Zo In Sung is in awe. "You can definitely afford these four words. Don’t worry, I support you."
Zo In Sung is not surprised that Lu Xiaoning would be willing to do such a painful thing. As early as Lu Xiaoning did not hesitate to donate the prescription, he and Shao Ye saw that Lu Xiaoning had a lot of chivalry, which is why Shao Ye likes her alone. She is as caring as Shao Ye.
"Well, should I ask Moon to look for him?" Zo In Sung remembered that HuangFuShaoYe had gone away for more than two hours.
Lu Xiaoning wrinkled his nose. "I don’t care where he likes to go."
This man is really angry. He just left and disappeared. She didn’t do anything wrong. How can she manage others to be nice to her?
Zo In Sung shan shan said, "leave him alone and we won’t get used to him."
Zo In Sung thought maybe HuangFuShaoYe will be back later.
It wasn’t long before Huangfu Shaoye didn’t come back. Mr. Zhang and Xiao Liu found him. Mr. Zhang specially came to report good news. Thank you, Lu Xiaoning. Just half an hour ago, Xiuyan suddenly saw her eyes.
Lu Xiaoning is also happy for Xiuyan. When Xiuyan came home, Xiuyan could already see the fuzzy shadow. She didn’t continue acupuncture treatment. I guess it will be fine in a few days, and the result is really complicated.
After Mr. Zhang left, Liu Qizheng Bao Liangyu and Yang Chen Zhao Xueli came and said that they didn’t train at noon. They had a holiday for half a day. They discussed and came to see Xiaoning drugstore to see what they could do. Later, after a total of four people decided, they came to help Zhao Xueli and Yang Chen on the rest day. They were willing to come to a free clinic. Liu Qizheng and Bao Liangyu were specialized in nine needles, so they came to an acupuncture treatment to treat some minor illnesses and pains, such as cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis and arthralgia.
Lu Xiaoning is overjoyed that three famous doctors with seven needles are willing to come here for a free clinic, which will definitely stir Jinling City. This is also a stunt, and it is also a very meaningful stunt.
Zo In Sung is also very happy to clap his chest and say that he will invite everyone to dinner tonight and directly give people a drunken fairy building.
Lu Xiaoning was ill and didn’t go to see if it was getting late, but Huangfu Shaoye was still missing. Lu Xiaoning couldn’t help but be angry that he didn’t show up after he planned to. Look refreshing and you will get to [vertex network O]
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Chapter 347 Heart to heart
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HuangFuShaoYe is sitting in the secluded courtyard at the moment, pouring and drinking by himself. Looking at it from a distance, did you dare to pop up in the past? @++www * C Temple looks pale, and the temple generally doesn’t drink. It is said that drinking is a mistake. Living in the palace must always keep a clear head. It is the first time to see this kind of calm face and drinking.
There’s something on the temple, and it’s still very serious. Make a judgment
"Mark" temple suddenly looked over and called him.
Mark quickly went over and saluted. "Does the temple have orders?"
"What did she say about asking you to find Wen Liu last night?" Huangfu Shaoye asked
"Miss Wenliu said that she would make sure that everyone in Jinling knew about it." Mark replied.
Huangfu Shaoye waved him back.
I thought angrily that Chen Yanyu was a complete fake gentleman, and a real villain would do whatever he wanted to do, and he would try to repair it, which showed how capable and thoughtful he was. Why didn’t he just say that the sky was falling and he was holding it? Why not just say that he is willing? Lu Xiaoning has shed his blood.
But does he really think so? If you really think so, do you still have to talk so much nonsense? Who is Lu Xiaoning? But if she thinks her plan will hurt Lin Re rain, will it count if she abandons Chen Yanyu for sure? It’s really shameful for him to tell good things when he gets cheap.
Of course, the most hateful thing is Lu Xiaoning. Don’t say that she doesn’t understand that he * * * is with her these days. Can’t she consult him if she is confused and has difficulties? She didn’t tell him a word about her family, or did Du Ruo tell him that she didn’t tell him and didn’t discuss with him, but Baba told Chen Siyao to go back and ask her big brother, who has more heart than a hornet’s nest.
