk, Liu Fanghua cried, "My daughter’s life is so bitter. If my mother hadn’t eaten meat buns and drank broth that morning, she wouldn’t have been rude in front of Princess Qin, and there wouldn’t have been any disaster today. Whose idea was it? Don’t they know that her mother can’t eat so much meat at once after being hungry in the woodshed for so many days?"
"This person is so insidious. She not only hurts her mother but also her daughter. Father and daughter really don’t want to live …"
Liu Youren’s heart thumped. He had such doubts at the beginning. Now Youth attaches great importance to this matter, which makes his mind more confused.
Is it aunt Sue’s idea or mother’s inspiration? Or …
Liu Youren lose some dare not to think about it.
"Who wants who?" The old lady looked worried when she stepped into the door.
Liu Fanghua timidly shrank her tears into her father’s arms and looked timidly at her grandmother and Lu Xiaoning around her.
Lu Youren felt that her daughter was afraid to appease and pat her on the back, but her eyes turned to Lu Xiaoning and asked sternly, "Xiao Ning, is it your idea for your father to tell the truth and give your mother meat buns and broth?"
Lu Xiaoning silently looked at her father, and her father’s embrace of the calf stung her heart.
It was her idea. What about it? She won’t let Lou eat meat buns. Is it still waiting for Lou and Lu Fanghua to jointly feed her poison in the future? She is no longer the man who calculated not to strike back Lu Xiaoning.
Besides, are these question keys? Why didn’t father think about who called Princess Qin?
"What are you doing fierce xiao ning? Do you want to blame Xiao Ningtou for your love for Fanghua? Xiao Ning is not your daughter? Are you eccentric and out of your mind? " The old lady scolded her rudely.
What is this? You turn a blind eye to youth’s mistakes and benevolence, and you want to blame Xiao Ning’s head for it. No wonder Xiao Ning cried so sadly yesterday.
Lu Youren ignored his mother’s scolding and stared at Lu Xiaoning with emphasis and asked, "Father asked if you were right or not?"
The more he thinks about it, the more he thinks that Xiao Ning is suspicious of Youhua. I’m sorry for Xiao Ning’s superficial generosity and actual grudges. It’s normal for Youhua not to marry into the Qin Palace, but if these are all Xiao Ning’s means, it’s too unreasonable, too bad and too terrible. What kind of hatred can sisters have to drive people to the wall?
Lu Xiaoning’s heart is cold as iron and quiet. "It’s the mother who runs the ship and the daughter who strings together to lend money to Lou’s uncle and daughter who strings together to send silver to the palace one after another. It’s also the daughter who gives advice to her mother and steals things from the warehouse to sell. It’s also the daughter who gives advice to the second sister. The second sister and the third sister jointly calculate that the daughter is also the daughter who plays a joint drama with them called Lou Jialiang’s house to smash. It’s also the daughter who gives advice to the second sister and is sent to Shuiyue Temple.
Lu Xiaoning said that Lu Youren’s doubts were shaken, and the final confidence was gone. However, Lu Xiaoning’s calm tone and indifferent eyes made him face. Lu Youren was a little embarrassed. "Father asked you one thing, why did you say so much?"
Tearing his hair out about the old man’s popularity. What about lending money to Lou’s uncle? "
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Chapter 356 Want to die into you