It’s the three strong men with two eyes who are all surprised and surprised.
"These are fairy qualities. If you believe that all three eyes can see them, they will not be worse than the musk dragon fruit." Xiao Lingyu said indifferently.
"This …"
Although Fei Zheng was satisfied with the "color" of his face, he seemed very hesitant. The other two masters of Chi Jiao clan also frowned and remained silent.
"How can this not work?" Xiao Lingyu face "color" and "Yin" heavy tone coldly asked.
"Xiao Daoyou, you’d better prepare the fairy stone. Although these immortals are good, they are not very good for us. If you sell them …"
"You can’t have been cruel to my righteous brother by shirking so much, can you?" Xiao Lingyu waved his sleeves to put away those "jade" boxes and then said with a surge of breath
Feeling Xiao Lingyu’s terrible breath, the three masters of Chi Jiao clan turned "color" and flew back. It was only when Xiao Lingyu took the initiative to release his advanced "mixed" chaos that they realized that the newcomers had extraordinary strength.
"Please forgive me, Xiao Daoyou. There are rules in our family that ask Xiao Daoyou to bring ten thousand immortals and we will release them." Fei Zheng crustily skin of head said that it was not that he didn’t want to release them, nor that he didn’t like Xiao Lingyu immortals, but that he really couldn’t release them now.
"don’t eat a toast!"
Xiao Lingyu’s patience has been worn away. He once again raised his momentum to be strong "mixed" and chaotic "wave" moving, which turned out to be a direct blockade of a large area around him. Even the three masters of Chi Jiao clan felt that breathing was stagnant all over the body as if they were all suffering from massive pressure, making it difficult for them to act.
"Let them go and bring my righteous brother here safely, or you will be exterminated," Xiao Lingyu said in a tone of not refusing.
"Xiao Daoyou has something to say, and we will release him immediately, but the cell has our intention to go to a place where we can beat ordinary people, and we can’t bring out Taoist friends and righteous brothers."
Fei Zheng knows that it is difficult to be good today. The strength of the other party is too strong. If the other party is soaring, even if it is instantaneous, it can kill itself, so the attitude has changed greatly.
"When I give you a cup of tea," Xiao Lingyu said indifferently.
"Chi Fang, you go and bring Xiao Daoyou’s righteous brother." Chi Zheng said to an old man around him that he glanced at one side with great meaning.
Call the friar Chi Fang first one leng, then the white patriarch hesitated for a moment before leaving after Xiao Lingyu’s momentum blockade.
Chapter 177 Five people
? Xiao Lingyu suddenly sneered before reaching a cup of tea, and then the extreme wings emerged behind him. Can you believe it?
A few flapped Xiao Lingyu turned a silver light into hundreds of miles and stood in front of a group of Jiao Jiao brothers.
"It’s not that easy to fool me."
Xiao Lingyu released his momentum again as he spoke, and imprisoned this group of Jiao brothers.
Among this group of Jiao brothers, there is a Terran monk who is none other than Xiao Lingyu’s sworn brother Ge Yunfei.
To Xiao Lingyu’s great surprise, this group of Chi Jiao monks obviously want to take Ge Yunfei away from Chi Jiao Forest. Aren’t they afraid that they will destroy Chi Jiao in their anger?
They are willing to take Ge Yunfei away at the risk of genocide, which makes Xiao Lingyu understand the positive law.
Just now, there was something wrong with Brother Qiu Fang’s expression when he left, so Xiao Lingyu left an extra thought. His mind has been locked in Qiu Fang and covered with a large area of Qiu Jiao forest because he was afraid that the other party would have other ideas.
Fei Zheng also flew over with other masters of the Jiao clan, but their faces were extremely low, especially Fei Zheng’s old face expression was very complicated, but more was despair and strength.
Xiao Lingyu walked slowly to the front of Ge Yunfei and found that Ge Yunfei had been imprisoned and repaired. At this time, he could see but could not speak. He just put his hand on Ge Yunfei’s shoulder and lifted the imprisonment by his own chaos.
"Brother, you saved your brother’s life again this time!" Ge Yunfei said gratefully after regaining his freedom.
"Since you call my brother, don’t say these kind words. The eldest brother has something to help." Xiao Lingyu gently punched Ge Yunfei in the chest and said.
"Brother is too reckless this time. If it weren’t for your brother, even this life would be confessed here." Ge Yunfei said gloomily.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect that the eldest brother had made unexpected progress after so many years of separation. I’m afraid it won’t be long before I face the apocalypse?" Xiao Lingyu should way with a smile
When Xiao Lingyu and Ge Yunfei parted, it was not long before they were able to raise Xiu from the distracted period to the later period of Du Jie in such a short time. This kind of progress speed is also very rare in the field of repair.
"Er … brother, this progress is not even brothers. You are really worthless." Ge Yunfei shook his head with a wry smile. Xiao Lingyu’s momentum just imprisoned a field of Jiao Jiao brothers, but Ge Yunfei was very shocked.
"You’d better give me a reasonable explanation or else … Hum!" Xiao Lingyu turned to the Fei Zheng and said that he was full of murder in his tone.
Fei Zheng’s expression changed again and again, but he didn’t know how to explain it. Finally, he said with a sigh, "We have nothing to explain. If Xiao Daoyou has to vent his anger, please ask me to keep my blood."
Xiao Lingyu was even more surprised by this sentence. Although he was full of murder, he didn’t say that he had to destroy the Jiao family. He wanted to hear them explain that they would all refuse, and it was the life of the monk.
The more Fei Zheng is, the more curious Xiao Lingyu is. After a turn of his mind, he smiles and walks to Fei Zheng and says, "In that case, please leave first!"
Said Xiao Lingyu potential to fly the palm of your hand to Fei Zheng forehead. If no accident, Xiao Lingyu’s palm can definitely smash Fei Zheng’s head.