The first chapter pick-up storm
Suddenly, the cabin screamed for help, and the constant repetition in my mind was the fear of weightlessness and the rambling fire
As if she were in the dark and couldn’t feel the breath, she consciously hugged herself and kept whispering "Don’t throw me cold."
Suddenly open your eyes, Li Re caresses his heart and breathes heavily, and sweat winds down his neck.
It’s been a whole year
Everything that happened is vivid in my mind. Every time I dream back at midnight, these memories flash across her mind as if they were yesterday, making her forget all her life and filling her heart with hatred and regret.
At present, my sister Li Ya and her boyfriend Xiao Leng are living in their own room. Li Re cherishes curling herself into a ball. Her hands keep repeating their fists and tears, mixed with sweat.
Suddenly, Li Re took the phone trembling and pressed the answer key. A familiar and elegant male voice came from the other end.
"Li Re regrets that it should be four o’clock in the morning. Did you just wake up or didn’t sleep at all?"
I don’t know how to get rid of the nightmare as soon as I hear his voice.
The ear is full of magnetic ink and low smile. Li Re cherishes resentment and gnashes his teeth. This man knows how to provoke a woman. No matter how to set a guard in his heart, he will eventually fall into his gentle trap.
On the other side of the microphone, the tone of Yin Mo pondered, "Do you feel very lonely and can’t sleep without me?"
Li Rexi was so angry that he exploded.
She raised her mobile phone and shouted into the microphone, "I am getting up at night and you think too much."
Yin Mo insisted on picking eyebrows and returning to normal. "It seems that you are sober now. Remember that I will arrive in A city later today and you will pick up at Huawei Airport."
Just call her at four o’clock in the morning and tell her about it.
Li Ruoxi smiled angrily at him. "Why should I pick you up? It’s not my job. I made an agreement with you. You and I each get what we need. What should I pick you up?"
Will Yin Mo be short of picking someone up? Don’t be ridiculous.
The media don’t know whether she and he want her to follow them like an assistant.
Yin Mo unhurriedly signed the document in his hand, "Li Re cherishes everything for you now, and I promised to help you with your revenge. It was also said in the agreement that you should obey my arrangement. You are not qualified to refuse to be there at Gate 1 of Huawei Airport later today."
Go and see you there.
Li Re precious little anger pressed the hang-up button and was very depressed, sitting there angry.
Who is Yin Mo?
He is the youngest chairman of the A city in the Yin chaebol, only 26 years old, which is a miracle of the business empire.
A year ago, not only did her boyfriend, who had been in love for five years, cheat on her, but she was almost killed by a plane accident. If Yin Mo hadn’t saved herself from that disaster, I’m afraid she would have died a long time ago, with no bone residue left.
Although saving lives is greater than saving lives, he has gone too far.
When she signed an agreement with this guy Yin Mo in order to get revenge on the dog men and women, it was agreed that we should each get what we need. Now, let’s see where Li Ruoxi looks like a revenge girl full of darkness.
It’s like a nanny or a free one
The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am. Li Re cherishes turning over the bed and playing in the closet. She conveniently takes out some clothes and measures them, then narrows her eyes cunningly.
Today, she must be the worst, the lowest, the worst, the most disgusting way to make him hate himself and let him go:
Chapter II Gossip
Huawei airport later
Gate 1 is surrounded by crowds and journalists, and bodyguards are on both sides of the passage. This posture and atmosphere are more lively than welcoming the popular film emperor.
Soon after, a slender figure of a man slowly appeared in front of the boarding gate. He was completely indifferent, and his eyebrows and eyes blended with charm.
Cold side face, long and narrow eyes, thin lips and slight pick.
Yin Mo, who is worthy of his wealth and status, is the perfect man for all women’s national husbands.
When he appeared, the media immediately swarmed.
The camera flash kept flashing, and several reporters surrounded him, knowing that he would not get the answer, but he still kept asking.
"Yin Dong heard that you are going to settle in China this time, right?"
"Yin Dong heard that you already have a fiancee, but you have never seen your fiancee. Is this news false?"
"Yin Dong heard that you plan to return to China to create a new brand image. Is this true?"
Yin ink didn’t answer is hook lip pick eyebrow rest to look ahead.
The reporter followed his line of sight and went back to see a woman wearing a beige trench coat and delicate sunglasses walking gracefully towards Yinmo.
She is not afraid to walk in the middle, and her high heels clatter on the marble floor.
Bodyguards set out to prepare for Yin Mo, but raised their hands to signal them not to touch their thin lips and smiled thoughtfully. In a second, the woman in beige trench coat made a move that surprised everyone.
She stood on tiptoe and offered a kiss to Yin Mo in front of the media.
Everyone knows that Yin Mo hates women the most. One is that she has sent cheap goods to the door after posting them upside down.
There are people whispering around, but the ink reaction is beyond everyone’s expectation.
He put his hand around her waist and deepened the kiss.
It was a long time before he handcuffed her hands and smiled meaningfully. "Because I haven’t been back for so long, my fiancee seems to miss me."
The reporters were stunned. "The news that Yin Dong has a fiancee turned out to be true."
Yin Mo’s glance at the face of the person in his arms, the corners of his eyes, sunglasses, evokes a smile, and it is logical to nod and smile. "Yes, Xiao Xi is my fiancee."
Looking at his good advice to deal with the media, Li Re’s eyes widened with disbelief.
What fiancee?
This guy doesn’t play cards according to the routine
Not only did a popular actress take the initiative to be nice to Yin Mo in a hotel suite, but she was banned by the entertainment circle the next day, didn’t she?
What the same trick came to her, and the result changed
As soon as Yin Mo’s words were finished, the camera immediately turned to Li Re’s precious flash and clicked again. Reporters wrote such a sentence in their hands.
The mysterious fiancee of the chairman of Yin chaebol appeared at the airport.
Li Re cherish gnashing her teeth by his reaction.