Does she think he is not as capable as Chen Yanyu or Chen Yanyu? Or is he not as important as Chen Yanyu in her heart?
The more HuangFuShaoYe thinks about it, the more annoyed he is, and he will take care of it. He doesn’t care what will happen to your Lins. Lin Reyu is a good one. Is it worth your Lu Xiaoning giving up such a good chance?
Huangfu Shaoye sulked alone there, and Lu Xiaoning also went home with a full stomach. Where would she have thought that today was a suffocating day, and she would have to die if she went home outside.
The thing is, after she returned to the house, she first went to see her father and took his pulse. She was about to return her father, but she told Aunt Su and others to return it first. This is something to tell her alone.
Aunt Sue kicked out all the waiters in and out of the house, and she was waiting outside, and she was very upset.
Early, she sent the big lady back to see the master’s face. It seems that she is no longer angry with the second lady. She also allowed the second lady to stay here all day. She served the ink and read to the master. Even lunch was served by the second lady. When the master took a noon nap, the second lady was still fanning the master. She slept for more than half an hour, and she fanned for more than half an hour.
That’s a filial and clever master. It seems that he is quite upset. It seems that he can’t remember that the big lady was sued yesterday. The relief is beyond words. How warm and harmonious the father and daughter are, and her aunt has become a redundant person.
At the moment, the master may have to help Miss Er as a lobbyist by leaving Miss Da alone.
Aunt Sue guessed right. It was with this in mind that Lu Youren made the two sisters get back together.
"Xiao Ning’s father has made it clear that you didn’t stay at home for illness. It’s really your second sister who leaked it. It’s no wonder that she didn’t know. When the Empress asked her if she wasn’t careful, she told the truth. It was too late for her to detect something wrong."
Lu Xiaoning was angry today when he heard his father help Liu Fanghua. His heart was like a trapped beast on the rampage. After all, he refrained from getting angry, but his face didn’t look good. Dry tunnel "Does father believe in his second sister so much?" Do you believe everything she says? "
Liu Youren looked at Lu Xiaoning’s black face and silently sighed. Xiao Ning’s prejudice against youth is not as deep as usual, so I can’t do it.
"Xiao Ning’s father did a lot of wrong things before knowing that you were wronged in your heart, but she really repented and wanted to change her theory. If she is always your second sister, you can give her a chance. If she is confused again, her father will not spare her." Lu Youren earnestly advised.
"My father’s worst loss in this life is that he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Many things he wants to find a helper, and he doesn’t know who to look for. That is to say, the broken bones are all attached to tendons. Is it true that there are things or your brothers and sisters are reliable? You have medical skills and you are appreciated by the emperor. The empress treated her well. If you two can take care of each other and help each other, let him go of the past. People have to look on the bright side."
It’s rare for Lu Youren to have such a heart-to-heart relationship with his eldest daughter. This family can’t stand it anymore. Even if his career is smooth, Lou’s family will always be a stain on him. Now he is counting on the two daughters to get along well. Qi Xin will work together to make this family prosper.
Lu Xiaoning quietly looked at his father, and his quiet eyes were as cold as the moonlight shining in the snow in the cold winter. Seeing Lu Youren’s chills made him unhappy. He said so many things, Xiao Ning didn’t seem to listen at all. Why didn’t she have to talk to Youhua?
Lu Xiaoning sees the subtle changes in her father’s face in her eyes, and her heart is getting colder inch by inch. She and her father have improved a lot in the past few months. Her father has valued her letter far more than Liu Fanghua, but today Liu Fanghua shed a few crocodile tears in front of her father and said a few words of repentance. Her father’s heart is completely biased towards Liu Fanghua, who is still the favorite child in his father’s heart.
Lu Xiaoning smiled wryly, which was very bleak. This scene was similar to that when his father accused his mother of not being wide enough to endure Lou’s.
Lou’s mother is arrogant and disdainful, but the more she fights for her father, the more she feels bad about her mother and the more she feels wronged by Lou.
