"Yes, this is a trapped beast circle. I got it by accident, but unfortunately, this is a low-level trapped beast circle, which has no effect on the monster beast in the construction period. Otherwise, even if I have great magical powers, it is impossible to recover a tyrannical monster beast in such a short time." The trapped beast circle is set on the neck of the alligator, and it is difficult to attract attention. It is very generous to admit that there is nothing to hide.
It is both envious and clear for everyone to get his personal confirmation.
Indeed, if it’s a "trapped animal circle", it’s no wonder that Debye can accept this armored alligator.
Trapped Beast Circle is a kind of powerful and unruly demons refined by ancient immortals.
The demon will be controlled by the monk all his life unless the monk takes the initiative to contact and ban them by refining the trapped animal circle. The life and death of the demon is just a thought of the monk
And even if the demon body dies, Yuan God will be controlled by the monks.
Because it is really a vicious ratio, it has aroused panic and forced resistance from all demons, and thus exploded a two-race war between human monks, demons and animals
At that time, the monks fought, but they were able to break up and smash the universe.
It is said that the big six in Xianye was broken into several pieces in this war, but now this big six in Yang Xiu where they live is not the original big six in Xianye.
I don’t know whether this matter is true or not, and I don’t know who will win or lose this human monster battle.
However, as far as we know, after this war, the method of making the trapped animal circle has not flowed much, especially those methods that can imprison high-ranking monks have almost disappeared
Now, monks who can forge trapped animal circles are more and more rare. Yang Xiu has also heard his name for a long time and has never seen the truth, so now he will be amazed when he hears Debye say that it is a really trapped animal circle.
However, the rest of the monks didn’t see it. It was the first time that I saw the trapped animal circle.
"Didaoyou, don’t say that. It’s a great chance for a friend to get such a strange thing, and it’s also trapped in a monster beast in the late period of the foundation. If the poor monk can know earlier that the donor has such a strange thing, he will be willing even if he wants to bankrupt the poor monk." Even the always calm and wonderful Zen master reveals different colors. Although it’s a bit exaggerated to say this, it’s enough to say the value of this trapped beast circle.
Dibai said modestly, "The wonderful Zen master said a lot. If I had known that the Zen master loved it so much, I would have brought it to the Zen master to lose everything! Hehe! "
Of course, everyone knows that this is just an excuse for two people, otherwise it will be exchanged, even if there is an armored crocodile.
"Well, a few people are here, so let’s go. One more minute in this cold swamp is more dangerous." No matter how good the trapped animal circle is, it’s also someone else. Yang Xiu can’t stand their endless bothersome here and can’t help but wake up.
Of course, these people have nothing to remember here, so they have the strongest knowledge of God, and the wonderful Zen master left here with several people flying in front and behind.
This time, I walked all the way, but I didn’t encounter any ghosts again. However, this silence in this gloomy swamp, which is full of dangers, has made several people in Yang Xiu even more uneasy.
There is no reason to reach the other side so calmly.
"There is even danger here. I, the head of the armored alligator, have been full of anxiety all the time. If it were not for the forced control of the trapped animal circle, I would have escaped from this swamp." Debye woke up.
When they came, they felt abnormal and sometimes listened to Debye’s careful consciousness and leaned into some.
"Why don’t we just fly there? We’re so careful that we can’t fly out of this area until then, which makes it easier to increase the danger. If we don’t make too much noise, there’s not much difference between flying slowly and escaping quickly in this cold swamp."
People also want to leave this quiet and strange place quickly, so no one is right
Seeing Master Miao put his foot on the bowl in his hand, a flicker disappeared into the cold fog.
Tianshi man also took out a two-inch four-corner flag, and the mana flag instantly turned into a one-meter wide flag blanket. Tianshi man sat on the flag blanket and shot it out.
Mrs Meng and Taoist Hua Lian still fled hand in hand.
Yu Debai is more convenient. When the mind starts, the four feet of the Ankylosaurus even turn into a shadow and disappear.
Although the start is the same, Yang Xiudu is still too slow to be left behind compared with others.
But he didn’t panic. The danger here can’t be divided. Maybe it’s safer to have them exploring in front and behind.
Chapter seventy First appeared
It’s foggy all the way, and a few of them naturally won’t pay attention to flying directly.
I don’t know why some of them have been flying in the cold swamp for nearly half an hour and haven’t flown out yet.
The front leading the way, the wonderful Zen master’s body was stagnant.
"What happened to Master Miao Zen!" Followed by wonderful Jackson is Mrs Meng and Hua Lian Taoist two people looked at a stay and asked.
"We have been flying for more than half an hour but we haven’t flown out of the cold swamp. Something is wrong!" Wonderful Jackson eyes narrowed tree-lined said
"There is something unusual when the Zen master wakes up. This gloomy swamp, but we should have flown out for so long in Fiona Fang!" Hua Lian Taoist agrees.
Followed by Tianshi people and Dubai, they also listened clearly to what Miao Zen Master said. After casting a glance at each other, they all stopped and leaned around with their gods.
Although I haven’t really met the spectre and fierce beast yet, I’d better be careful. Although the wonderful Zen master is the most powerful among them, others say that it’s better to detect it yourself in detail.
"Why hasn’t Yang Daoyou come yet?" Suddenly Mrs Meng some doubts way
"I just saw Yang Daoyou flying directly without flying multiplier, and his flying degree is not fast. It seems that there is a general monk in the middle of the foundation." Tianshi people interface.
"No way. Will he really lose the alligator he just chased at this level?" Taoist Hua Lian has just heard these people say how Yang Xiu got rid of the pursuit of the alligator, so now she has this saying.
"How to get rid of the alligator that lives in this cold swamp all the year round? That’s just his excuse. If nothing happens, I guess it should be solved by him." Miao Zen master withdrew his eyes and said lightly.
"There is nothing strange about this. Yang Daoyou has been wearing a mysterious instrument that can stop the exploration of gods. Up to now, we have not seen through him. Now it may be because he deliberately has such a flying instrument and doesn’t want to! Besides, isn’t he introduced by Mrs. Meng? Mrs. Meng should know something about Yang Daoyou, right? " Debye or some curious asked Mrs Meng.
"To tell the truth, this is the second time that Yang Daoyou and I met at Delong Fair. He came to our Dandingmen to buy Dan, but at that time, he also wore a protective cover to stop the gods and didn’t see his appearance. Besides, our martial uncle Mu personally explored the gods, but he still didn’t see Yang Daoyou’s repair. Therefore, when I saw him here, I invited him to cross this gloomy swamp together, but since he was able to enter this strange place, it should not be." Mrs. Meng shook her head.
When they heard the knot Dan period monk didn’t find out Yang Xiu real repair immediately frightened to disgrace after Tianshi man is eyebrows locked hesitation way
"It is possible that this Yang Daoyou is really a monk with a knot Dan period. Is it true that the monk with a knot Dan period deliberately compressed and repaired into it? And in this way, he deliberately pretended to be weak, which makes sense. He should be afraid that he accidentally failed to control his power and was swallowed up by different forces."