Grandmother often said that her bones are actually like her mother’s, and some things are stubborn, but she and her mother are still different. Her mother acts too much. honest and frank goes straight to the point, even if there is a cliff in front, her mother would rather jump ahead, but her mother would rather bump into it than she would.
There are thousands of roads, and it doesn’t matter which way to take. Just look at the refreshing and get to the [vertex network O] in the end.
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Chapter 34 The Sell Miserably Sell Miserably The Get Angry
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So Lu Xiaoning fought back the evil spirit in her heart with a somewhat desolate taste. "My father said that my daughter was really wronged, and my father didn’t hurt my daughter very much since I was a child. People all said that my father liked her, but once my mother took my daughter to the street and my daughter saw her father holding her second sister in her hand to buy her candied haws. My father smiled at her second sister and her eyes were kind …"
Liu Youren’s heart was violently pulled up. He knew that Jishi had a big fight with him after he returned to the office. He also said that it was lucky that Xiao Ning didn’t see it, otherwise Xiao Ning was so sad. Xiao Ning is also your daughter …
It turns out that Xiao Ning has seen it all, but she has never played a pop-up window? @++www* C
"Later, your mother left and your stepmother entered the door. On that day, you walked into Grace Cathedral with your second sister. You were with your second sister, third sister and fourth brother. They had a daughter alone." Lu Xiaoning said with tears in her eyes. Who wouldn’t?
Liu Youren really became guilty.
Lu Xiaoning continued, "People say that it is normal for parents to be eccentric with five fingers. Daughters never dare to expect to go with their second sister. Sometimes a look and a heart is enough for their daughters to be happy for a long time, but even this little wish, their daughters can’t get it. The number of times they can see their fathers is very few."
Lu Xiaoning said, looking straight at his father, "Father, do you know what day my daughter lived in these four years from the age of seven to eleven? It never occurred to you to ask how indifferent you look at your daughter. You would accuse her of being picky about food, delicate and petty until her uncle took her away when she was dying. Have you ever known how her daughter survived in Huai ‘an? Every day, when drinking water, you have to prick several needles every day. You are often sick and unconscious, and you have to lie in bed for more than a year to get better. "
"Father, are you really all this because your daughter is so weak in the womb? Did your real daughter fall into the pool by herself? "
Liu Youren suddenly opened his eyes wide and his eyes were full of fear. What does Xiao Ning mean?
"My daughter asked herself that she never wanted to calculate her sisters. My mother taught her daughter to be magnanimous at an early age. Time and time again, her daughter endured it, and she still endured the result. What did the daughter get for her patience? It’s a good person to cry a few times. My daughter’s suffering is just not generous enough. Did my father ever think that if her old illness hadn’t been eradicated, her daughter would have been expelled from the royal hospital immediately and disqualified from participating in the Nine Needles Competition. Since then, the emperor has determined that the dishonest man’s pet is not there, so what will her father get then? " Lu Xiaoning’s tone shows forbearance, anger and aggressiveness.
If you want to sell badly, you should be angry or your father will never really value her daughter, or his father will beat the snake stick and push your luck. Is it necessary for her to carry forward the spirit of respect and help her good second sister prepare the dowry? Dream on, she won’t give Liu Fanghua a penny. She would rather call a beggar than give it to a murderer who always wants to hurt her.
Does father really think that he got the imperial weight or that the emperor saw his talent? Without her, Lu Xiaoning’s father is ready to wear the cold bench! When the time comes, even does not stay and is sent to the hinterland of into the badlands.
Liu Youren followed Xiao Ning’s words and couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Only then did he realize how dangerous it was yesterday, and even his fate hung in the balance.
"There’s something my daughter hasn’t told her father. Second sister said that she accidentally let it slip, but yesterday, someone saw her leaving the palace and chatted with Qin Wangshi in the carriage for half an hour. Yesterday, when her daughter left the house early, she was stared at by Qin Wangshi, and then she called her daughter to her father in the harem. Think about what your favorite daughter did. I will bear it if she doesn’t have a sense of proportion and make the whole Lujia suffer." Lu Xiaoning said firmly.